As many islands, that many special, exciting worlds. Discover with us, how to spend the time here, if you got ashore. Here you can read about the sights and attractions of the four major and some of the smaller place to stay in the British Virgin Islands

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The best places to stay in Tortola’s

This mountainous island can be called the centre of the region for many reasons. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or you want to enjoy the beaches, you will surely find the place for you. Those who want a little bustle can go to Road Town. Based on the motto of this charming little town, “a tiny town with a big heart” welcomes all those who come here. J. R. O’Neal Botanic Garden is internationally famous, it is home to many indigenous and exotic plants on nearly three hectares area. The city’s most important street is Main Street. The restaurants, shops and other services are concentrated here. Restaurants, shops and other services can be found on Main Street.

Mayor sights in Tortolla

If you walk along the West Indian-style buildings, you will find the Virgin Islands Folk Art Museum, which features local history. Another important monument is the former governor building, Old Government House, which has preserved the atmosphere of the early 1900s. Rum has a great part in the British Virgin Islands’s history. So if you are interested, you can visit an old distillery. Callwood Distillery is a rum factory. It was founded in the 18th century and it still works and looks almost the same way as two hundred years ago. For a symbolic sum, we can look around in the factory.
Tortola is the starting point of the areas developed sailing tourism, countless yacht cruise routes begin here. Trellis Bay and its surroundings provide you with a variety of yacht and yacht rentals all year round. Nearby you can find good restaurants and great art galleries.

Nature in Tortolla

Those who love nature will find three national parks on Tortola. The Sage Mountain National Park is a rainforest 1716 feet above the sea level. The Shark Bay National Park is 4 and a half miles away in the northwest from Road Town and has a completely different atmosphere. Here the main sight is the rocky beach between Brewers Bay and Rough Point. The Mount Healthy National Park is close to the Cane Garden Bay. Here you can see an old windmill and the remains of a sugarcane plantation.
Finally, a curiosity: near to the Carrot Bay you can find the North Shore Shell Museum. If as a kid you loved collecting shells, then you should definitely visit this place!what to see in the British Virgin Islands

What to see in Anegada

Many things make this island unique. This is the largest coral atoll between the British Virgin Islands and even the entire Caribbean Sea. Because of its long and narrow shape, it looks like a natural landing pad. Many native, interesting animal species live here, for example, pink flamingos and iguanas. On the long coast, there is a popular beach with white sand. The famous Horseshoe Reef can also be found here, which is an actual “water cemetery”. More than three hundred yachts have sunk here, some of the found wreckage is exhibited in the local naval museum.

Jost van Dyke from close

This interesting island was named after a Dutch pirate. Although pirates are long gone, here everything is still about yachts and sailing. The centre of the island’s life is the Great Harbor, which is usually crowded with sailors, travellers and tourists.
Along the beach restaurants, gift shops await everyone. There is a beach nearby and several bays that provide excellent opportunities for snorkelling. Those who want to swim between special circumstances should try the Bubble Pool near the small Diamond Cay harbour. You can read about this “natural jacuzzi” here.

Thing you should see at Virgin Gorda

This island is more mountainous, so it is the number one destination between hikers and nature lovers. One of the main attractions is the Gorda Peak National Park in the northwest. In addition to exploring the diverse flora and fauna, it is a real challenge to reach the highest point which is 1370 feet above sea level. If you discover the other local attraction on the south side of the island, it will give you a different kind of relaxation. This is a special area is called “The Baths”, it consists of rock formations, natural pools and caves. This area was declared as a national park. It is an ideal terrain for snorkelling and sailing. We can find beautiful beaches here and nearby.

Spanish Town

The island’s administrative centre is Spanish Town, and for us, the most important place here is the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor. The harbour and its surroundings offer a wide range of gift and clothing stores, banks and open-air cafes. And of course, there is a farmers market, where you can buy vegetables, fruits and other local products.

The North Sound

The northern coast of Virgin Gorda is special because the area called “The North Sound” is only accessible by boat. Several smaller islands surround this large water surface, some of the most important: Moskito, Eustatia, Necker and the playfully named Prickly Pear Island, which has been a national park since 1988. Despite being uninhabited, we find a great beach here and the opportunity to try several kinds of water sports. Interestingly, Necker’s Island is privately owned. The owner of 30 hectares of land is none other than Sir Richard Branson, the well-known billionaire.

The most beautiful resorts and restaurants in Virgin Gorda can be found around the North Sound. This area is a mecca for water sports. Whether it is surfing, kayaking, paragliding or kiteboarding – everyone can find a program for themselves.

The best places to stay in the British Virgin Islands: other islands, worth visiting

In addition to the larger islands, there are more barely or uninhabited atolls, islands, coral reefs, which are worth mentioning for their natural beauty or other reasons. In this section, we are presenting some of place to stay in the British Virgin Island

Norman Island

The island became famous after Louis Stevenson’s published his classic book about pirates, the Treasure Island. Nowadays it is known for its special and geological formations known as “The Caves”. In the big bay called Bight, there is a boat harbour and a unique “floating restaurant”. An old sailing yacht was transformed, an entertaining, pirate-themed catering establishment, for the pleasure of many.

Peter & Salt Island

Peter Island is mentioned because of its luxury resorts, with excellent seaside facilities and fine restaurants. Salt Island became known as a result of an unfortunate maritime disaster. The famous British imperial yacht the RMS Rhone sank here. Some of the wreckage is still under the water. Amateur and professional divers come here from all over the world to explore the area and they discover something unknown from time to time.

Cooper Island

The Cooper Island has a safe boat dock. It is worth stopping here, so can try the white sandy beach with the palm trees, well if you like it. You can also snorkel at the Cistern Point or watch the leopards and sea turtles that appear occasionally here.
We have been talking about many interesting things and beauties of the British Virgin Islands so far. If you are not only interested in attractions, read our recommendations about what to do here. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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