Italian Riviera

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Do you want to see the top sights Italian Riviera? Best places to stay in Italian Riviera. Discover beautiful unique places for your adventurous vacation. You can find the perfect combination of culture, traditions and leisure activities here. The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, and local points of view so you can plan your perfect trip. We want to inform and inspire you with trusted content.

The best place to stay in the Italian Riviera: Let’s go have an adventure!

The Italian Riviera is one of the best destinations for a summer holiday! Its cities carry the history of Europe, and nature tells stories of 30 million years. The best place to stay in the Italian Riviera? Go aboard and explore the most beautiful province in Europe! This article provides recommendations about...
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The best place to stay in Genoa: the secrets of La Superba

Boats in Genova
If you’re planning your holiday in Italy, make sure to swing by La Superba ( ‘the Proud One’), the name of which was given by the locals, referring to the glorious past of the city. Genoa is a beloved tourist destination owing to the wealth of attractions it offers.
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Best place to stay in San Remo

Marina in San Remo
Sanremo is the famous capital of the Riviera dei Fiori or the Coast of Flowers. This sunny part of the Western Riviera lies between Ventimiglia and Cervo. The climate is typical with many sunny hours and little rain. Wide, sandy beaches follow each other, with less rocky parts.
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