With its population of over 10,000 people, Bar is the biggest town and settlement on the southern part of Montenegro. Its largest port plays a significant role in the commerce of the country. It also used to be an important point in maritime trade. As a result, many tourists flock here to see the town and its monuments. Another attraction is its coast with more than 20 beaches. best place to stay in Bar

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The best places to stay in Bar: Natural wonders

Bar lies a few kilometres from the foot of the Rumija Mountain. It is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and a 1500 m high mountain. We can see several natural wonders within the town. Of course, it is common to see magnificent rows of Oleander shrubs and palm trees in the streets.

Olive groves

Besides oleander and palm, olive trees are widespread in the town. Plenty of fabulous olive groves with their pleasant view grow around the town. The world’s oldest olive tree, which is over 2000 years old, stands on the road towards Ulcinj. It has been under governmental protection since 1957. There are many legends about it. For instance, if family members having arguments come here and stand under the tree they are able to make a compromise. That’s why the name of the tree, Mirovica, comes from the word ‘mir’ (peace). While walking on the pathways among the trees you can marvel at the landscape.

Željeznica, the river of the town

Željeznica is the river which flows through the town. It stems from the mountains and ends in the Adriatic Sea. It is beloved by fishermen. It hides many fishes and plants which are worth watching. It has a historical background too. When the army of Montenegro defeated and got back Bar and its surroundings from the Ottoman Empire, the river constituted the border.

The Red Cave

This Red Cave South from the port is only reachable by boat. During the centuries nature carved a small hollow into the steep red cliff. Through your diving goggles, you can see fish, shells, hedgehogs and plants in the clear water. Moreover, there is a small rocky coastline in front of the cave. It is a real undiscovered romantic paradise, indeed. You can enjoy the calmness, sounds of nature, salty smell of the sea, far away from the crowd of tourists in the town. Furthermore, seawater has diverse blue shades. When entering the town of Bar, this place is a must.what to see in Bar

Best place to stay in Bar: The port and its most gorgeous beaches

The port

Despite its buzzing trade life, the town has kept its calmer face since most of its transit is confined to the port. The port can be divided into more parts for chartered, private, commercial and military yachts. However the yacht and transit traffic is huge, visitors can only see the slowly-moving vessels with their big consignment on the horizon. Bar used to be one of the most important military ports of the former Yugoslavia.

Sights at the port

A long artificially-built headland stretches into the sea; the lighthouse at the end helps the boatmen find their way. As a matter of fact, you can walk right until the end of the lighthouse. There is a magnificent view from here on the never-ending sea. Turning towards the town every house on the hill slopes is visible due to their architecture. It is worth visiting the port in the evening hours when there are a lot of fishermen on the coast catching fish. Furthermore, small boats of fishermen swing on the water at sunset beside the luxurious yachts anchored a few ten metres from them. It is also interesting to see the military yachts not far from the yachts standing by each other in rows. The port constitutes the border of the water land and customs control.what to see in Bar

The best beach of the Riviera in Bar Kraljicina Queen’s Beach

This is, actually, the pearl of the Bar Riviera; it is surrounded by a natural wall of sedimentary rock. It has a more than one-kilometre long sandy coastline. There are sunbeds, sun umbrellas, plenty of buffets and cocktail bars at your disposal. The amazingly blue sea on one side, the fabulous green trees and plants on the other side make the whole landscape awe-inspiring. Beyond relaxation, you can try many water sports facilities here. Or you can play beach volleyball or football on the shore. Both children and adults can have a good time here.

Zukotrlica, a beach within the town

The 1200-metre gravel beach of Zukotrlica is located at the town centre of Bar. Beside its white pebbles, there is Mediterranean flora and pine trees around the beach.

Gradska Plaza, main destination of tourists

The 750-metre long Gradska Plaza of the town is located in front of King Nikola’s Palace. It is a part pebble, part sand. Numerous tourist resorts, hotels and sports grounds await its visitors. King Nikola’s Palace with an over a hundred-year-old park offers several entertainment facilities which make your stay pretty enjoyable.

The best places to stay in Bar: Historic sights

King Nikola’s Palace

The Palace built between 1863 and 1867 near the seashore serves as a museum now. King Nikola and other leaders gathered here together to make important decisions. The structure of the building has been still strong since its construction. Previously the whole building was red, now after a renovation, it has been painted light yellow. Its museum opened its gate for visitors in 1950. There are many old objects in the exhibitions. For instance, weapons, awards, flags, old furniture of the king and folk costumes. Above all, its library is quite remarkable. Of course, there are various exhibitions in the palace. If you are looking for a great programme in the summer evening, attend the concerts in its park.best place to stay in Bar

History of Stari Bar

The ancient part of the town lies 5 kilometres from the shore in the mountains. There are written proofs on the existence of the ‘town’ from the 10th century, although it used to have the name of Antibareos. The castle with good protection built on a limestone hill collapsed due to heavy 19 and 20th-century explosions of artillery. The inhabitants left the castle at this time to live in Bar. Nevertheless, there are some people still living in the old town. From the top of the castle, there are some newly-built houses to be seen. The oldest part of the castle was erected between the 9-11th century. Also, many churches remained from different kings in this region.

Attractions of Stari Bar

Its streets follow the terrain. The curving bright cobbled lanes were formed by the power of nature. The houses built in the blocks on both sides function as restaurants now. The unharmed stone aqueduct that carried fresh water from the mountain to the town is a sheer wonder. From its highest point, you can see the whole town of Bar, the forests of olive trees and pine trees and the vast, open blue sea.

If you are heading to Montenegro, definitely visit Bar. Historic sights, sightseeing in the town and beach experiences are all waiting for you. In summer enjoy walking under the palm trees; or if it is about entertainment, there are numerous concerts and bars. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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