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    Which beaches to visit in ...? You can find detailed information here about the best beaches in different places in .... Discover beautifully unique beaches for your adventure vacation. Browse this list of interesting articles on topics like basic information abot services, locations, local landscapes of coasts and bays and specialities of the beaches. BoatTheGlobe helps you to find great things to do in destinations in .... The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, and local points of view to help you plan your perfect trip. We want to inform and inspire you with trusted content.

    The best beaches in Biograd na Moru and its neighbouring area

    The Mediterranean climate, wonderful beaches and interesting historic sights all make Northern Dalmatia an attractive place for millions of tourists year by year. Biograd na Moru is one of the gems in the area. It’s a unique Dalmatian town that offers relaxation to tired sailors on the land with its narrow alleys and limestone houses […]

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    Beaches in Salerno

    Yacht Charter Italy

    Both the beaches and coves of Salerno are easily accessible by boat. The majority of them have sandy shores. Best beaches in Salerno? If you choose from the below places, sunbathing and swimming in wonderful natural surroundings is a guarantee.

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    Beaches in Agropoli: 9 beautiful beaches around the city

    If you would like to have a holiday on the beach, Agropoli is a perfect choice. The water is especially clear here, and it’s ideal for swimming from May to September. The best beaches in Agropoli? Choose one of the following places, and you won’t be disappointed. This article gives you an overview of the [...]
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    The 13 best beaches on the Amalfi Coast, where you can have a dip in crystal clear waters

    The breathtakingly beautiful Amalfi Coast is world-renowned and boasts several stunning beaches that are characterised by crystal clear, pristine waters. Beaches on the Amalfi Coast? Make your choice between the following beaches if you wish to soak in the sun and swim in the most gorgeous spots. The article includes the followings: Best beaches on [...]
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    The best beaches in Punat and its vicinity

    Those who wish for a bath can choose from a variety of gorgeous sections of shore on the island of Krk and Punat. Indented shore, tiny gulfs, mostly untouched nature, and crystal clear water are their main traits. The island's whole shore is practically suitable for swimming. There are pebbly, sandy, and concrete areas, whatever [...]
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    Beaches in Sibenik

    Sibenik, the North-Dalmatian paradise, is one of the preferred cities among yacht owners. It is also an ideal starting-off point to explore the region. Wherever we drop our anchor, there are cosy bays and beaches welcoming us. Regarding culinary experiences, Sibenik is rich in restaurants offering many local specialities and their famous red Babic wine. [...]
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    The best beaches on the British Virgin Islands

    If life takes you to the Caribbean Sea, wherever you go, it will get you a little bit out of the course of everyday life. The sun, the blue of the sea, the beach with fine sand will surely enchant you. That is the case with the British Virgin Islands too. Therefore, we can recommend [...]
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    Beaches in the Caribbean: from luxury to naturality

    The Caribbean region reminds everyone of the picturesque palm trees, crystal clear water and snow-white sand. It’s true that the region is rich in wonderful sights. Dozens of beaches can be found in the Caribbean, so we should plan which ones to include in our trip. Let’s see the best beaches in the Caribbean! The [...]
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    The best beaches in Mali Losinj

    The astonishing shores of Croatia offer countless opportunities for those who wish to take a bath or do water sports. Family-friendly site, nudist beach, or simply the untouched nature itself. Everyone can find a suitable spot. Most of the constructed beaches have blue flag rating, which guarantees the quality of the sea, security, and services. [...]
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