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The best place to stay in El Masnou: the most fascinating attractions

El Masnou is one of the cosiest holiday resorts of the Mediterranean. Its proximity to Barcelona makes it a particularly beloved destination, besides, the town also boasts splendid beaches. Which is the best place to stay in El Masnou? Join us to find out about the must-see attractions in the idyllic port town and its […]

The best place to stay in Roses: The most exciting sights to see

If you choose Roses, you can see many interesting attractions that you will never forget. Beside the crystal clear sandy beaches, the town and its neighbourhood is also rich in historical sights. The best place to stay in Roses? Explore the city and the neighbouring towns as well! This article gives you an overview of […]

Best place to stay in Palamos

Palamós is an ideal destination for family holidays, owing to its serenity and pleasant, provincial atmosphere. In addition, the town takes pride in its 3 km long, sandy beach. Let’s see the best places to stay in Palamós!  What to see in Palamós: the town’s attractions It’s best exploring the centre of Old Town on […]

The best place to stay in L’Estartit: The most interesting sights to see

If you choose the peaceful town of L’Estartit and you are a nature enthusiast, you can admire wonderful parks. Your holiday will be made even more memorable by the beautiful beaches and the historic sights in the area. The best place to stay in L’Estartit? Visit the port city, and don’t miss the breathtaking towns nearby either!

The 17 best places and towns to stay around Barcelona

If your destination is the exciting and beautiful Barcelona, you can see amazing parks and buildings beside the beaches with golden sand. The suitable Mediterranean climate also guarantees that your stay is pleasant. The best place to stay in Barcelona? We are now going to introduce the city and the must-see places nearby.

Best place to stay in Ciutadella: The gate of western lights, this is Ciutadella!

Ciutadella is one of the westernmost towns of Menorca. Centuries ago, it was still the capital of the island, but the storms of history deprived it of that title. It doesn’t take anything of its brilliance since it has been a cultural centre ever since. It has preserved its medieval structure.

Best place to stay in Maó-Mahón: when dreams become a reality.

Have you ever wondered how an ancient town looked like on one of the islands of the Mediterranean? Of whose natural harbour is one of the largest in the world and its white houses shine among oil trees? Which is surrounded by a national park and listed as a UNESCO site? Believe me, you are not dreaming, it’s the reality.

The 11 best places to stay in Costa Brava

The wonderful natural environment of Costa Brava and the proximity of the mountains make it an attractive tourist destination. Sunny coastlines, crystal clear beaches and wonderful monuments await you here. The best place to stay in Costa Brava? Visit the picturesque towns and charming fishing villages.

The best place to stay in Spain: Breathtaking sights to see

Would you like to see unique natural sights and wonderful architecture beside relaxing on the beach? Spain usually reminds people of the azure blue sea, bullfighting and fine wines, but there are many further opportunities offered. The best place to stay in Spain? We are going to show you the sights that you must see.