If you’re planning your holiday in Italy, make sure to swing by La Superba ( ‘the Proud One’), the name of which was given by the locals, referring to the glorious past of the city. Genoa is a beloved tourist destination owing to the wealth of attractions it offers. The city is crammed with narrow alleyways, museums, palaces and so much more stunning landmarks. Set sail and visit Liguria’s medieval city!best place to stay in Genova

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The best place to stay in Genoa: romantic Italy

Would you fancy spending a romantic night in the days gone by? Would you like to experience the spirit of the medieval Genoa? In the followings, we’ll show you some places that are perfect for cuddling up to your partner.

Hotel Bristol Palace

Feel like a Royal! Become a prince or a princess for one night! You can make your dreams come true at the Hotel Bristol Palace. The Hotel is situated in a 19th-century palace, built in the Art Nouveau style and was restored in its original form. The interiors are authentically decorated with 200-year-old furniture. The majestic building is located next to the Prince’s Palace and the Carlo Feliz Theatre. If you’d like to immerse yourself in a bit of luxury, spend a night here; its stunning, elegant rooms will definitely win you over. In addition, you can sample some of the finest specialities of the Ligurian cuisine in the Hotel’s superb restaurant. Just make sure that your outfit can live up to the standard of the sophisticated atmosphere.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi

Genoa’s most famous walkway is the Via Giuseppe Garibaldi. The street improved greatly in the 16th century to the delight of the wealthy Genoese trading families. The palaces bear the characteristics of the Late Renaissance and Baroque architecture. This exquisite, glamorous district of the city was known as Via Aurea up until the 19th century. A narrow, cobbled alleyway, lined with superb shops and alluring cafes on both sides.
Spend a sunny afternoon strolling down on Via Giuseppe Garibaldi and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere, infiltrated by centuries of great history!

Passeggiatta Anita Garibaldi

The picturesque fishing village of Nervi¬ – that is now part of Genoa – is home to some breathtaking places. Passeggiatta Anita Garibaldi is a 2km long seaside promenade between Nervi and Capolungo. Take a leisurely stroll down Passeggiatta Anita Garibaldi at sunset and admire the wonderful play of colours in the sky. At the end of the path, take a rest in the 16th-century watchtower that used to be part of the marine defence system.what to see in Genova

What to see in Genoa: art and culture

If you’re passionate about art, Genoa is the place to be; a brilliant showpiece of European culture! The building bears the distinctive characteristics of centuries’ architectural history, frescos, churches and museums guard the memory of great artists. Are you wondering what to see in Genoa? Explore the hidden gems of the city!

The cradle of the Renaissance

It was in Italy where the Renaissance was born, to become the dominant style for about two centuries. The revival of the ancient world’s romanticism has resulted in some true masterpieces. Apart from Florence and Venice, Genoa was a rather significant centre of the Renaissance. Strada Nuova, for instance, is lined with 15th-16th-century palaces. The Palazzi dei Rolli encompasses some of the most beautiful palaces featuring on the UNESCO World Heritage list, whereas Palazzo Bianco is home to some of the greatest Renaissance pieces of art. The palaces of the Old Town also host some permanent exhibitions.

Santa Maria di Castello

This hilltop church was an important religious centre even before Christianity and the remains of the first houses have also been found in this area. The construction of the church started in the 12th century and one of its most unique attraction of the church is the crucifix that is at least 600 years old.

Piazza de Ferrari

Piazza de Ferrari is the main square of Genoa’s historical quarter, encircled by majestic buildings such as the Palazzo Ducale or the Credito Italiano Bank, established at the end of the 19th century, the heart of the city’s economy. The most prominent landmark of the square, however, is its spectacular fountain.what to see in Genova

The best place to stay in Genoa: for the restless

If museums don’t keep you engaged and you prefer physical activity, you don’t have to worry as you definitely won’t get bored. Genoa and its surroundings offer plentiful opportunities for those, seeking to spend an active holiday. Join us to find out which are the best places in Genoa if you’re a bit more adventurous.

Parco Aventura – Adventure amongst the trees

Are you brave? Would you like to test yourself up high? Head to Parco Avventura in Pegli, west of Genoa. Enjoy the dazzling sensation on the tree-top rope trails suspended amongst twenty-metre-tall trees. The difficulty of the trails vary, thus every age group from 6-99 can find their suitable level. Boost your adrenalin and enjoy the adventure!

Cycling tour to Livellato

Genoa’s mountains are perfect for cyclists. For the more experienced, there’re several winding mountain trails, boasting enchanting scenery. Livellato, north of Genoa, for instance, is a perfect destination. You can join some group tours or rent a bike on your own. Warm up and explore the hills around Genoa on two wheels.

What to see in Genoa: natural wonders around the city

Genoa is nestled amongst hills, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea; truly enchanting natural surroundings. We’ll list a few must-see places when visiting the city:

Alta Via de Monti Liguri

Alta Via is a 440 km long hiking trail, winding through 5 national parks. Its highest point is 2201m. It’s about a 100km stretch that is located in the vicinity of Genoa. The village of Sant’ Olcese also lies on the route, enriching the trail with a stretch filled with lush vegetation: rare plant species, characteristic to the Ligurian region.


Camogli is situated 20km from Genoa, on the western side of the Portofino Peninsula. The picturesque fishing village is a beloved destination. The settlement is breathtaking itself, but its natural surroundings are rather fairy-tale-like. Camogli is famed for its unique vegetation: Mediterranean flora blending with Alpine plant species. It’s an outstanding symbiosis of palms, magnolias, myrtles, beech and oak trees and larches; the Ligurian flora, without a shadow of a doubt, is compelling. Walk from Camogli to Portofino and immerse yourself in the immense beauty of nature on the way.
In our article, we’ve listed some of the best places to stay in Genoa.

You’ll definitely be stunned by the buzzing city and the spectacular surroundings. What are you waiting for? Set off and explore the most awe-inspiring spots of the ‘Proud City’! HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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