Milos is located in the southern region of the Aegean Sea and is a member of the Cyclades archipelago. It can be found halfway between Crete and the Attic peninsula. The island, which has a shape of a horseshoe, has a territory of 160 square miles, and its permanent population is 5000 people. Due to the effects of volcanic activities, it is characterised by magical geographical formations and unique wildlife. You will see marvellous beaches, thermal springs and ancient fishing towns everywhere. The picturesque area is a perfect spot for the holiday of your life. If you are amazed by the power of nature and the archaic history, you must visit this island. The best place to stay in Milos? Come with us and let us show you!best place to stay in Milos

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The best place to stay in Milos: Enchanting natural beauties of volcanic nature

Legend has it that the Greek islands emerged from the sea out of the love between Hephaestus, the crippled god of blacksmiths and Aphrodite. Being a volcanic island, Milos has dozens of unique formations to offer. The surface is covered with rocks of sulphur-yellow colour and thermal springs, and the depth of the earth has hidden ores. In the following sections, we are going to show you the most beautiful volcanic sights.


Paleochori is located 20 kilometres from Adamas, on the southern side of the island. The rocks on the beach are yellow, orange and red in colour. The stones got their colour from the sulphuric and arsenic emission. Near the shores, a few metres underwater the volcanic gases are continuously gushing up. The soil here is warm as well, because of the heal sources. The water is lukewarm, often with a temperature above 30 ºC. The special dish offered by the restaurant on the beach is mutton baked in the soil. They place the mutton in a pot about 50 centimetres deep in the soil, steaming it for a few hours.


Fyriplaka Bay is located in one of the northernmost points of Milos. The turquoise water and the red-golden rocks make a beautiful overall picture. There are giant eroded blocks of stone in the shallow water. It is a beautiful token of the eruptions that occurred 90,000 years ago when these incredible geological creatures were formed.


Sarakiniko can be found on the northern shores. The land is covered with white volcanic tuffs. This soft, easily eroding rock is formed by the water and the wind for thousands of years. Today, the beach is covered with wonderful roundish formations. There are ancient fossils in the rocks wherever we look. The calcareous shells of sea snails and the remains of dinosaurs are bleaching on the cliffs. There are amazing rock arches towering above the sea; you can even sail through a few of them with a smaller boat. The marvellous world of Sarakiniko is like it is only a figment of the place to stay in Milos

Mines on the island of Milos

Thanks to the volcanic effects, several types of valuable ores and minerals can be found in the rocks of the island. The people of Mykonos discovered the site thousands of years ago. It provided obsidian, chalk, sulphur, kaolin and tuff to the hard-working miners. We are going to introduce two mines that are spectacular sights of this island!


They were exploiting sulphur in the ancient times in Paliorema Bay. Today, the mine is abandoned, but traces of the external mining can still be observed. There is a beach here, but the bare walls of the sulphur processing facility are still standing on the hill. The rocks that contain tuff still have yellow sulphur crystals. The atmosphere in the bay is truly special; the place is definitely worth visiting.

Cape Vani

It is a 250-year-old private mine on the western part of Milos. It is closed today, but it can still be visited. The special red-lined rocks there are often referred to as “bacon” by the locals due to the similarity. The rocks have exciting holes, tunnels and cascading formations. Cape Vani used to have its own port as well. The side of the rocks facing the sea has giant holes that were created to aid the loading of the ore.

What to see in Milos: Museums on the island

Despite its small size, the island is home to many archaeological and geographical memories. Based on the presence of the excavated sites, Milos had active mines as early as 15,000 years ago. Several ethnic groups settled here leaving a versatile cultural heritage behind. In the following sections, you can learn what to see in Milos if you love history.

The Archaeological Musem of Milos

The museum can be found in Plaka. They exhibit cultural and historical collections that are several thousands of years old. Ancient mining tools, statues from the Hellenic period and the heritage of the Roman conquest can also be observed. The statue of Venus de Milo should specifically be mentioned here; only a replica can be seen here, as the authentic statue is kept in the Louvre.

Milos Mining Museum

You can find the museum – exhibiting items of mining and geology – in the city of Adamas. There are obsidian blades of 15,000 years, 5,000-year-old mining tools and special minerals here. If you are interested in the geological diversity of the islands, you should definitely visit this place.

The ethnological museum

The name “museum” might be a bit of an exaggeration, as we are talking about an exhibition in a tiny residential building. Visitors can admire all the equipment used in village life as well as a completely furnished manor. The informative exhibition is concise, simple and breathtaking.what to see in Milos

The best place to stay in Milos: Traditional fishing villages

Beside mining, the other source of income for the locals is fishing. Tiny but beautiful towns were established during thousands of years in the appropriate bays. The life-giving gifts of the sea are vital ingredients of the local cuisine. Are you amazed by the snow-white houses built on the hillside, the tiny ports and the friendly locals? In this section, you can see the most beautiful fishing villages where time has stopped!


The village of Firopotamos is located on the northern side of Milos, in a picturesque bay. It is a tiny fishing town with a small white church. The remains of an ancient building can be found nearby, the excavation of which has yet to start. Its small boat sheds have doors glowing in different colours.


The town of Klima is hidden on the western side of the bay that opens from the north. There are small and colourful boat sheds all along the shore, and the fishermen live on the upper levels. There are early Christian catacombs hidden in the volcanic tuffs nearby. The statue of Venus de Milo was found in this neighbourhood. We can have a perfect view of the sunset from the balcony of the café on the beach.


The picturesque fishing town is located in the northern part of the island. The typical Greek church with its white walls and the blue dome is a must-see sight. There are fishing cabins carved in the rocks on the shores. The bay is so small that only a few boats can be docked here. There is a wonderful beach nearby.


It can be found on the northern side of Milos; from here, we can easily access the island of Kimolos on a boat. The tiny fishing village has several taverns and restaurants serving local specialities. There are many sandy beaches here, surrounded by tamarisks. The sight of the spectacularly blue water and the swinging boats is enchanting.


Adamas, the port of the island is located in Milos Bay. Its snow-white houses pile up on each other on the hillside. Life is a little bit busier here, as the place can be accessed on a direct route from Santorini. The port is very cosy. Visitors are attracted by cafés, taverns and the smell of locally-made fresh bakery place to stay in Milos


If you still want more of the Greek atmosphere, you must see Plaka! You can walk on brilliantly clean streets cobbled with natural stones. All the houses are painted white, with navy blue doors and windows. There are lavenders blooming at every door. At the end of the village, there is a small hill with an ancient castle on top. There is a spectacular view from up there, guaranteeing an unforgettable sunset.

We have summarised all the best places to visit in Milos. This small place was born out of the joyful play of fire, water, sky and land. If there is a spot in the world where the earthly beauty lies in simplicity, it is definitely Milos. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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