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    Are you planning ta boat ravel ? Best places to stay in..... Discover beautiful unique places for your adventurous vacation. You can find the perfect combination of culture, traditions and leisure activities here. The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, and local points of view so you can plan your perfect trip to all around the Globe. We want to inform and inspire you with trusted content.

    Best places to stay in Carloforte: Leisure and culture

    You can discover many beautiful beaches in Carloforte. If you are a fan of active recreation, then you have come to the right place. This area is rich in historical monuments. The best places to stay in Carloforte? Don’t miss out on these wonderful sights. This article gives you an overview of the following topics: […]

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    The best place to stay in Cagliari: Sights that you must see

    If the Italian port city Cagliari is your destination, you can expect many idyllic beaches, as well as wonderful parks and botanical gardens. The perfect climate will also make your stay very pleasant. The best place to stay in Cagliari? Get to know the city and the neighbouring areas. This article gives you an overview […]

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    Best place to stay in Menorca: Discover the treasures of the ancient island!

    Menorca is in the middle of the Balearic Islands. It is similar to Mallorca or Ibiza, though, it is not so crowded and its nature is wonderful. The island is a real Eden with streams flowing among cliffs, marshes, sand dunes, fields and water habitats. Moreover, the beach has shiningly white sand and shallow bays. […]

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    The best place to stay in Alghero: You can relax in a beautiful environment

    If you choose Alghero, you can expect many interesting sights that you should definitely not miss. Gorgeous beaches and several historical memories make the place even more special. The best place to stay in Alghero? Explore the city and the amazing towns and the city nearby. This article gives you an overview of the following […]

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    The best place to stay in Moniga del Garda: Visit the paradise!

    The magical landscape, the idyllic pebbly beaches and the picturesque port all make Moniga a very popular resort. If you visit the place, you can choose from several sports. The best place to stay in Moniga del Garda? We are going to show you the amazing places that you must explore! This article gives you […]

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    Sailing in Garda: Why is it a great experience to sail on the largest lake in Italy?

    Lake Garda is located in a breathtaking natural environment. The steep hills and mountains and the diverse landscape all make it one of the most popular destinations amongst water enthusiasts. Sailing in Garda? We are going to give you some advice on when it’s worth visiting Lake Garda, and also provide you with a plan […]

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    The best place to stay in Garda: 12 sights that you must see at Lake Garda

    Lake Garda belongs to the most beautifully situated lakes of the Alps. The snowy peaks and palm trees provide an unforgettable sight. The best place to stay in Garda? We have collected some beautiful places that you must see if you are travelling there. This article gives you an overview of the following topics: The […]

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    The best place to stay in Navene di Malcesine: 7 stunning sights in the area

    The gorgeous medieval town, Malcesine lies on the shore of Lake Garda at the foot of Monte Baldo. The natural surroundings and the breathtaking landscape provide the place with a unique allure attracting many tourists. The best place to stay in Navene di Malcesine. If you’re visiting here, it’s definitely worth visiting the following settlements […]

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    Best place to stay in Bar

    With its population of over 10,000 people, Bar is the biggest town and settlement on the southern part of Montenegro. Its largest port plays a significant role in the commerce of the country. It also used to be an important point in maritime trade. As a result, many tourists flock here to see the town […]

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    The best places to see in Athens

    They say that Athens the cradle of Europe for a reason. Its thousand years of history isn’t only known from mythology. The surviving ancient buildings help us remember as well. The article gives you an overview of the following topics: The best places to see in Athens: Athens, the thousand years old historic city The […]

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    The best places for sailors who go to Kastel Gomilica

    Situated on the shore of the Gulf of Split, Kastela is a flat, slightly hilly, well growing area, which speciality being that on the 17-kilometre long coastline there are 7 forts. Approaching from the sea, it offers a beautiful view of the Riviera, it is impressive with the Dinaric Mountains in the backdrop. In the […]

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    Best place to stay in Opatija

    Opatija is among the most magical travel resorts on the Adriatic coast. This dream town could perfectly fit in a movie. The frontages of the buildings have historical decorations. The sunlit seaside promenade is full of tourists even in winter. Every corner of Opatija recalls the memory of past centuries. The town has always had […]

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    The best spots for sailing in Biograd na Moru and its neighbourhood

    Dalmatia is considered a paradise of sailing. The climate is significantly warmer and more predictable than at the shores of Continental Croatia. Dalmatian towns in Croatia are also very unique. Their speciality lies in the fact that they were built on rocks, they are small and have stairs, narrow paved streets, alleys, houses made of […]

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    Best place to stay in Salerno

    Boats in Salerno

    While approaching the shore by your yacht, nature’s beauty immediately captures your heart. Furthermore, the city hides breath-taking parks and gardens. The best place to stay in Salerno? Definitely, include the following ones into your list.

