Would you like to see unique natural sights and wonderful architecture beside relaxing on the beach? Spain usually reminds people of the azure blue sea, bullfighting and fine wines, but there are many further opportunities offered. The best place to stay in Spain? We are going to show you the sights that you must see.best place to stay in Spain

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The best place to stay in Spain: Coastal towns


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after the capital, Madrid, and it is also one of the most important port cities of the Adriatic Sea. The main sight here is the La Sagrada Familia – the Expiatory Church of the Holy Family. This breathtaking building is a World Heritage Site. The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar is also very famous; it is a cathedral from the 14th century.

The most frequently visited museum in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum where you can see the works of the famous painter, Pablo Picasso, from the period when he was young. The Parc de la Ciutadella is basically the only green area in the city centre. One of the most famous spots in the area is the Cascada, a monumental waterfall, and the fountain, inspired by the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

You can also find the zoo of Barcelona in the Parc de la Ciutadella. The long and wide La Rambala is the main pedestrian precinct in the city; it is lined with wonderful sycamore trees. Locals and tourists love the place; you can choose from several restaurants, bars and shops.


The famous Costa Blanca is among the most popular Spanish beaches. Its capital is a true gem on the Riviera: Alicante. It has impressive architectural treasures such as the Santa Barbera Fortress, the San Nicolás Cathedral or the Basilica of Santa Maria. The Explanada de España promenade, which might be the most beautiful and most famous boardwalk in Spain, can also be found here. You should try the local tapas, the paella, the frutti di mare or the delicious Sangria.what to see in Spain


Malaga is the centre of Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) and is a very popular destination. As the most important sights are located in the centre, you can easily access them on foot. The most significant sight of the old city is Alcazaba, which is practically the lower fort of Gibralfaro. It was designed to provide protection against pirate attacks. Visitors of the place, however, are tempted by the cosy inner courtyards, the rich flora, the flowers, fountains and the great panorama.

Would you like to relax? Explore the wonderful botanical garden of the city, where you can admire exotic Mediterranean plants as well as statues from the Roman times. If you are in Malaga, you must visit the Calle Larios, the oldest street of the historic downtown. There are dozens of shops, tapas bars, restaurants and cafés.


The historic treasures of the town are in perfect harmony with the ultra-modern buildings – this is where the name “New Barcelona” comes from. One of the famous sights here is the Sonja de la Seda, also called as “Silk Exchange”. The Gothic structure has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Another famous building here is the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia opera house. The L’Oceanogràfic is the largest aquarium in Europe where thousands of examples from flora and fauna of the sea can be admired. There are sharks, dolphins and crocodiles. As the area has a territory of 110 000 square metres, its exploration could take a half or even an entire day, especially with children. Beside the buildings, the sandy beach also contributes to the wonderful atmosphere in Valencia. The city is also where the paella comes from, so you must definitely try this local delicacy.best place to stay in Spain


Murcia is an important transportation hub and tourist centre. It is located 350 kilometres to the southeast from the capital, Madrid. If you like more peaceful places, it is a perfect choice for you. Compared to other holiday resorts in the country, Murcia is considered a fairly secluded area. Costa Cálida or “Warm Coast” is very popular because of its fine sandy beach. As for the natural sights, the two salty lagoons are worth mentioning. Mar Menor and La Manga del Mar Menor are ideal spots for watersports. The main sight of the city is the cathedral, which represents diverse architectural styles.

What to see in Spain? Admire nature!

Spain has many national parks and botanical gardens. We are now going to show you a selection of them.

Teide National Park

This park can be found in the central part of the island of Tenerife, and it has been a World Heritage Site since 2007. They established it in 1954, and it has a territory of 18,990 hectares. This makes the park the largest and oldest one among the parks in the Canary Islands. You can also find the highest peak of Spain, the Teide volcano here. It is mainly the flora of the park that is precious, with several protected species. As for the animals, the invertebrates are worth mentioning in particular.

Picos de Europa National Park

This beautiful place is in the northern part of Spain, in Asturias. The national park provides shelter for endangered species such as the wood grouse or the brown bear. The deepest caves of Spain are located here, and the mountains get as high as 2600 metres. And in the heart of the national park, there are two lakes, Lago de Enol and Lago de la Ercina. If you like hiking, this area is just perfect with its breathtaking view.what to see in Spain

The best place to stay in Spain: Bird watching spots

Of all European countries, the most IBAs (Important Bird Areas) can be found in Spain, including many national parks. For instance, the Islas Atlanticas, which is home to seagulls and cormorants or the Doñana National Park where you can also see flamingos, herns and ducks as well as storks and herons. The park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Marimurtra Botanical Garden

It is located app. 70 kilometres from Barcelona, in the southern part of Blanes Costa Brava. The authentic Spanish holiday resort has one of the most beautiful and best-known botanical gardens in the world. We can admire nearly 6,000 flowers and plants on 16 hectares, and there is also a breathtaking view from the viewpoint.

