If you sail around Sardinia, you can see that the region has many beautiful landscapes, versatile coast sections and lots of smaller islands. And that is still not everything. Inside the island (let it be cities or nature) there are many interesting sights and historical buildings that visitors can discover. best place to stay in Sardinia

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Best place to stay in Sardinia: The hidden miracles of port cities

There are two major port cities in Sardinia. Alghero lies in the west of the island, while Cagliari is in the south. Both cities have a rich historical past and offer perfect leisure time for visitors.


When you see Alghero from the sea, you can spot a picturesque old town on the coast. If you moor near the coast, you can decide, if you want to spend your time in the town or if you want to find programs at the sea. No matter, which one you choose, you’ll spend a wonderful time there.
Near the coast, you can try scuba diving and you can dip in the Mediterranean Sea admiring the underwater world. But you can also decide to stay on the water surface and go to watch dolphins from the board of a boat.
If you leave the coast behind, the city will also expect you with many opportunities. You can do sports (for example bike) or you can visit various architectural miracles. You can see many cathedrals and towers that have been standing on the island for centuries.


Sailing to the south, you can see the city of Cagliari in the south of the island. This city is the capital of the island. It has a historical centre and it is located at the Bay of Angels. The city was built on seven hills, these are the different districts of the city now.
If you stay at the coast, you can join various programs. You can go and try water sports or scuba diving.

Cagliari Archaeological National Museum

The Museum is not only the city’s but the island’s largest archaeological museum. When you enter the building, you can see many findings of basalt, terracotta and bronze.

what to see in Sardinia

Necropoli di Tivuxeddu

Necropoli di Tuvixeddu that is the city of the dead. This place used to be a burial place for Phoenician-Punician settlers. Based on the findings of archaeologists you can say that this place used to exist already in the 6-5th-century b. C. Among the holes digged into limestone you can find fully decorated, unique tombs that used to be the resting places of important people.

Saint Remy bastion

You can find several bastions in the city. e.g. Saint Remy bastion The majority of such buildings is in the old town.


This was built during Roman power. This limestone tribune still hosts many concerts and opera performances each summer.

Sant Pancras and Elephant tower

The oldest part of the city can be found on hill Castello. This is also the place, where the majority of the undemolished city walls can be seen. Besides you can see two towers, Sant Pancras and Elephant tower here also. Both were made of limestone.

What to see in Sardinia


A little further from Cagliari and sailing to the south, you can find the town of Nora. This town is the largest ancient ruin city of the island. The city has many museums presenting the history of Roman civilization and a special feature of the museum is that they are in open air. Unfortunately, a great deal of the findings has disappeared, as they got sunk in the neighbouring swamps.what to see in Sardinia

Nuragic civilization

Traces of the special Nuragic civilization can be found on the island. The megalithic buildings were built around 1500-500 b. C. Scientists still debate, what the original role of the buildings may have been. One of the most famous Nuragic settlements was Su Nuraxi di Barumini, which lies 60 km from Cagliari and it could join the UNESCO’s world heritage list.

La Maddalena National Park

This Park is one of the country’s most important national parks, a little north of Sardinia on the island group La Maddalena. It is both a sea and a mainland national park at the same time. This area has been recognized as a national park since 1994. The park has a versatile flora and fauna both in the sea and on the mainland. It is worth noting that you need proper permissions to sail, fish, scuba dive or actually any business activity that is connected to the sea.

best place to stay in SardiniaIngurtosu

This place used to play an important role in the mining activity of the island. Thanks to the intervention of UNESCO the area could be saved from full devastation and it has also been restored to the original state.  Today you find a hotel at this place that is visited by many people, as they are able to learn about Sardinia’s history here.

Cap Caccia

Returning to Alghero you can find the mountain peak Cap Caccia here. This is where the dripstone cave Grotta di Nettuno can be found, you have to descend 654 stairs to enter it. Of course, if you don’t like walking, you can go there by boat.


Lovers of castles may go round the island, as there are altogether 39 well-preserved castles on Sardinia. The most famous of these is the Eleonora-castle. The fact that it can still be visited is the virtue of general count Nino Villa Santa who had it fully restored around 1925. The building operates as a Sardinian military museum nowadays.


If you want to leave civilization behind, you can go to Palau. This landscape full of rocky peaks gives you a breathtaking view, which is made unforgettable by beautiful valleys, and giant, funny-shaped granite rocks. One of these rocks is called Capo d’Orso showing the image of a bear. When you leave the mountain peaks behind, you find a beach with pleasant water, if you want to swim.

Sardinia can offer you many sights and programs, if you want to spend a longer period around the island, let it be active leisure time or passive relaxation. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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