Menorca is in the middle of the Balearic Islands. It is similar to Mallorca or Ibiza, though, it is not so crowded and its nature is wonderful. The island is a real Eden with streams flowing among cliffs, marshes, sand dunes, fields and water habitats. Moreover, the beach has shiningly white sand and shallow bays. You cannot find a more peaceful or relaxed place elsewhere. Now let’s see the best places to stay in Menorca!best place to stay in Menorca

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What to see in Menorca: Cities and sights

Menorca has a thousand of years-old history. The inhabitants found towns built on ancient cliffs which were excavated in the 20th century. The island’s towns have also a long history. The classical Mediterranean architecture is dominant here. Take a stroll in the gorgeous streets and explore ancient memories. And get an insight into the action-packed history of this tiny island.

Torralba d’en Salord

The talaiotic village of Torralba d’en Salord is well-preserved. The citizens of the at least 4000-year-old culture pulled over heavy cliffs. It is a sanctuary like Stonehenge. There is not much data available about this period, though; the society should have had fine engineering skills. It was populated until the Middle Ages. Sit down on a cliff and listen to the tales of stones!


Ciutadella was founded by Carthaginians and served as a religious centre in 400 B.C. It lies on the western part of the island. It was occupied by the Moors, Turkish and finally by the Spanish. Currently it can boast of the island’s biggest population, nevertheless, it is not the public administration centre. The city has quite a familiar atmosphere, not to mention its wonderful port. Its Mediterranean houses stem from the 17th century with more floors and shutters on the windows. The main attractions are the 13th century-old cathedral, the main square, the covered market and the palaces. You can feel as if you have lost your time sense in its curving cobblestoned streets and stone houses.what to see in Menorca


Mahon is the island’s centre on the East. It has a population of 30,000. However, Carthaginians founded it; it was in the territory of Rome, Vandals, Byzantium and Muslims. Therefore, the city conveys the features of diverse cultures. Teatre Principal de Mao is Spain’s oldest opera house. It has had full house performances for 200 years. Watch an evening performance or take a visit in the morning. There is an 18-century-old army barrack left by the British serving as a military museum nowadays. If you are interested in medieval churches, visit Santa Maria de Mahon or Iglesia del Carmen. All in all, Mahon is an exciting city offering magnificent places.

Fort Marlborough

English settlers built a huge fortress in the port of Mahon. It happened, actually, 300 years ago, but it is still in perfect conditions. Entering the gate you arrive in another world. Inside soldiers in uniforms are marching along; sometimes you can even hear guns. Experience the feeling of past in Fort Marlborough.

Binibeca Vell

This tiny fishing village was fully renovated in its authentic style 50 years ago. Detached houses with snow-white walls stand on the shore facing the port. The village is a great holiday resort with a beautiful, well-equipped beach. There is improved infrastructure with many opportunities for relaxation.

Best place to stay in Menorca: Natural wonders

Menorca’s biological treasures are world heritages. This biosphere site became a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the beginning of the 1900s. Its intact natural environment provides shelter to unique rare species. The biggest part of the island is a protected area. Due to its aboriginals, rare species and isolation of thousands of years, the island is endemic. Are you curious about the best places in Menorca? Read further.

Cala Mitjana

Just a 30-minute walk from Cala Galdana, and you can reach this amazing bay. It is a breath-taking view to catch a glimpse of the beach behind the trees. White cliffs welcome you by the shore with wild oil trees on the top. You cannot imagine how beautifully blue the water is. Peace and intimacy dominate in this bay, you are able to forget everything outside this island. As if you have arrived at the Eden.

