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The best place to stay in Kastel Gomilica: The best places for sailors who go to Kastel Gomilica

Situated on the shore of the Gulf of Split, Kastela is a flat, slightly hilly, well growing area, which speciality being that on the 17-kilometre long coastline there are 7 forts. Approaching from the sea, it offers a beautiful view of the Riviera, it is impressive with the Dinaric Mountains in the backdrop.

The best spots for sailing in Biograd na Moru and its neighbourhood

Dalmatia is considered a paradise of sailing. The climate is significantly warmer and more predictable than at the shores of Continental Croatia. Dalmatian towns in Croatia are also very unique. Their speciality lies in the fact that they were built on rocks, they are small and have stairs, narrow paved streets, alleys, houses made of limestone built right next to each other and small churches with ornaments.

Best places to stay in Sibenik

North-Dalmatia is rich in smaller and bigger islands. More than 1000 islands can be found along the 150 km long coastline between Pag and Sibenik. They stretch parallel to the mainland very close to each other. As a consequence, this region is regarded to be quite safe. Although there are many unpopulated islands. As a pleasant evening stroll or delicious lunch are concerned, the small Mediterranean towns on the bigger islands provide excellent scenery.

Best place to stay in Sukosan

The map of the North Dalmatian part of the Adriatic shows a great number of islands. The majority of the Adriatic’s 1000 islands are lining up on the 150-kilometre long coastline from Pag to Sibenik. Strictly speaking, it seems here as if we were travelling by boat on another sea. Besides, anywhere we set our eyes we see lands. This is what makes this region so special and secure. However, a significant number of islands are desert or fairly unpopulated; the bigger ones have established a serious infrastructure. You cannot imagine a more diversified place for boating and adventure tours than this one.

The best place to stay in Dalmatia: Sights to explore in Dalmatia

Long, divided coastlines, stunning islands, immaculate beaches and romantic towns. Dalmatia has been on the podium of the best European destinations for long. The Dalmatian tourist services are remarkably varied: apart from enjoying the finest beaches, there are numerous possibilities to make a Croatian holiday really worthwhile. Of course, that’s all relative: some wish to enjoy a cruise around the gorgeous islands of the multifarious archipelago, others would prefer being carried away by the rough waves of the Croatian rivers whilst rafting and yet others would rather explore the religious sights and monuments of the region.