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    Best place to stay in Agropoli

    Marina in Agropoli

    The wonderful Italian city has several sights to offer. If you anchor here, the towns nearby are a must-see! The best place to stay in Agropoli? We are going to show you the places that you must definitely visit!

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    The best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast: 14 stunning must-see places

    Best place to stay in Amalfi Coast

    Sailing along the Amalfi Coastline, you’ll definitely be stunned by the pristine waters and the steep walls of cliffs. It’s one of Italy’s most picturesque areas, making it a beloved tourist destination.
    The best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast? The Amalfi Coast is crammed with sights, all are waiting to be explored.

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    Best places to stay in Punat

    Holidays in Zadar

    Punat is the second largest town in the Gulf of Kvarner and the Island of Krk. The town’s small houses built closely together create an adorable view. Due to its port, which is among the most equipped, cleanest, and safest in the region, people call it the Mecca of sailors. The oldest and largest marina of the Adriatic Sea welcomes the lovers of the sea in a big gulf, Puntarska Draga. The gulf has all the beauty and convenience a boatman can dream about. It has an indented coast suitable for sunbathing, crystal clear water that’s transparent to the depth of 10 to 15 metres, and all the necessary equipment is available.

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    Best places to stay in Sibenik

    Sibenik yacht vacation

    North-Dalmatia is rich in smaller and bigger islands. More than 1000 islands can be found along the 150 km long coastline between Pag and Sibenik. They stretch parallel to the mainland very close to each other. As a consequence, this region is regarded to be quite safe. Although there are many unpopulated islands. As a pleasant evening stroll or delicious lunch are concerned, the small Mediterranean towns on the bigger islands provide excellent scenery.

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    Best place to stay in BVI

    Boat hire British Virgin Islands

    As many islands, that many special, exciting worlds. Discover with us, how to spend the time here, if you got ashore. Here you can read about the sights and attractions of the four major and some of the smaller islands.

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    The best place to stay in the Caribbean: 10 places and 7 things to do to make your stay unforgettable

    Vacations in St Georges

    The Caribbean region attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world with its crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches. The region, which includes the Bahamas, the Lesser Antilles and the Greater Antilles, has a nice amount of treasures to offer. There are plenty of opportunities for those who would like something different beside enjoying the sunshine on the beach. If you would like to get to know the culture and natural beauties of the islands, you should definitely visit these beautiful places. Let’s see the best places to stay in the Caribbean!

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    Best places to stay for sailors mooring in Mali Losinj

    Mali Losinj is the largest tourist resort of the Losinj island and the Gulf of Kvarner. It’s a typical Mediterranean town with a picturesque landscape, narrow, cobbled streets, open-air restaurants, and wide promenades. The port is a main tourist and boat centre of the Adriatic Sea. Losinj island is among the most interesting islands on [...]
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    Best place to stay in Sukosan

    The map of the North Dalmatian part of the Adriatic shows a great number of islands. The majority of the Adriatic’s 1000 islands are lining up on the 150-kilometre long coastline from Pag to Sibenik. Strictly speaking, it seems here as if we were travelling by boat on another sea. Besides, anywhere we set our [...]
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    The best place to stay in Dalmatia: Sights to explore in Dalmatia

    Holidays in Zadar

    Long, divided coastlines, stunning islands, immaculate beaches and romantic towns. Dalmatia has been on the podium of the best European destinations for long. The Dalmatian tourist services are remarkably varied: apart from enjoying the finest beaches, there are numerous possibilities to make a Croatian holiday really worthwhile. Of course, that’s all relative: some wish to enjoy a cruise around the gorgeous islands of the multifarious archipelago, others would prefer being carried away by the rough waves of the Croatian rivers whilst rafting and yet others would rather explore the religious sights and monuments of the region.

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    Best place to stay in Italy: Breath-taking places to be seen

    Culture sailing in Rome

    Interested infamous architectural monuments? Or just can’t wait for a relaxing day on a sandy beach while watching the amazing view of the landscape? The best place to stay in Italy? Check out our list with the breath-taking places to be seen.

