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  • “The best solution for your real time boat rental from experts you can trust!”
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    "The best solution for your real time boat rental from experts you can trust!"

    Do you want to rent a yacht? Are you looking for the ideal type of boat rental service for your vacation? Are you not familiar with the different type of services? You can find detailed information here about the boat rental services : bareboat charter, cabin charter, crewed yacht charter, flotilla sailing. The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, so you can plan your perfect trip. We want to inform and inspire you with trusted content. Embark on a refreshing and stimulating sailing adventure. Discover beautiful unique places for your vacation.

    Bareboat charter

    Bareboat Charter
    Do you love the sea and sunshine and you can also manage the direction of a sailing boat? If you choose bareboat boat rental, you as an experienced seaman get the chance to sail on your own, while you can also impress you to your family and friends with your sea passion. This means the [...]
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    Cabin charter

    Cabin Yacht Charter
    Do you like sailing but are not confident enough to begin your trip alone? Would you just like to relax and enjoy the sea and the sunshine, without having to worry about navigation? Would you like to get to know more people or are you looking for fellow passengers for a luxury boat rental? If [...]
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    Crewed yacht charter

    Crewed Yacht Charter
    Are you looking for a sea holiday, but comfort and luxury are also important to you? Are you bored with busy yacht boards and want some privacy, but you also appreciate safety? A crewed yacht rental can offer you more than that! Crewed yacht charters is the peak of all-inclusive boat rental. This type of [...]
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    Flotilla sailing or fleet charter

    Flotilla Sailing Holidays
    FAre you looking for a sea holiday, but a different one from average vacation? Are you bored with busy beaches and look for some privacy, but you’d also make friends with other people? Fleet boats can become venues of „boat parties”. A fleet holiday can be an excellent Reward and team building training for companies. [...]
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