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The best place to stay in the Italian Riviera: Let’s go have an adventure!

The Italian Riviera is one of the best destinations for a summer holiday! Its cities carry the history of Europe, and nature tells stories of 30 million years. The best place to stay in the Italian Riviera? Go aboard and explore the most beautiful province in Europe! This article provides recommendations about what to see […]

The best places to stay in Cannigione

The town is located in the northeastern part of Sardinia, 5 kilometres from Arzachena. Cannigione, established in the 19th century, used to be a small fishing village, but it has become a popular tourist centre since then. Its facilities are primarily developing near the shores at Andrea Doria. Let’s now take a look at the […]

Best place to stay in Arzachena

Arzachena is one of the gems located in Costa Smeralda and has a beautiful natural environment and rich historical heritage. You can also see buildings here that can only be found here in Sardinia. Are you looking for the best place to stay in Arzachena? We are going to show you the special sights that […]

The best place to stay in Bosa: If you are looking for an idyllic environment

The picturesque old town, the pastel-coloured houses and the traditions of fishermen all make us think that time has stopped in Bosa. It is surrounded by the mountains and the sea; fewer tourists visit the place, so it is quieter compared to other Sardinian towns. The best place to stay in Bosa? We will show you the sights that you must see in the cosy and peaceful town.

The best place to stay in Alghero: You can relax in a beautiful environment

If you choose Alghero, you can expect many interesting sights that you should definitely not miss. Gorgeous beaches and several historical memories make the place even more special. The best place to stay in Alghero? Explore the city and the amazing towns and the city nearby.

The best place to stay in Moniga del Garda: Visit the paradise!

The magical landscape, the idyllic pebbly beaches and the picturesque port all make Moniga a very popular resort. If you visit the place, you can choose from several sports. The best place to stay in Moniga del Garda? We are going to show you the amazing places that you must explore!

The best place to stay in Navene di Malcesine: 7 stunning sights in the area

The gorgeous medieval town, Malcesine lies on the shore of Lake Garda at the foot of Monte Baldo. The natural surroundings and the breathtaking landscape provide the place with a unique allure attracting many tourists. The best place to stay in Navene di Malcesine. If you’re visiting here, it’s definitely worth visiting the following settlements too:

The best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast: 14 stunning must-see places

Sailing along the Amalfi Coastline, you’ll definitely be stunned by the pristine waters and the steep walls of cliffs. It’s one of Italy’s most picturesque areas, making it a beloved tourist destination.
The best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast? The Amalfi Coast is crammed with sights, all are waiting to be explored.

Best places to stay in Sardinia: The hidden beauties of the island

If you sail around Sardinia, you can see that the region has many beautiful landscapes, versatile coast sections and lots of smaller islands. And that is still not everything. Inside the island (let it be cities or nature) there are many interesting sights and historical buildings that visitors can discover.

Best place to stay in Costa Smeralda. Wonderful places, where you must go

You are looking for the best place to stay in Coste Smeralda? We have some tips for you! You can find varied and special programs in beautiful natural surroundings and in towns with historical heritage. The richness of the flora greatly contributes to the beauty of the landscape: subtropical camellias, palm trees, laurel groves, and pine forests.