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Best place to stay in Opatija

Opatija is among the most magical travel resorts on the Adriatic coast. This dream town could perfectly fit in a movie. The frontages of the buildings have historical decorations. The sunlit seaside promenade is full of tourists even in winter. Every corner of Opatija recalls the memory of past centuries. The town has always had […]

Best places to stay in Punat

Punat is the second largest town in the Gulf of Kvarner and the Island of Krk. The town’s small houses built closely together create an adorable view. Due to its port, which is among the most equipped, cleanest, and safest in the region, people call it the Mecca of sailors. The oldest and largest marina of the Adriatic Sea welcomes the lovers of the sea in a big gulf, Puntarska Draga. The

Best places to stay for sailors mooring in Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj is the largest tourist resort of the Losinj island and the Gulf of Kvarner. It’s a typical Mediterranean town with a picturesque landscape, narrow, cobbled streets, open-air restaurants, and wide promenades. The port is a main tourist and boat centre of the Adriatic Sea.
Losinj island is among the most interesting islands on the Croatian sea. It’s also one of the places wi

Best place to stay in Kvarner-bay: 7 fantastic places that you should visit

Would you enjoy harvesting Mediterranean olives or bilberry yourself? Or perhaps you would masque yourself as someone else in a Carnival? Or would you rather watch the playing dolphins from a silent bay of an uninhabited island? These are all possible if you moor in one of the 54 marinas of Kvarner bay. You can find the versatile and special programs in a wonderful natural environment and in to

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