The coastal town of Sitges is located 35 kilometres to the south from Barcelona. If you visit Spain, you can explore the two towns in one go. The best place to stay in Sitges? Choose from the must-see sights in town!best place to stay in Sitges

What to see in Sitges: Sights to see in town

Cau Ferrat Museum

The building of Cau Ferrat, which operates today as a museum, used to be the home of the painter Santiago Rusiñol. The artist was one of the leaders of the Catalan modernist movement. After his death, his house, which has a unique atmosphere, was opened for the public. Items exhibited in the museum include drawings, paintings, glass objects and ceramics. We can even find the paintings of El Greco, Zuloaga and Picasso among Rusiñol’s artwork.

Maricel Museum

The museum is located in the centre of Sitges; it was renovated in 2015. The building belongs to the local museum of the Barcelona Provincial Council where we can see Roman, Gothic and modern artwork.

Casa Bacardí

Beside the classic museums, there is also an interesting place to visit here: the Casa Bacardí. The founder of the famous rum brand, Facundo Bacardí Masso was born in Sitges. Although he emigrated and established his factory in Cuba, he did a lot for his hometown later. You can see the permanent exhibition of the most famous rum in the world in Casa Bacardí. You can even learn how to make certain cocktails.what to see in Sitges

Placa Cap de la Vila

The Placa Cap de la Vila square is a popular meeting place of the locals in Sitges. You can find an Art Nouveau building – already renovated – referred to as the “Clock House” by the locals here. It belongs to the Carbonell i Musson’s textile retailers. The tower’s top is covered with a beautiful mosaic made of broken tiles.

The best place to stay in Sitges: Garraf Natural Park

There is a protected park called Garraf Natural Park in Sitges. The area of 12,820 hectares consists of two units that are different in terms of geology. The park has a rich flora and fauna; the Fondo de Vallgrassa route provides a wonderful view of the area. Cal Ganx, the Centre of Environmental Activities, can be found at the entrance. There is also an astronomical observatory here. The Plana Novella, which is a Modernist mansion built-in 1890, is located in the heart of the park. Although it has been the home of a Buddhist community since 1996, it is open for the public. We can explore the Garraf Natural Park on foot and also by bike.

Port of Sitges

The port is known as “El Port Esportiu de Sitges Aiguadolç”. You can find great beaches in the neighbourhood such as Balmins Beach, Sant Sebastià Beach and Aigua Beach. You can explore great bars and restaurants on the beaches of the port. All of them have open-air terraces, so you can enjoy the pleasant climate and the view of boats rocking on the place to stay in Sitges

Buildings and churches

The centre of the town has a beautiful Baroque church building, the Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla. This is the most famous church in Sitges, built in the 14th century. It is located between the Patja de la Fragata and Platja de Sant Sebastià beaches. If you would like to see even more churches, don’t miss the oldest one, El Vinyete, built before 1326. The temple is located in the eastern part of the town, 10 minutes from the centre. The second oldest church, Ermita de la Santissima Trinitat is a bit further from the centre of Sitges. The first written proof of the building originates in 1375. The church earned its present state after a renovation in the 19th century.

If you choose Sitges, you can explore dozens of exciting attractions – not only excellent beaches but historic sights as well. Rent a boat and visit the town in Costa Dorada!

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