Mali Losinj is the largest tourist resort of the Losinj island and the Gulf of Kvarner. It’s a typical Mediterranean town with a picturesque landscape, narrow, cobbled streets, open-air restaurants, and wide promenades. The port is a main tourist and boat centre of the Adriatic Sea.
Losinj island is among the most interesting islands on the Croatian sea. It’s also one of the places with the most sunshine in Europe. They consider it a health resort. The region’s colourful vegetation is especially rich in herbs. The outstandingly clean air has medical effects. It’s good for respiratory organs and people with allergies.
Numerous sights and sports activities enrich this paradise of relaxation and recreation. Don’t hesitate to try, it’ll be a lifelong experience!
best place to stay in Mali Losinj

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Mali Losinj, a beloved moorage of sailors

The port lies right next to the Privlaka alley. It’s well-equipped and high in quality, it even has a diving centre. As a boat centre, it’s a truly international meeting place of boat communities.

Mali Losinj with its 7000 resident is the largest island settlement of the Adriatic. The health effects of the island’s climate, the lukewarm sea, the beautiful gulfs, and great infrastructure make it a top-notch site of European tourism. Tourists love coming here all year for the lively mood, and the sight of an amazing sunset above the rocking fishing boats.

Best place to stay in Mali Losinj: Great places in and around Mali Losinj

The sights of Mali Losinj are in and right near to the port. The most important is the church of St. Martin, the summer residence of Queen Sissy, the Aromatic Garden which displays herbs, and the Calvary.

The most famous local club is the Catacomba where they entertain guests with live music every night.

The two shopping centres are the Discounter and the Konzum, and you’ll find vegetable and fruit merchants in the port.

Guests of the island’s Aromatic Garden can get to know the rich greenery, and the Cikat Forest Park has several attractive pathways as well. The bronze sculpture of Apoxiomenos of Losinj from the 1-2nd century found in the seabed of Losinj is on exhibition in the museum of the Kvarner Palace.

Southern side of Mali Losinj

Losinj island has several promenades of which the most well-known is the Way of Dolphins on the southern side of the island. Its name is due to the sight of jumping dolphins, which you can often spot while walking there. Dolphins are among the main attractions of Losinj and its vicinity. Thanks to the cleanness of water, they like hunting around here, and you can even adopt them. Since 1993, every year on the first Saturday of August, they hold an event called the day of the dolphins.

Activities in Mali Losinj

Many gorgeous beaches and gulfs provide the opportunity of a bath on the Losinj island. The beaches are usually pebbly and concrete, but you can find sandy sections if that’s what you prefer. Many of them have playgrounds and equipment available for rent. The Veli Zal Beach, which lies only 1 km from the centre of Mali Losinj in Suncana Uvala (Sunny Beach), appears on the online top list of the best Croatian beaches. It’s a very well equipped beach, and also a sports centre. The surrounding pine forest has beautiful walking and jogging pathways as well.

The beach in the Gulf of Čikat also lies 1 km from the town centre. A huge aqua park opened here in 2015, the Aquapark Cikat. The Gulf of Krivica often appears in Croatian commercials due to its unmatched beauty.
The beaches usually have diving, surf, and tennis school, motorbike and moped for rent, as well as water ski and jet-ski.what to see in Mali Losinj

The island is an excellent spot for mountain bikers. There’s a 30 km long bikeway of medium difficult that touches gulfs and beaches as well.

Losinj island is full of natural sights, as well as sports and entertainment opportunities, and pleasures of gastronomy. It’s an ideal destination or in between stop for those sailing in the Gulf of Kvarner. You should definitely arrange your route in a way that Mali Losinj is also part of it. It’s among the best places not only in the gulf but also in the whole Croatian sea. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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