The best place to stay in Spain: Visit the wonderful islands as well

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are among the most popular holiday resorts in Europe, thanks to their suitable climate and many other advantages. It has 5 members: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera. These islands are perfect recreational spots, as they have all the Mediterranean characteristics. You can expect dazzling sunshine, sandy beaches, hidden bays and several programmes. As for watersports, you can go snorkelling, surfing or try Flyboard.


The largest island in Spain, located in the Adriatic Sea, east of the Iberian peninsula. Due to its pleasant climate and diverse natural beauties, it is a perfect destination during the whole year. It is recommended for everybody, regardless of age. The beach here is more than 550 kilometres long and is a popular spot among surfers and sailors. Its largest beach is Platja de Palma, located east of the capital. Magaluf is famous for the dolphinarium and the water paradise. The Tramuntana mountains, surrounded by ravines can also be found here; they are also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Llevant mountains are also the favourite spot of hikers and cyclists. For those who prefer lighter hikes, there are several other opportunities.

The Katmandu adventure park is a place that families with children must definitely visit, and so are the Marieland zoo and the local theme park. The latter offers unforgettable dolphin shows. The capital, Palma de Mallorca has wonderful architecture: we can visit a Gothic cathedral, and the Bellver Castle and the Arab Baths can also be found here.best place to stay in Spain


This is the second largest Balearic island, located approximately 40 kilometres from Mallorca. It has unequalled values, including several ancient monuments, animals and plants that can only be found here. Similarly to Mallorca, most parts of the island are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The other areas are completely untouched, with a breathtaking paradise of beaches and bays. The island is also known for the strong winds.


Due to the sand and the snow white houses that remind us of the medieval age, they often call it “White Island.” Thanks to its fantastic flora and fauna, many people think that it is the most beautiful island in Europe. Because of its cultural and historic sights and natural beauties, the entire territory of Ibiza has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Even though it is not very large, the island is a paradise for those who love the buzzing nightlife. So it is no surprise that it is mainly popular among the youth. You can find the world’s largest club in the town of San Rafael. The famous Privilege has a capacity of almost 10,000 people.

What to see in Spain: Canary Islands

The Canary Islands consists of 7 islands and several smaller islands of rock. Get to know the most popular ones!


The most spectacular natural sight of Tenerife is the mountain of Teide, with a height of 3718 metres. If you are looking for the authentic Spanish atmosphere, you should visit Puerto de la Cruz. Admire the ancient churches and the boardwalk with the palm trees. We recommend Loro Parque for families with small children. It is not only a venue for a zoo; there are animal shows as well: seals, dolphins and penguins attract the visitors. We can also find a beautiful botanical garden here. If you would like to go swimming, go to the most beautiful beach on the northern part – Playa de Las Teresitas is a special spot, because its sand was yachtped from the Sahara Desert. Its beauty is further enhanced by the mountains surrounding it.what to see in Spain

Gran Canaria

The Viera y Clavijo botanical garden is one of the sights on the island that you should definitely see. It can be found on the northeastern part of Gran Canaria. The garden exhibits about 500 plants including cactuses, succulent plants, desert flowers and palms. Another popular sight among hikers is an 80-metre-high volcanic rock formation called Roque Nublo. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. If you want to go swimming, you should go to Maspalomas, which is the second longest beach in Gran Canaria, mostly famous for its sand dunes.


The oldest member of the Canary Islands is incredibly rich in natural sights. You can find the Timanfaya National Park, as well as the Cueva de los Verdes and the Los Jameos del Agua lava caves here. El Golfo – the remains of a volcanic crater – is also located on Lanzarote. The Jardin de Cactus (the Garden of Cactuses) is on the northern part of the island, in the town of Guatiza. It is the home of more than a hundred types of cactuses from all over the world. There are small ponds and nice paths in the garden. If you have the opportunity, visit the place between August and September, as most of the cactuses blossom during this period. Yaiza is located at the foot of the Timanfaya National Park. Would you like to have a nice lunch or dinner? Choose from the cosy restaurants in town.

Spain is very rich in breathtaking natural sights and monuments. As there are a lot of programmes offered, it is a perfect destination for both younger and elder visitors. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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