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Do you want to see the top sights Caribbean? Best places to stay in Caribbean. Discover beautiful unique places for your adventurous vacation. You can find the perfect combination of culture, traditions and leisure activities here. The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, and local points of view so you can plan your perfect trip. We want to inform and inspire you with trusted content.

Best place to stay in BVI

Boat hire British Virgin Islands
As many islands, that many special, exciting worlds. Discover with us, how to spend the time here, if you got ashore. Here you can read about the sights and attractions of the four major and some of the smaller islands.
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The best place to stay in the Caribbean: 10 places and 7 things to do to make your stay unforgettable

Vacations in St Georges
The Caribbean region attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world with its crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches. The region, which includes the Bahamas, the Lesser Antilles and the Greater Antilles, has a nice amount of treasures to offer. There are plenty of opportunities for those who would like...
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The best place to stay in the Bahamas

Boat hire Bahamas
Hundreds of islands, cays, coral reefs, atolls – the magic of the Bahamas. What to see here after getting ashore? Check our guide with the most important main islands and sights of smaller ones.
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The best places in Antigua that you must see

Antigua bay
Antigua offers attractions during the whole year. Old windmills, sugar plantations, bays reaching deep into the land, beaches with white sand and coral reefs. These are only a few of the many sights that you definitely have to visit.
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The best place to stay in Cuba: a guide to relaxation

Culture sailing in Cienfuegos
Best places to stay in Cuba? Sights to see wherever we look – this is what you will experience if you visit any part of Cuba. Inspiring towns, amazing nature and exciting historical memories. You can enjoy all this if you accept our guidance and explore the island with our help.
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Best place to stay in Puerto Rico: Dozens of unique things you must see in Puerto Rico

Vacations in Fajardo
It is a small Caribbean country with many surprises and interesting things: we find here high mountains and rainforests. Cultural treasures, historical memories. And of course, sunshine, seashore, happy people. Everything that can make a relaxing holiday a memorable one. If you get to the shore, the compass is in our hands:...
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Best place to stay in Mexico: 12 things you should see in Mexico

Vacations in La Paz
If you travel to Mexico, you have lots of opportunities. You can visit beautiful landscapes, go for a city trip. Swim at a beach, try water sports or visit historical and cultural places. Whatever your decision may be, you are sure to get unforgettable experiences for your life.
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