You are looking for the best place to stay in Coste Smeralda? We have some tips for you! You can find varied and special programs in beautiful natural surroundings and in towns with historical heritage. The richness of the flora greatly contributes to the beauty of the landscape: subtropical camellias, palm trees, laurel groves, and pine forests. All settlements in the area are major attractions, with a special atmosphere, beautiful parks, and wonderful villas. Costa Smeralda is one of the most magical resorts in Sardinia, a “dream world” which should be on movie screens.
best place to stay in Costa Smeralda

In this article you can read about Costa Smeralda’s most famous settlements and features:

What to see in Costa Smeralda: City adventures

Inspiring cities, stunning nature, exciting historical monuments. The cities and their surroundings hide plenty of opportunities in themselves. Costa Smeralda’s famous architectural masterpieces include the Cala di Volpe, the Pitrizza and Romazzino Hotels and the Stella Maris Church. The Nuraghes are unique megalithic structures which can only be found only in Sardinia. This place is a paradise, perfect for unforgettable relaxation. The world of pleasant walks and restaurants which are spiced with the charm of elegance.

Porto Cervo

The city is the centre of Costa Smeralda. It is known for villas and hotels which were built in this natural paradise. The harbour of Porto Cervo is full of huge, fabulous yachts and sailing boats. On the anchored yachts life goes on, while in the city shops are waiting for the strayed guests. The bars and restaurant are tempting with delicious scents and local specialities.
best place to stay in Costa Smeralda

Stella Maris church

Beside the town of Porto Cervo, there is a hill where the famous Stella Maris church can be found. The Catholic Church was built in the XX. century. From the building on the top of the rocky hill, you have a beautiful view of the city and its harbour. You can see the works of various artists inside and around the building. These include the monumental watch which can be seen from the port, the bronze relief from the Blessed Virgin or the portrait of Mater Dolorosa.


The Nuraghes were built without binder from granite and basalt stones. They were built between 1500-500 BC, and they can only be seen in Sardinia. Their function is unknown, it is likely that they had a protective role or functioned as churches.

La Piazzetta

You have to check out La Piazzetta because of the pulsating nightlife! For those who like active recreation, this is an ideal holiday destination. For relaxation, you should visit the Pevero Golf Club. Here you will find one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, which have very nice scenery. In La Plateau, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can relax, have a good meal or just enjoy the view.

San Pantaleo

We have to leave our yacht behind for the next destination because this small village is located on the island. San Pantaleo looks like a small traditional village among the Gallura granite mountains. In this settlement which was built in the 19th century, locals welcome guests. The low-rise buildings in the village hide shops and craft workshops.


Capriccioli is a famous seaside resort. The Italian name means children. It is located in the south part, 15 kilometres from Porto Cervo, east of Arzachena. The resort has two beaches, which are separated by granite rocks. The surrounding small islands (Mortorio, Soffi and Chambers Islands) make the scenic view even more breathtaking. The crystal clear water, the beautiful golden coloured sand, and the cooling shadow of the trees ensure an enjoyable place to stay in Costa Smeralda

Cala di Volpe

This elegant resort is located in the immediate vicinity of Capriccioli, in a picturesque bay. The Spy who loved me James Bond movie was filmed here, because of which Cala di Volpe became a popular holiday resort. This shooting venue has also contributed to the fame of Costa Smeralda.


It was an important port in the days of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians too. Among its many beautiful sights, the Romanesque cathedral of San Simplicio, the St. Paul’s Church and the National Archaeological Museum stands out. In the cosy streets, you can find several well-known restaurants and cafés. The bustling city is stunning, sandy beach, picturesque views of the forested mountains.

The best place to stay in Costa Smeralda: Untouched nature and special places

The varied Mediterranean landscape offers an amazing sight. On the shore, we can find raw, untouched nature too.

Neptun’s Cave

The Neptune Cave is south of the Costa Smeralda. You can come up here by boat, but if you feel like it, you can approach by a 660 steps staircase. On the reflecting water surface, you can see the stalactite formations hanging above us.
The cave is about 4 km long and consists of several premises. The huge rock cavity has a small shore, where the monks used to come to retire. Here is the largest saltwater lake in Europe, the Lago Lamarmora. Even nesting birds can be seen place to stay in Costa Smeralda

La Prisgiona

Returning to the surface you can visit the ruins from the Nuraghe-era. Such is the La Prisgiona, which is a very valuable and rich archaeological site. Here you will find a nuraghe village, which has 5 hectares area and consists of approximately 90-100 building. This is a unique archaeological site!

Coddu Vecchiu

Not far from this ancient village can be found the tomb of the giants, Coddu Vecchiu. The sight of the tombs which were built before the Nuraghe era is amazing. Various objects of use can also be viewed, which are carefully guarded.

Caves of Orosei Bay

Huge cliffs are stretching along the coast of the Orosei Bay, where the cave called Grotta del Fico can be found. The cave has two entrances: one above the water, and one underwater. The water is clean and turquoise, just beautiful. The cave provides shelter for seals.
Bue Marino is 15 kilometres long, and it was named after the monk seals. Archaeologists found engravings of ancient dances on the walls of the cave. It is accessible by boat and because of its beauty, it is a popular place to stay in Costa Smeralda

Wild Romantic landscapes, stunning sights, vibrant nightlife. Costa Smeralda has a fantastically beautiful location and it is a charming Mediterranean coast. Its cities offer scenic views, full of terraced restaurants and cafés. You can find programs and opportunities both on the water and the land, guaranteeing that you have a great time to relax while you spend your time in this dreamy place. Enjoy the speciality!

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