Opatija is among the most magical travel resorts on the Adriatic coast. This dream town could perfectly fit in a movie. The frontages of the buildings have historical decorations. The sunlit seaside promenade is full of tourists even in winter. Every corner of Opatija recalls the memory of past centuries. The town has always had an aristocratic atmosphere. The sight of laurel and oleander, parks of palm trees and subtropical plants, well-maintained and aesthetic public places, and the tidiness of the whole town in general fill visitors with calmness.best place to stay in Opatija

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Opatija, where it’s good to be

Opatija is among the most elegant towns in Croatia. The whole town is characterized by luxurious Art Nouveau-style palaces. A holiday in Opatija takes you back to the elite life of the monarchy.

The town practically outgrew itself in just a century. Climatic conditions helped with rapid development. Thanks to the nearness of Mt. Ucka even summers aren’t too hot (maximum daily average temperature is 25 °C), and it doesn’t go below 10 °C in winter either. Due to the climate some plants otherwise unusual to the region – such as laurel, oleander, palm, cactus, or mimosa – subsist here as well. Luscious vegetation provides a wonderful environment for the beauties of architecture.

Numerous modern hotels with high-quality services offer opportunities for recovery and recreation.

Great places to see in Opatija and its vicinity

Opatija is on the side of a mountain thus offering a spectacular sight from anywhere. There’s an amazing view of the town from the sea as well.

The symbol of Opatija is a bronze sculpture standing on a rock by the sea. It’s a maiden holding a seagull in her hands.

Main attractions are along the promenade of Lungomare. It’s 12 km altogether from Volosko to Lovran. You should start your walk from the city centre, the park of Villa Angiolina. Restaurants, cafés, and parks accompany you all the way, but there are many benches to sit back and enjoy the view. Don’t forget your bathing suit! You can take a bath almost anywhere if you feel like it.

Although you can enjoy bathing and watersports in Opatija and its vicinity, the best part is just being here. Walking, sitting in a restaurant, spending a fine time. The town is completely different in the evenings than during the day. It’s worth seeing both!what to see in Opatija

The best places to stay and eat in Opatija and its vicinity

Opatija and the neighbouring towns and villages have first-class restaurants and small national pubs (so-called konobas) that always surprise guests with specialities according to the season. One thing is for sure: you shouldn’t miss their seafood.

The Ruzmarin has been among the best restaurants in Opatija for several decades. They welcome guests with a remarkably wide menu and normal prices. On the big terrace, everyone can gorge themselves and nobody will be disappointed.

The Valle Losce is a small, family restaurant in Volosko widely considered to be the best in the region. The atmosphere of the small restaurant is also enchanting as well as the service and politeness of their workers.

The Konoba Tramerka, another outstanding restaurant of Volosko, is in a shallow, cobbled street. It’s a simple, traditional, and cosy Croatian konoba with great Croatian food made from fresh ingredients every day. The daily menu is also based on what the owner could buy freshly that day.

Programmes and gastronomy in Opatija and its vicinity

Carnivals and festivals

Carnivals and cultural programmes offer good entertainment. The famous Opatija Carnival is a colourful march across the town. On its height, they burn a doll made of straw and rag. The doll symbolizes the bad things which happened in the past year.

At the time of the Kaisernacht, a music and theatre festival, the town becomes a stage evoking the time of the monarchy. The streets of Opatija are loud on the days of the Liburnia Festival as well, which is the biggest jazz festival of the country with open-air stages in parks and on boats.

Evening concerts on the terrace of the Hotel Imperial are more low-key. Fans of jazz can enjoy the first weekend of July in the park of Villa Angiolina.

At the time of Marunada, the chestnut event in October, everything is about chestnut. They prepare roasted chestnut, as well as sweet and savory specialities. The Lovran marun is otherwise among the highest quality chestnuts worldwide.


You can taste special local confectionery in the Carnival, wild asparagus and Lovran cherry in March, and wild strawberry and raspberry in June. To really enjoy the taste of wild-growing flap mushroom, try it in September or October.best place to stay in Opatija

The truffle pasta (fuzi s tartufima) is a real speciality, as well as the creamy green crab meat pasta (zelena pasta sa skampima). To lovers of grilled food, we recommend kebabs (raznjici), cevapcici sticks made of several types of minced meat, and pljeskavica. You should try these with onion (srebrenac) and ayvar on the side. From the types of fish, the domestic squid is especially delicious from September to the end of November, grilled, or filled and roasted in breaded circles.

A characteristic dry wine of the region is the white Malvazija. Not far from Opatija, through the bit more than 5 km long tunnel going through Mt. Ucka, you can go to numerous hidden Istrian villages. Each has their own, homely konoba having this wine on their menu. However, you shouldn’t miss the mistletoe and honey brandies either.

In summer they organize a painting competition in Volosko when visitors of the town can compare their talents at the old town port, the Mandrac. They also organize surf competitions on the Gulf of Preluk.

When going on a boat tour, we often hurry to discover our daily destination immediately after mooring. We don’t spend much time changing clothes and getting ready. However, Opatija is different! Here we have an unintentional urge to step on land in a way that’s suitable for the town’s atmosphere. The all-pervading feeling of elegance will be the highlight of our vacation. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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