Situated on the shore of the Gulf of Split, Kastela is a flat, slightly hilly, well growing area, which speciality being that on the 17-kilometre long coastline there are 7 forts. Approaching from the sea, it offers a beautiful view of the Riviera, it is impressive with the Dinaric Mountains in the backdrop. In the cities, you can stroll through historic old towns, while on the beaches you can taste the Dalmatian cuisine in great restaurants. Because it is easy to sail between islands and the distances are relatively small, you can see a lot of sights in a short time. best place to stay in Kastel Gomilica

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Best place to stay in Kastel Gomilica: City with the most beautiful fortress in the Bay of Kastela

The island of Fortress is about 10 minutes on foot from the harbour, it is connected to the mainland by a ten-hole stone bridge. There are apartments in the fort, but you should walk through the narrow alleys to get the atmosphere of this place. One of the oldest churches in the area is the Dajman church. Some parts of HBO’s Game of Thrones were filmed in this fort.

There are 6 other fortresses in the bay. The Stafilic was built in the 16th century. Its speciality is the Nehaj Tower, which stands on land, but when the tide comes it gets fully surrounded by the sea. Kastel Novi was built in 1512, and it has a sophisticated clothing and silver exhibition.

You can take a pleasant stroll in the large park next to the Renaissance-style Kastel Stari. There is a town museum in the towers of Kastel Lukisic. There is also a small museum in the fortress of Kastel Vitturi, which is bordered by bastions. Kastel Sucurac is the oldest fort in the bay in which you can still find stones from the Roman era.

The Kastela Bay is especially suited for a variety of active recreation. There are many sports and leisure options to choose from. Surfing, diving, beaching, playing tennis on the beach, volleyball, table tennis, soccer, basketball, squashing, climbing, cycling, hiking, mountain hiking.

Things to do in Kastel Gomilica: Great places around Kastela Gomilica

Central Dalmatia extends from the north-western part of Trogir to the south-eastern Ploce and includes the larger islands of Hvar and Brac, as well as the smaller islands of Vis, Bisevo and Solta.


Split is the largest city in the region, the centre of public transport on the Adriatic coast. Its old town is built around the harbour, on the southern side of the hilly peninsula which is protected by many islands from the sea. The western part of the peninsula is mountainous covered with forests. The turquoise waters of the Adriatic and the high mountains running to the shore paint a dreamlike environment around the city. Its enchanting surroundings, the rich history and countless memories of the town make it one of Europe’s most interesting cities. Split can be a perfect base for exploring the wonders of the region, so it is worth anchoring here for a few days.

The palace overlooking the harbour is one of the most impressive Roman memorials in the world. Although the original structure of the building was restructured in the Middle Ages, the changes have further increased the splendid buildings shine. There are around 220 buildings in the palace, in which, instead of museum exhibitions, apartments, shops, cafés and restaurants have been given space, and they give a home to about 3,000 people.what to see in Kastel Gomilica


Trogir is protected from the north by high hills, from the south by the sea and reinforced with city walls. With the wide promenade and its medieval streets, Trogir is a real Dalmatian treasure. It is a special city that has preserved the rich cultural heritage of the past centuries. Inside the 15th-century city walls, the treasure trove of Romanian and Renaissance architectural styles has been declared by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage. We can look around Trogir even in one day. The old town is situated on a small island between Ciovo Island and the narrow coastline between the mainland. There are plenty of sights as many buildings remained in the city from 13- 15. century. The most beautiful ones are at the Ivana Pavla II. square.

From Trogir, it is worth to go to the island of Veli Drvenik, where there are some sights too. The church of St. George built in the 16th century and the unfinished 18th century St. Nicholas church. Drvenik Mali is another interesting small island, which has a pleasant sandy beach.


The ruins of Solin (the old Salona of Rome) – Croatia‘s most important archaeological treasures – are found among the vineyards at the foot of the mountains. In addition to the huge archaeological park, you can find the northern wall of the city, a monumental waterway that was built in the 1st century, a cathedral from the 5th century and the medieval fortress of Gradina.

Best place to stay in Kastel Gomilica: Wonderful Islands in Central Dalmatia

Vis Island

The two small settlements of the island, Vis and Komiza, can be found on the shores of a larger bay. Its coastline is divided by marinas, caves and some sandy beaches. Grapes are grown inside the island, from which the famous Red Plavac and white Vugava wines are made. Another source of livelihood is fishing, whose fresh results should be tasted in a restaurant. There are excellent opportunities for scuba diving around the waters of Vis. There is a lot of fish and the wreckage of an Italian navy yacht that sunk in the 19th century.

Bisevo Island

In addition to the vineyards, pine trees Bisevo’s small island is worth visiting for its wonderful Blue Cave as well. In the morning between 11 am and 12 pm the rays of the sun enter a cave through an underwater opening, lightening the interior with an unearthly blue light. Under the depth of 16 meters the rocks glitter in silvery and rosy colours.


Solta is a beautiful, wooded island for those who seek a cool shelter from the summer heat. It is advisable to harbour on the northern shore in Rogac or Necujam. From the shady bay of Rogac, there is a path leading to rocky, smaller “tongue”, and a narrow road up to the mountain, to the market. Necujam is situated on a winding beach with a hotel, buffet and outdoor place to stay in Kastel Gomilica

Brac Island

Brac is the largest island of Central Dalmatia with its beautiful villages, pine trees, macchias, romantic Mediterranean landscapes and steep cliffs running to the rocky shore. In Supetar, the 19th-century houses around the harbour give the small town a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to the old town of Bol, the main attraction is Zlatni Rat’s outlying shore, whose view is in almost every Croatian tourist brochure. Bol is the centre of windsurfing in Croatia. The most suitable place is Potocine Beach, which is west of the town.
The best parts for diving can be found in the south-western part of Bol and Milna. The tiny bays and sea tongues provide a wonderful experience.

Hvar Island

Hvar is called the Croatian Madeira, the sunny hours are more than anywhere else in the country. Despite the hot sunshine, the island is brilliantly green, with lavender, rosemary and hanga scrubs. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the mountain ridge of the island, with its highest peak of 628 meters. On the island, most villages settled around Velo Polje, where grapes, olives, figs and other fruits and on the nearby hills lavender is grown.

Hvar is surrounded by pine forests and the sea and is a beautiful example of medieval Dalmatian towns. The narrow side streets between the 13th-century town walls conceal Gothic palaces. A long promenade runs along the winding coastline, which is dotted with small gravel beaches. We can walk between beautifully carved buildings on marble-paved streets.

Stari Grad is an older settlement than Hvar. The main attraction, the castle was built in the 16th century. Jelsa is a harbour and a resort in one. It is surrounded by dense pinewoods and tall poplar groves. Its small streets and squares are pleasant and cosy.

There are many ways to enjoy the Central Dalmatian holiday. You can enrich your experiences with the attraction close and a bit further to Kastel Gomilica. Wonderful sights can be found in Split and Trogir, fantastic bays and beaches in the surrounding islands. The combination of nature and old-fashioned towns attracts both eye-soul. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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