Arzachena is one of the gems located in Costa Smeralda and has a beautiful natural environment and rich historical heritage. You can also see buildings here that can only be found here in Sardinia. Are you looking for the best place to stay in Arzachena? We are going to show you the special sights that you must definitely see if you visit the place to stay in Arzachena

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What to see in Arzachena: History and tradition

The nuraghi are unique Megalithic structures. They were built in 1500-500 BC and can only be seen in Sardinia. They are special as they were built without using binding agents and are made of granite and basalt. The nuraghi have a round shape and there are about 8,000 of them on the island of Sardinia. We still cannot be sure what their purpose is exactly. According to some experts, they were used as churches, while others believe that they had a protective function in the first place. They might as well have been the centres of the communities.

The nuraghe called Albucciu is the closest one to the town; it is located around 3 kilometres to the south from Arzachena. It is special because instead of the conical shape, it has a flat granite roof. If you are in town, the Museo Laboratorio dell’ Età Nuragica archaeological museum is worth visiting. The symbol of the town is the Roccia del Fungo (“Mushroom Rock”), which provides a home for fascinating birds such as the flamingo.

Churches and other buildings

The centre of Arzachena is the app. 83 metres above sea level, and is built on a granite hill. The historic centre located near the Risorgimento square consists of typical granite cobblestones. This is where you can see the Chiesa di Santa Maria church, built-in 1776, with Chiesa di Santa Lucia in its middle, originating from the 18th century. The bastion nearby offers a breathtaking view of the bay and the Maddalena Islands. You can also get to the sports centre of Arzachena from the Paolo Dettori Street, located in the suburban area called Corracilvuna. This includes the high school, the Biagio Pirina stadium and the tennis club as well.what to see in Arzachena

The best places to stay around Arzachena

Porto Cervo

The famous resort city is the centre of Costa Smeralda that has become a luxurious holiday destination through the years. There are exclusive hotels and mansions here, and the large port provides moorings for marvellous yachts and sailboats. If you visit Porto Cervo, there is a hill next to the town where the famous Stella Maris church stands. The Catholic church, which was built in the 20th century, is characterised by a combination of Sardinian and modern architectural elements.

There is a wonderful view of the city and the sea from the snow the church. Around the building and inside, you can see several masterpieces of art. For instance, there is the monumental clock, the bronze embossment of the Blessed Virgin and the portrait of Mater Dolorosa. Many believe that the latter was made by Greek painter El Greco. The town is not very large, so you can easily explore it on foot.

What to see in Porto Cervo: The Monte di Mola Museum

The museum is very popular among young people. We can admire the artwork of great artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. There are also paintings and photos made by famous local artists.


The town is a famous tourist centre as it is connected to Sardinia by the Maddalena archipelago. Ferries leave frequently from Palau for the picturesque place. The symbol of the town is the fascinating, 122-metre-high Capo d’Orso or “Rock of the Bear”. The unique granite rocks of the area were shaped by the wind. The holes on the rock’s surface were formed by the combination of the wind and the chemical erosion. You can reach the “feet of the bear” by a 10-minute walk; the view is breathtaking. During the main holiday season, the city offers fairs with handicraft items and cultural programmes to the locals and the visitors.

What to see in Palau: The fortress of Monte Altura

This ancient military fortress can be found on top of a hill. They built it around the 19th century for protection against the potential attacks from the French fleet. Its purpose was to protect the military base of Regia Marina Sardaand and the entire La Maddalena archipelago. Interestingly, it was considered one of the most beautiful fortresses in Italy during the 20th century. It was built completely from granite and has an amazing staircase. The fortress is also a symbol of the eternity of nature due to its height, providing a breathtaking view. We can only visit the place if we join a guided tour, from March to October, at defined times in approximately every place to stay in Arzachena

Porto Rafael

The gem of Northern Sardinia can be found only 5 kilometres from Palau. Its main sight is the small square on the beach with its unique architectural characteristics. There are short, white houses and elegant shops here. The wonderful mansions fit perfectly into paradise. Although the port of Porto Rafael is relatively small, it is well-equipped and very popular among sailors.


The famous holiday resort is located 15 kilometres from Porto Cervo, east of Arzachena. It has two beaches separated from each other by granite rocks. Tiny islands nearby such as the Mortorio, the Soffi and the Chambers Islands make the sight even more beautiful. You can sunbathe on the golden sandy shores and enjoy the crystal clear water if you visit the place.

If you choose Arzachena, you can explore dozens of exciting attractions – not only fine beaches, but archaeological sites from the Nuraghe period as well. Rent a boat and visit the town in Costa Smeralda!

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