San Remo is the famous capital of the Riviera dei Fiori or the Coast of Flowers. This sunny part of the Western Riviera lies between Ventimiglia and Cervo. The climate is typical with many sunny hours and little rain. Wide, sandy beaches follow each other, with less rocky parts. Palms, myrtles, roses, pinks, and agaves border the town’s promenades. If you are looking for the lost Eden, anchor at San Remo’s harbour! Here are some of the best places to stay in San Remo.what to see in San Remo

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Best place to stay in San Remo: The magnificent nature

San Remo is located on the edge of the Natural Park of the Ligurian Alps. This is itself an explanation for the many beautiful attractions. If you want to explore the most beautiful places in the area, you will definitely need hiking shoes. Your foot will take you through mountains and valleys and it will be hard to stop, because of curiosity. If you have no information on the best places in the nature of San Remo, read further.

Valle Argentina

Valle Argentina is a valley, close to San Remo. You can see the breath-taking multicity of man-made terraces on the steps of the 2200-meter-high Sacarello Hill. Streams trickle down the hillside through the ruins of water mills and Roman bridges. The villages here existed for a long time in isolation, preserving a separate language dialect for posterity. Huge olive-woods cover the steep slopes, the smell of lavender and sage fill the air. Several thematic hiking trails lead from the city.

Triora saffron field

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. The stamens of a crocus type are collected; for a gram of saffron, the pollen of 40,000 plants is needed. In Triora, near San Remo, there is a huge expanse of plantations where the crocuses bloom in the spring. As long as the eye can see, the ground is covered with purple flowers. If you have admired it, you must buy some saffron in there!

Monte Bignone Natural Park

The mountain above San Remo is Monte Bignone. It is about 1300-meter high and has special alpine plant species. Chestnut trees, Scottish pines, oaks, and beech trees face the sea breeze. Sit on the mountainside and look around! Houseleeks, orchid species, cypress spurge, and carnations bloom on the acre, in the shade of the ash tree. Alpine lichens and mosses spread over the rocks. Of course, the view of San Remo and the sea is beautiful.

What to see in San Remo: History and culture

The neighbourhood tells the story of thousands of years. The memory of the people, even before the Roman era, creates legends. Before our era, Liguria was the home of an ancient Celtic nation who left many signs behind. The cities, bridges, and roads of the Roman Empire are still visible today. The medieval blooming economy has left the palaces still standing today. Stay with us and we will show you what to see in San Remo!best place to stay in San Remo

La Pigna

La Pigna, the ancient old town of San Remo, was built about 1,000 years ago. Sinuous streets, high houses and city walls formed the defence system against Saracens. The streets run ring wise, sometimes with a gateway or a bridge. A real labyrinth system for pirate attacks. The main attractions are the San Giuseppe Church, Palazzo Manara, and the Palace of San Romolo. It’s worth checking out this part of the city because it is a real uniqueness!

Daphne Museum

Fashion and perfume in the museum? Girls, let’s go to San Remo! The Daphne Museum is a collection of antique and contemporary dresses made available to the city by the charismatic aristocracy. The collection of French and Russian princesses reveals an astonishing wealth. The building itself is also interesting. Next to the casino, the museum was formed in a palace based on a Roman fund.

Forte Santa Tecla

In the 18th century, the Republic of Genoa built the fortress to keep San Remo’s citizens within bounds. The inhabitants of the city would have joined the Kingdom of Sardinia, but Genova was against it. So, within only a year, this seaside fortress was built, but the curiosity is that its guns looked at the rebellious city, not at the sea. It features a historic exhibition, restaurant, and panoramic promenade.

Corso Imperatrice

Your vacation in San Remo cannot be completed without a walk on Corso Imperatrice. The wife of Alexander II fell in love with this promenade and offered a significant amount of money for the renovation. The view is wonderful of the beaches, bordered by villas and elegant hotels. You can get lost in the elegance of the early 19th century.

Best place to stay in San Remo: Most beautiful hotels

San Remo means elegance and luxury. Since noble families, businessmen, princes, and kings relaxed here for centuries, it has a special era. The accommodations are worth to it, with many premium offers. If you have no idea where to spend the night, we show you the best places to stay in San Remo!best place to stay in San Remo

Royal Hotel San Remo

The Royal Hotel San Remo rises along Corso Imperatrice. The guests are served with the highest level and with maximum attentiveness. Various categories of suites and rooms are at your disposal. Live music is entertaining the guests on the terrace overlooking the sea. You can choose from a golf course, wellness, fusion cuisine, and much more for your convenience. Spend a few days in the ambience of the beginning of the century!

Hotel de Paris San Remo

The Art Nouveau building stands next to the Russian Orthodox Church in San Remo. Its beautiful furnishing evokes the atmosphere of 100 years ago. Spend the night as a King or a Queen!

Residence dei Due Porti

This hotel falls out of the line a bit. It is not a historical building with contemporary elegance but with modern, clean apartments. Despite its simplicity, it has the best ratings. In the past 8 years, it received the Excellence certification for the service and the conditions. It is popular, extremely family friendly and operates with continuous full-house.

In the above article, we have presented the best places in San Remo. This city is the Queen of the Cost of Flowers. If you would like to crown your journey, be sure to spend a few days in this subdued luxury. San Remo can make you feel as an emperor, enjoy this feeling! HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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