The Mediterranean welcomes its visitors with many exciting and interesting sights every season. Which is the best place to stay in the Mediterranean? It’s hard to choose. All countries, Croatia, Italy, the southern part of France and Greece, are also worth visiting. Actually, the most exciting destinations are listed in this review ‘what to see in the Mediterranean’. Of course, all these spots are accessible by boat; thus, they can be easily added to your destination list before or even during cruising. Let’s see the best place(s) to stay in the Mediterranean. what to see in the Mediterranean

Best place to stay in the Mediterranean: Natural wonders

If you are wondering what to see in the Mediterranean, you should know that it is rich in natural wonders. Do you like hiking? Also, prefer natural attractions? Then, come and visit this fabulous region.
Unfortunately, the original evergreen sclerophyllous forests have disappeared nearly everywhere in the territories of the Mediterranean climate. The new evergreen trees are quite spiky, and they have occupied the whole land.
After leaving the forest we can get a sight of cosy beaches, some of them are also known for their hidden cave systems. And now, let’s see the best place(s) to do in the Mediterranean for nature lovers.

Croatian islands – The Kornati National Park

One of the most popular sights of Croatia is the Kornati National Park. It gained its reputation for its tiny island and lagoons which are favourable for boatmen. The park stretches on 220 square meters and comprises of about 150 islands.
The nowadays barren islands were used to be covered by dense grass until the 15th century. The main reason for deforestation was the building of waryachts against the Turks.
It is a specially protected area; in addition, it is the property of Murter Island’s inhabitants. Consequently, tourists must follow the designated footpaths, roads and yachting routes not to disturb the flora and fauna.

Top of Corfu – Mount Pantokrator

At 906 meters, Mount Pantokrator is the highest mountain on the island. It can be found on the North-East part of the mountain. After docking your boat, you can either rent a car or even go on foot on the curving roads to reach the top.
An incredibly stunning panorama is waiting for you at the top. You can see the whole island of Corfu until Albania; on clear days even the lower part of the Italian boot.
A café, a TV tower and a monastery founded in the middle of the 14th century can be visited on the place to stay in the Mediterranean

Mount Etna – An active volcano

It doesn’t matter if you are a classical holidaymaker or an excitement seeker; Etna is one of the best places to see in the Mediterranean. One of Europe’s most popular active volcanoes is easily accessible by boat; it lies in an hour drive from Catania.
Its total surface is 1,200 square meters and has a height of about 3,300 meters. The volcano is listed as a World Heritage Site. Thanks to the local tourist organisations several guided tours are provided. A cable cart takes the tourists up to the crater.
However, if you prefer hiking, there are many opportunities to take part in an unforgettable Etna excursion. But don’t forget to take proper clothes.

Le Jardine exotique d’Eze – an exotic garden in France

The Le Jardine exotique d’Eze botanical garden lies close to Nizza. This garden offers a chance to discover exotic plants grown on steep terrain. Moreover, it is also a favourable lookout point.
Besides the exotic plants, you can marvel at the unusual female sculptures of Jean Phillippe Richard sculptor. Finally, on the top sit down and enjoy the wonderful panorama. Not to mention the amazing view of the sparkling blue sea and the swaying boats.

Discovering Mallorca – The Serra de Tramuntana Mountains

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Serra de Tramuntana played an important role in the formation of nearby islands. It is a very popular destination for tourists due to its stunning view of the sea from the top. Its highest peak is Puig Major with 1,500 m.
What makes it more interesting is that the quantity of precipitation is nearly three times more than on any parts of the island. Therefore, it contributes a lot to the water place to stay in the Mediterranean

What to see in the Mediterranean: Being in town

The Mediterranean offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities too. There are many pleasant villages and towns built on the Mediterranean coast. It is hard to choose which and what to see in the Mediterranean first and last. Let me give you some tips.

Dubrovnik – The Pearl of the Adriatic

‘The Pearl of the Adriatic ‘- with this nickname Dubrovnik lies on the southernmost part of Croatia. It makes an overwhelming impression on tourists, and its port is quite busy too.
Actually, it used to be the centre of the maritime trade in the Middle Ages. Its heyday was in the 15-16th centuries. At this time it was regarded as one of Europe’s largest cities. A famous sight is the ancient city stone wall built between the 13th and 17th centuries. Its length is 2,000 km. The two fortresses, Bokar and Revelin were key points in the defence.
Its entirety is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are a number of churches too; for example the Virgin Mary Cathedral or the old church of St.Blaise, patron of Dubrovnik.
On the top of all, history lovers can visit famous palaces, weekend cottages or the world’s oldest arboretum in Trsteno.

Athens – a cultural paradise

Athens has been inhabited for 3000 years. Due to its long history, it is rich in many interesting sights. The population of the city regarded as the symbol of the Western civilisation including the outskirts is 3,5 million.
The Acropolis of Athens, an ancient citadel, is its most famous sight, on the top of which lies the Parthenon. During walking among the columns of this huge former temple it feels as if we’re back in time.
The Agora was the heart of Athens, the focus of commercial, political and other activities. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is also a must.what to see in the Mediterranean

Genoa – Top-rated Italian attraction

However, its population is only 600,000; Genoa possesses one of Italy’s largest ports. It put a milestone in international commercial and hobby yachting thanks to many famous people like Christopher Columbus and Paganini.
What is worth visiting here? Well, first of all, the old port and the La Lanterna, this is the world’s oldest operating lighthouse. The Palazzo Ducale, the Palazzo della Borsa, the Opera and the Christopher Columbus House can be found in the city centre, Piazza de Ferrari.
Genoa is much beloved by boatmen and sea lovers, and, of course, for those who admire the Italian history.

Marseille – The centre of French yachting

If you are keen on yachting, you should visit once Marseille, Europe’s fifth largest port.
The 19th century Notre Dame de la Gare is France’s most beautiful cathedral. A 9-meter tall sculpture of Virgin Mary can be seen on the top and impressive paintings inside.
Other important sights are the Chateau d’lf fortress named after the count of Monte Cristo, and the Palais du Pharo, Napoleon’s former residence.what to see in the Mediterranean

Costa Brava – a Spanish beauty

Costa Brava is an awe-inspiring holiday resort in Spain. It is said to be one of the best places to stay in the Mediterranean. There are many pleasant settlements and the famous city of Barcelona is also near.
Begur, for example, is a municipality on the coastline. This Medieval town has narrow cobblestoned streets and Moorish style houses. Not to mention the panorama from the castle on the top of the hill. When staying here, do not forget to visit the museum of Salvador Dali, the famous surrealist artist, in Figueres.

The Mediterranean is an ideal place both for nature and culture lovers. Furthermore, boatmen prefer adding its attractions to their holiday resort list. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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