Hundreds of islands, cays, coral reefs, atolls – the magic of the Bahamas. What to see here after getting ashore? Check our guide with the most important main islands and sights of smaller place to stay in Bahamas

The main points are the following:

The best place to stay in the Bahamas: Sights of Paradise Island, Nassau and New Providence

Dolphin Cay, the shelter of dolphins

The breath-taking Paradise Island is one of the world’s largest open-air, man-made marine mammal habitats like dolphins. It’s not an entertainment facility, rather a place for conservation and rehabilitation. The animals can live freely in a 14-acre environment.

Aquaventure Water Park

The 57-acre park is the largest aquatic playground of the Caribbean. There are plenty of waterfalls, water slides and 11 swimming pools. As you would expect, it is perfect for all vacationers, both young and old with its diverse pools. Moreover, you can lie in the sun on its 5-mile cosy beach.

Nassau, what to see in the capital

Stepping over a bridge from Paradise Island we arrive in Nassau, the capital city, which is the centre of the island’s buzzing social life.
Actually, it has a long history. That’s why it is definitely worth visiting once, especially the main sites. First, Parliament Square, a good example of colonial architecture. Next, the spectacular statue from Queen Victoria. Finally, the Public Library and Museum on the southern part of the place to stay in Bahamas

The highest point of Nassau

Moving forward we come to the so-called Queen’s Staircase. The staircase, commonly referred to as the 66 steps, is a major landmark with its 38-meter point. Basically, this is the highest point of the island. There is a splendid view on the ocean and the northern part of the New Providence island’s shore. If you reach the top, you find Fort Fincastle. This building is more than 200 years old with its lighthouse.

The other stop could be the Government House. Actually, its walls are pink and white like the building of the Parliament. An extraordinary point of interest: a statue was erected in 1830 in the honour of Christopher Columbus for discovering the new world.what to see in Bahamas....

Museums of Nassau

If you are keen on museums, this is your place to visit. Starting with the Heritage Museum that gives you an overall view of the history of the city and the island of New Providence. Furthermore, the Pompey Museum depicts the history of Bahamian slavery. Do not miss the funny and interactive museum, the Pirates Museum, see further details here. Last but not least, the National Art Gallery where you can get acquainted with the works of local artists.

After you long city tour take a short break in the Western Esplanade, also called Junkanoo Beach. Don’t get misled, it is not a beach. It is, actually, a promenade near the shore with many great restaurants and bars where party music is played between February and April.

Nassau’s neighbourhood

Not just the city, but its neighbourhood also offers miraculous places to visit. The Blue Lagoon Island (officially Salt Cay), a popular tourist resort, can be found 5 kilometres from Nassau. It is easily accessible by boats. There is everything, palm trees, tropical animals, fabulous beaches that make you feel the real Bahamian idyll.

The best place to stay in the Bahamas: Beauties of the North Bahamas

Abaco islands: a long chain of islands

As a matter of fact, the Abaco islands found on the northern part of the Bahamas, seem as if they had constituted their own country. The Great Abaco and Little Abaco, together about 120 miles long, belong to them with several undiscovered coral reefs and tiny islands.

Here you can read about their beaches and the superb diving facilities. Although there is a lot more to see. For instance, the red mangrove forests accessible by kayak, boat or on foot. They are a critical component of the shallow marine ecosystem providing nursery habitat for coral reef fishes and other sea place to stay in Bahamas

Andros: the land of national parks

To tell the truth, this is the largest island of the Bahamas with many nature reserves. The Andros Park System contains five national parks. There is no other place where you can experience the tropical flora and fauna better. Hundreds of birds live on the island, and there is a wide range of orchids.

Grand Bahama: just a step from Florida

The northernmost member of the island group lies about 52 miles from Florida. It has become an important trade zone with a popular marketplace in Freeport. This market is called Port Lucaya. It is a classical Read more about Caribbean one with turquoise, green, yellow and pink colours. Besides, you should indulge in the unique gastronomy in one of the restaurants or pubs next to the shops.

What to see in the Bahamas? Sights on the southern islands of the Bahamas

The Exumas: tiny pearls in the ocean

The Exuma islands consist of over 365 islands, also called cays. There are three bigger cays: Great Exuma, Little Exuma and Exuma Cays. The latter one is an ultra-exclusive resort.
On these footprint-free islands, you can really get close to nature. In addition, the Moria Harbour Cay National park was established here with sand dunes, a marvellous coastline and mangrove forests.
What makes this island group so special? This is the storage of the Bahamas with a large number of shells, lobsters and other sea place to stay in Bahamas

Inagua: the home of flamingos

Inagua comprises the islands of Great and Little Inagua. Home to 80,000 West-Indian flamingos and other special birds, cormorants, pelicans and parrots, it is a haven for birdwatchers. Moreover, it is popular for evaporating and producing sea salt.
Interested in industrial monuments? Visit the Salt House in Matthew Town.

San Salvador: commemorating Columbus

The tiny island gained its fame after Columbus who stepped on the land of the New World here. The locals commemorate him annually. Well, there is not much to see except a lighthouse. Although there are a few low hills, salt lakes, and reefs around the island.

Rum Cay: the burial site of a famous waryacht

This tiny island has acquired its name from a tragedy. The HMS Conqueror waryacht got yachtwrecked here about 30 metres deep. The yachtwreck can be seen in the Bahamian Underwater Museum.

Now you understand there is a lot to see in this magnificent country. If you are interested in what to do in the Bahamas, read further. Read more about what to do in the Bahamas HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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