If you choose Alghero, you can expect many interesting sights that you should definitely not miss. Gorgeous beaches and several historical memories make the place even more special. The best place to stay in Alghero? Explore the city and the amazing towns and the city nearby.best place to stay in Alghero

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The best place to stay in Alghero: The beauties of nature

Grotta di Nettuno

Grotta di Nettuno is the most beautiful natural formation in Sardinia. You can access the dripstone cave that can be found under the Capo Caccia on the water or via the Escala del Cabriol. It consists of 656 stairs. It is really worth visiting, as it provides an unforgettable view.

Grotta Pizzi e Ricami

Would you like to have an even more exciting holiday? We especially recommend you to visit the Grotto Pizzi e Ricami then. You can explore the place wearing a diving suit, with the help of a guide. You can expect a breathtaking view, as the colour of the crystal clear water becomes turquoise due to the light.

The best place to stay in Alghero: Visit the city and the neighbourhood!


This beautiful city is located on the northwestern side of Sardinia. It is famous for the coral fishing and the Catalan origin. There are amazing beaches here, which are ideal for families with small children because of the shallow waters. Spiaggia del Lido di San Giovanni and Spiaggia di Maria Pia are also good choices. Are you a watersport enthusiast? Try snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing or sailing. If you would like to taste something delicious, try the popular fish and meat dishes in one of the restaurants in Alghero. There are cosy bars and cafés near the old city as well.what to see in Alghero


You can find this idyllic fishing town in the northwestern corner of Sardinia, on a peninsula. It has an enchanting port, restaurants, bars and shops. The La Pelosa beach, which is a few kilometres from here, is a spectacular spot; it is among the most beautiful beaches not only in Sardinia, but also across Europe. It is especially crowded, as it is a very popular destination among tourists. The beach here has fine white sand, and the water is shallow and bright as a result. There is a great view of the Piana and Asinara islands from here.


This spot on the seaside is a tourist attraction due to the romantic old city and the colourful houses built on the hillside. Castelsardo is famous for their small handcrafted baskets made by the women in the village, sold in the narrow alleys. The Elephant Rock – one of the most popular sights of Sardinia – it is a cavernous rock formation about 6 kilometres away from the city. Its unique shape has been formed during long years.

What to see around Alghero? Sail to the wonderful islands!

Sardinia is surrounded by several small islands: the Sant’Antioco, the Asinara, the San Pietro, the Maddalena and the Caprera.


The island, which has a size of 51 km², can easily be seen from the La Pelosa beach. Its length is 17 kilometres; its width varies between 290 metres and 6.5 kilometres. In the old times, it was used as a detention centre, a prison and a quarantine due to the smallpox. It has a 110-kilometre-long beach and a natural world that is mostly unspoiled even today. It has been declared as a national park and a natural reserve. Its strange inhabitants are the small white donkeys, very popular among tourists. We can only access the island by boat.

Alghero has wonderful caves and places of unique beauty to offer. Explore this famous Sardinian town, and visit the neighbouring areas, awaiting with sights that you must see! HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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