Se Pedreres de S’Hostal

Based on a new idea the local community totally transformed an old closed quarry. Stonecutters carved out many rooms and places in the large land. Local inhabitants created thematic gardens in the smaller channels carved in the quarries. You can find a lake with water lilies, a botanical garden even in Medieval-style. It seems as if it was part of the lost Paradise. A huge labyrinth was built from the left-over stones where it is fun to find your way. Due to its extraordinary acoustics, many concerts and theatre performances are held here.what to see in Menorca

Monte Toro

With its 354-metre height, El Toro is the highest point of Menorca. There is an unforgettable panorama from its top. Moreover, here you can marvel at an 800-year-old temple and a huge statue of Christ. In clear weather the whole island is visible.

S’Albufera des Grau Nature Park

As previously stated, the island is a strictly protected reserve. S’Albufera des Grau Park stretches along the eastern part of Menorca. There are many rare species living in its wonderful intact fauna. Guided tours are available at the centre of the park in Spanish and English. A nature trail leads you through forests, fields, temporary lakes and moors. So do not forget to bring your camera!

Macarella and Macarellata

These coves are on the south-west part of the island. I believe you have never seen such blue water like this. White cliffs are covered by green bushes whilst the turquoise sea shines behind them. Probably this is the most wonderful place in Menorca. At the time of sunset, the shore becomes empty with spectacular colours on the sky.

Best place to stay in Menorca: Best restaurants on the island

Where the most delicious meals are waiting for you that is the best place. The cuisine is an important factor in every culture. This art compiles diverse tastes, flavours and views. Locally-grown vegetables and fruit play an important role in the gastronomy of Menorca. Marine fishes and other courses can come onto your plate. If you would like to consume a fine lunch or dinner, then stay with us. We will show you the best places to eat in place to stay in Menorca

Cas Ferrer de Sa Font

In Ciutadella, there is a restaurant where you exactly get what you have ordered. Cas Ferrer restaurant prepares organic dishes. They grow vegetables and fruit in their own bio garden. The owners possess their own farms with domestic animals. They raise cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys and chickens. These animals provide meat to the kitchen of the restaurant; therefore, you can track back their origin until their fold. The animals are organic grass-fed and consume pure, traditional fodder. The restaurant is in the old town in the building of an old mansion. 18th-century-old smith tools hang on the walls which makes the whole place really cosy.

Ca’n Aguedet

Restaurant Ca’n Aguedet can be found in the town of Mercadal at the centre of the island. It is a bit far away from the beloved places of tourists, although its beauty lies in that. They use local ingredients and follow centuries-old traditions. Their recipes are secret since they are based on ancient family traditions. The building itself is amazing and romantic too. You can try here lobster stew, shell soup or fried lamb. The recipe of Arrós de la Terra is 300 years old; the best one is prepared here. The list also includes snails with home-made mayonnaise or filled aubergine. In fact, you can get to know the traditional tastes of Menorca.

El Rais

Do not miss El Rais at the port of Mahon! All courses in the restaurant opened 10 years ago contain rice. You can taste Asian dishes or rice pudding. Rice is the basis of the risotto with sea fruits and soups. Its inside is simply-decorated. The huge windows look over the port. Thus, you can consume your light lunch while watching the yachts swinging on the water.

Can Bernat

A restaurant with its own fishing boat? Why not?! That’s why they serve so fresh meals. This restaurant operates in Des Grau, near a protected park. It has pure but an intimate layout. The menu depends on the daily fish catch, so basically, no menu card exists. You can eat lobster soup or stew, marinated shells or Galician octopus. The restaurant is famous for its home-made desserts. When you are not afraid of trying something new, order lunch at Bernat.

Cap Roig

Sa Mesquida lies 5 kilometres from Mahon. Here you can find Cap Roig. The restaurant was built on a cliff by the shore, a far cry from the town. From its terrace, you can have a great view of the bay and the town. Watching the sunset here is unforgettable. The menu card lists different soups, salads, hot pots and fried dishes. You can eat lamb, goat, beef, but vegans can find their savoury here too. Of course, let’s not forget sea fruits either.

You could have seen the best places in Menorca in this article. Having a holiday here could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of the world’s last untouched islands is waiting for you on the Mediterranean Sea. Rent a yacht and explore this lost paradise! HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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