The wonderful Italian city has several sights to offer. If you anchor here, the towns nearby are a must-see! The best place to stay in Agropoli? We are going to show you the places that you must definitely visit!best place to stay in Agropoli

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The best place to stay in Agropoli: If you are a nature enthusiast

Do you want to see the most famous sight in town after finishing with swimming? You should choose the following spot, attracting a lot of tourists every year.

Cilento and the Vallo di Diano National Park

This beautiful park can be found in the southern part of Italy, in the Campania region. It is located to the west from the Alento river between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apennines. They declared it as a national park in 1991, and it has also been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1998. There are about 3000 different plants in the park, which is also home to several scientifically examined birds.

What to see in Agropoli? Explore the city and the sights nearby!

Agropoli is in the Campania region in the County of Salerno. It is the most important town on the beaches of Cilento. If you would like to go swimming, the Bay of Trentova is a perfect choice. The water is especially clear here, and it’s ideal for swimming from May to September. You can rent a jet ski, or go surfing and scuba diving. Agropoli is also a clever choice for families with small children. It has an aqua park with many exciting slides. There are many restaurants, cafés and shops in the city. If you are looking for a gastronomic experience, try the pizza, the frutti di mare or the local desserts. Order a bottle of the famous Lacryma Christi or Capri Bianco wine, or have a taste of the Nocello liqueur.

Vietri sul Mare

The Amalfi Coast and its towns have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It’s located on the eastern shores, at the foot of Monte Liberatore. It’s mainly known for its beautiful ceramics. If you want to swim, the popular sandy beach here is the place to go.


The city – also a county town – can be found on the shores of the bay with the same name. It’s divided into two areas: the modern parts around the port and a typical medieval old city. The city is famous for its breathtaking architecture. If you’re a nature enthusiast, this is the place for you. You can see beautiful parks and gardens, and walk on wonderful hiking routes. Are you a fan of watersports? You should do scuba diving, canoeing, surfing or sailing.what to see in Agropoli


Due to its amazing coastal environment and pleasant, moderate climate, this place belongs to the most favoured tourist destinations. The city and the areas nearby have several beaches. The most famous one is Marina Grande where you can try watersports. There is a breathtaking view of the city from here. Do you want to avoid crowds? Santa Croce, which is a hidden shore segment, is a perfect choice. If you also want to go hiking, you can find a great walking path along the Valle dei Mulini.

What to see around Agropoli? Sail to Capri island nearby!

Capri is located in the southern part of the Bay of Naples, near the Sorrentino Peninsula. Thanks to its pleasant climate, it attracts many tourists. A famous sight here is the Faraglioni rocks, rising a hundred meters above the sea. They are not only the symbol of the island, but the shore segment near them has a marvellous beach. Another famous sight in Capri is the Grotta Azzurra. The cave – called Blue Grotto in English – is fairly small, so boats with only a few people are allowed to go in. Capri and Anacapri offer cosy cafés and restaurants to place to stay in Agropoli

Agropoli has a beautiful natural environment. Besides the city, you must also see the neighbourhood, as it has unforgettable sights to offer. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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