Palamós is an ideal destination for family holidays, owing to its serenity and pleasant, provincial atmosphere. In addition, the town takes pride in its 3 km long, sandy beach. Let’s see the best places to stay in Palamós! best place to stay in Palamos

What to see in Palamós: the town’s attractions

It’s best exploring the centre of Old Town on foot. We recommend setting off from the Passeig the Mar Tourist Office, where you can find the walking map of the town. From here, it’s only a short walk to the staircase leading up to the Mirador de la Plaça de la Murada. Apart from the breathtaking views, on the square, you can also admire the statue of Ezequiel Torroella I Mató, the famous painter born in Palamós. The area of Sant Joan de Palmós is another part of the town that is well worth a visit. San Joan used to be a separate settlement but was joined to Palamós in 1942. We recommend visiting the church of Santa Eugènia de Vila-romà, also known as Parròquia St. Joan.

Parròquia de Santa Maria del Mar

Parròquia de Santa Maria del Mar is one of Palamós’ oldest buildings. The Roman Catholic church has seen many changes over the years. It’s been expanded, then damaged, then restored, but the original architectural elements date back to the late Gothic and Baroque era. One of the most prominent treasures of the church is the marvellous 16th-century altarpiece that includes the paintings of the Dutch painter, Isaac Hermes Vermey.

The remains of the Iberian settlement

The remains are located in Sa Corbatera, next to Platja Castell beach. The archaeological site of the Iberian settlers is believed to date back to the 6th century. The site is free to visit

Castell de Sant Esteve de Mar

The ruined castle is located rather close to Platja de la Fosca. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 11th century, standing on the place of a former Roman villa. You can spot the ruins from a nearby path, however, the ruins can only be visited with a guide. If you’d like to visit the site, contact the Museu de la Pesca or the Tourist Information Office where you can get information about how to arrange a guided tour.

Museu de la Pesca

When in Palamós, the fishing museum is worthy of visiting. The museum introduces, in details, the area’s fishing history, culture and methods. You can watch an introductory film, followed by two documentaries, encompassing the various aspects of fishing including the different methods used through the passing of time, preservation and the stories of the local fishermen. There is another exhibition of current fishing techniques and the future of sustainable fishing in the region. You can also pre-book guided tours. Have a look at the famous ‘La Gacela’ fishing boat outside the museum as well!

what to see in Palamos

Barraca d’en Dalí

It was Alberto Puig Palau, who has built this tiny stone hut for his friend, the surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí. It is, however, quite unlikely that the famous painter used it as an art studio as his friend’s original intention.The hut is approximately 10 minutes away from Platja de Castell beach and is accessible by a small forest path.

The best places to stay in Palamós: scenic views

Palamós is brimming over with picturesque places, offering breathtaking views. Plaça Murada, in the Old Town, for instance, offers a stunning view over Platja Gran beach and the port. You will be stunned by an awe-inspiring panorama by the ruins of the old Augustine convent. The lighthouse offers a perfect view over the port, especially at sunset time. In addition, the fantastic hiking trails and boat trips allow you to admire the majestic view of beaches and the coastline. Montagut Hill, alongside the Vall de Bell-lloc hiking trail, offers picturesque scenery over the valley and the Gavarres mountains.

Places to add to your must-see list!

Capella del Carme, the 18th-century Roman Catholic chapel, added to the old Hospital, bears artistic and cultural significance owing to its unique exhibitions. The remains of the Augustine convent are also worth a visit. These places are located in the Old Town, where there are plentiful posters providing useful information–in several languages–about historical buildings, squares, cultural activities and former businesses. In addition, the Old Town is dotted with cafes, restaurants bars and shops.

Port of Palamós

The Port of Palamós lies between Platja Gran beach and Palamós lighthouse. Wandering around the port is a great opportunity to observe the fishing boats and equipment in action.
The best time for visiting the port is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you arrive at the port by 7 am, you can see all the fishing boats setting sail. However, they don’t return at the same time, but in waves in the late afternoon or early evening before the fish sale starting at 5 pm.
Be careful whilst wandering around the port, don’t get tangled up in ropes and other fishing equipment or trip over ice or fish!best place to stay in Palamos

If you are travelling with kids, make sure to keep an eye on them and keep them close to you at all times! Palamós has so much to offer; apart from its breathtaking beaches, the rich historical monuments also make the town worthy of visiting. Rent a boat and explore this piece of paradise! HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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