Paros is a member of the Cyclades archipelago, 200 kilometres from Athens in the southern region of the Aegean. It is only 5 km from the nearby island of Naxos. Its rich history, spectacular landscapes and the hospitality of the locals attract more and more visitors year after year. Snow-white houses, labyrinthine streets, and windmills dominate the panorama. You can roam among the vineyards, relax among the ancient ruins and sunbathe on the most beautiful beaches. So let’s go and explore the refreshing world of Paros, where the worries go far! Best place to stay in Paros? Keep scrolling and you will get to know!best place to stay in Paros

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Best place to stay in Paros: The most beautiful settlements

Paros is easy to describe in two colours: azure and snow white. The marble and whitewashed houses that make up the island shine far between the green of the olive trees. The island is surrounded by the azure sea, which is often blended with the blue of the sky. The endless tranquillity and the sharp contrast of the lively Greek life pervade Paros’ daily life. In the next section, we have compiled the most beautiful settlements you must see!


Parikia is the capital of Paros. It was built on the edge of a heart-shaped bay. Basically, this is the busiest town of the island and the port is also here. Its permanent population is 4,500. As a matter of fact, it is a typical Cycladic settlement. It’s narrow, cobblestone streets are lined with white-blue houses. Old churches and small cafes make the cityscape colourful. Panagia Ekatontapiliani is its most famous temple from the 3rd century. The Lovagardas Monastery, a museum of rare treasures, is open to the public. The port has a centuries-old windmill and a medieval fortress over the city. Parikia, though, is not just culturally interesting. Its sparkling nightlife is also outstanding among the surrounding islands.


Naousa lies in the northern bay of the island. After Parikia, it is the second-largest settlement in Paros. The coastal promenade offers a breath-taking view. The colourful twists and turns of fishing boats, yachts, and small taverns are dreamlike. It has active city life, and this is also true for the night. The Museum of Byzantine Culture and the Wine Museum are important landmarks. Paros Park is an 800-hectare seaside area with beaches, bays, beautiful rock formations and beautiful natural surroundings. In the summer, it hosts outdoor performances and concerts


Aliki lies 13 kilometres south of Parikia. This picturesque little fishing village is home to several festivals in the summer. Aliki is famous for its dried octopus and fish preserved in salt, which you can taste in local restaurants. The beach of the town is sandy and shallow, so mainly families choose it. It is a quieter, more traditional part of the island even during the summer season. The hospitality of the locals is well-known all over the world.what to see in Paros


Lefkes is located 10 kilometres southeast of Parikia. The town is 300 metres above sea level. The streets of Lefkes offer wonderful views of the neighbouring island of Naxos. Olive trees and pine trees grow everywhere. There is constant tranquillity here, mass tourism avoids it. Byzantine churches, a Venetian castle, and windmills are waiting for their visitors. Lefkes is a hidden jewel case of the island.

What to see in Paros: Lookout points you can’t miss

The island’s terrain is quite varied. Its highest point is Mount Profitis Ilias, which is 700 metres high. Numerous bays, cliffs, and valleys divide the surface of Paros. In the followings, we represent some places offering a fantastic panorama.

Agios Georgikos Pyrgaki

In the south-eastern part of the island, near Drios, you will find the Chapel of Agios Georgikos. The small blue-domed church is on a cliff, right next to the sea. If you are fresh enough, go there at dawn and watch the sunrise. The sun rises from Naxos with a wonderful game of colours.


There is a small peninsula next to Kalogeros Beach. You can walk along a narrow path to the edge of the cliff. From here you can see the island of Naxos and the nearby sandy bay. Due to the constant favourable wind, there are many surfers in the narrow channel between the two place to stay in Paros

Mount Profitis Ilias

The 700-meter high hill named after the Prophet Elijah rises in the middle of the island. Many hiking trails lead there. From its peak, you can see a beautiful panorama. On the slopes of the mountain, there are vineyards on all sides. In clear weather, you can see the shores of the island along with the neighbouring Naxos. Below, at the foot of the mountain, the domes of monasteries and temples sparkle in the bright sunshine.

Best place to stay in Paros: 5 places where you can only go by boat

The romantic landscapes of Paros exceed even the most beautiful dreams. There are numerous tiny bays and caves along its jagged coast. Several neighbouring islands are worth a trip. Below we show you the best places to stay in Paros, where you can only get on the water!


An almost two-kilometre wide channel separates the island of Antiparos from Paros. It is sparsely populated but has more sights. You will find a huge cave system that has been in use since the Neolithic. Castles, Venetian fortresses, Hellenistic churches, and windmills still defy with time. Because of its calm, clear atmosphere, it became popular among sailors.

The jaggy coasts of Agia Irini

From the south of Agia Irini Beach, there is an extremely jagged, rocky coast. Bright blue tiny shallow bays follow each other. A continuous, steep rock wall borders the beaches from the mainland. Be sure to stop here and discover this hidden world!

Agios Fokas

There is a lighthouse next to the church of Agios Fokas. Next, to the tower, there is a small bay, bordered by a steep rock wall. Its water is shallow, suitable for swimming. From the mainland it is difficult to reach it you have to climb the rock. Anchor in the bay and splash in the refreshing water!


Paros is the eastern neighbour of Naxos, only 5 km separating the two islands. Naxos has many activities in addition to its natural beauty. Its beaches are excellent with clean water. Ancient ruins, giant-size abandoned stone sculptures, and numerous museums await visitors. Rent a boat Naxos!

what to see in Paros

Cave of Archilochos

Near Agios Fokas you will find the most important cave of Paros on a steep rock wall. The famous Greek poet, Archilochos, is said to have retreated here to write his works in calm conditions. The entrance is from the sea and due to the tide, it is submerged twice a day.

In this article, we have collected you the best places to stay in Paros. This island has at least as many attractions as its more famous neighbours. If you want to relax in beautiful surroundings but don’t like the crowd, Paros is the best choice!

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