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    Best place to stay in the Mediterranean

    Best Place To Stay In Mediterranean
    The Mediterranean welcomes its visitors with many exciting and interesting sights every season. Which is the best place to stay in the Mediterranean? It’s hard to choose. All countries, Croatia, Italy, the southern part of France and Greece, are also worth visiting. Actually, the most exciting destinations are listed in this review ‘what to see [...]
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    Best place to stay in Istria

    Best Place To Stay In Istria
    The Istrian shore segment, which is more than 400 kilometres long, has several sights to visit. Picturesque bays, restaurants, local markets and cosy bars along the crystal clear sea water – they all guarantee that you have a versatile experience during your holiday. Istria is amongst the most beautiful and interesting regions in Croatia. It [...]
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    The best place to stay in the Bahamas

    Boat Hire Bahamas
    Hundreds of islands, cays, coral reefs, atolls - the magic of the Bahamas. What to see here after getting ashore? Check our guide with the most important main islands and sights of smaller ones. The main points are the following: The best place to stay in the Bahamas: Sights of Paradise Island, Nassau and New [...]
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    Best places to stay in Croatia

    Holidays in Zadar
    Croatia offers many sights on the mainland as well as on the coast. This is not surprising for a country that has such a rich history and cultural heritage. Most ports and coastal cities revive the atmosphere of Venetian and Roman times with their typical buildings, narrow and romantic cobbled alleyways. After some time spent [...]
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    Best places to stay in Sardinia : The hidden beauties of the island

    Port in Cagliari
    If you sail around Sardinia, you can see that the region has many beautiful landscapes, versatile coast sections and lots of smaller islands. And that is still not everything. Inside the island (let it be cities or nature) there are many interesting sights and historical buildings that visitors can discover. The article will discuss Sardinia [...]
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    Best place to stay in Montenegro.The most exciting sights of Montenegro

    Holidays in Kotor
    This story summarises the following: A few words about Montenegro What to see in Montenegro: Nature protection areas for lovers of nature Best place to stay in Montenegro: For city explorers A few words about Montenegro Despite its small size Montenegro is a country with many interesting sights. If you come here, most sights are [...]
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    The best places in Antigua that you must see

    Antigua bay
    Antigua offers attractions during the whole year. Old windmills, sugar plantations, bays reaching deep into the land, beaches with white sand and coral reefs. These are only a few of the many sights that you definitely have to visit. The article gives you an overview of the following topics: The beauties of nature in Antigua [...]
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    Best places to stay in the Aegean Sea: Discover the Wonders of the Aegean Sea!

    Mykonos sailing adventures
    The atmosphere of the monuments of ancient towns, the blue and white houses of the islands, the narrow streets, the cafés and the Greek taverns, the pleasant smell of the orange groves captivates the visitors. The region of the Aegean Sea has the most hours of sunshine in Europe. We can enjoy the good weather [...]
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    Best place to stay in Kvarner-bay: 7 fantastic places that you should visit

    Holidays in Opatija
    Would you enjoy harvesting Mediterranean olives or bilberry yourself? Or perhaps you would masque yourself as someone else in a Carnival? Or would you rather watch the playing dolphins from a silent bay of an uninhabited island? These are all possible if you moor in one of the 54 marinas of Kvarner bay. You can [...]
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    Best place to stay in Costa Smeralda. Wonderful places, where you must go

    La Maddalena yacht vacation

    You are looking for the best place to stay in Coste Smeralda? We have some tips for you! You can find varied and special programs in beautiful natural surroundings and in towns with historical heritage. The richness of the flora greatly contributes to the beauty of the landscape: subtropical camellias, palm trees, laurel groves, and pine forests. All settlements in the area are major attractions, with a special atmosphere, beautiful parks, and wonderful villas. Costa Smeralda is one of the most magical resorts in Sardinia, a “dream world” which should be on movie screens.

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    The best place to stay in Cuba: a guide to relaxation

    Culture sailing in Cienfuegos
    Best places to stay in Cuba? Sights to see wherever we look – this is what you will experience if you visit any part of Cuba. Inspiring towns, amazing nature and exciting historical memories. You can enjoy all this if you accept our guidance and explore the island with our help. This articles gives you [...]
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    Best place to stay in Puerto Rico: Dozens of unique things you must see in Puerto Rico

    Vacations in Fajardo
    It is a small Caribbean country with many surprises and interesting things: we find here high mountains and rainforests. Cultural treasures, historical memories. And of course, sunshine, seashore, happy people. Everything that can make a relaxing holiday a memorable one. If you get to the shore, the compass is in our hands: we will show [...]
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    Best place to stay in Sicily: The land of opportunities

    Culture sailing in Palermo
    If you go to Sicily, you have lots of opportunities. You can visit beautiful landscapes, go for a city trip. Swim at a beach, try water sports or visit historical and cultural places. Whatever your decision may be, you are sure to get unforgettable experiences for your life. In this story, you can read about [...]
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    Best place to stay in Mexico : 12 things you should see in Mexico

    Vacations in La Paz
    The story summarizes the following bullet points: Wonders of nature Things to do in Mexico: Museums you shouldn’t miss Best place to stay in Mexico: In the footsteps of history Things that might interest you Wonders of nature There are about 35 national parks and almost 100 officially protected areas in Mexico. Besides that, there [...]
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