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    Check our booking section to get started on your perfect vacation getaway. Book in advance and get your preferred time and destination, or book late with our early booking deals. Our boats come in a variety of layouts, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for you, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced boater. Find your destination, choose a early booking yacht yacht you’d like to experience, check the availability in real time. Find a holiday where you can combine days on the beach with many additional possibilities to spend active vacations, fun evenings and visits to some interesting nearby places.

    Early booking yacht charter, 4 easy steps to find out which yacht would be perfect for you:

    4 easy steps to find out which Early booking yacht yacht would be perfect for you:

    1. Find out more about early booking yacht charter on the following tabs: About early booking yacht, Early booking yacht charter pictures.
    2. Check out our boats on the Early booking yacht yacht rental map (on the bottom of the page) or select a region from the Early booking yacht charter destinations tab.
    3. Click on the image of the most attractive region (Early booking yacht charter destinations tab). Move within the regions on the destinations tab and choose your boat from the designated harbour.
    4. Select a time to check our available boats at our harbour (all data on our website is in real time). Choose the right early booking yacht yacht(s) and send a pre-reservation request (not binding).

    After submitting your reservation request, we will contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions and provide solutions to your carefree journey. “Whether you prefer active or relaxing holidays, or maybe crave new cultural and nature experiences, BoatTheGlobe offers you the best yacht routes with a complete comfortable booking procedure.” Contact us if you have any questions regarding your cruise!

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    Early bird – when and to whom it is worth trying?

    Because of your work responsibilities or your busy schedule, you cannot travel flexibly? Does your job or other activity determine your starting date? Would you like to simply book your vacation or your favourite ship? Do you want to travel to a popular season? Would you like to have a small discount?
    For you, it could be a good choice to check out our early bird discounts. This means you are booking your trip 90 days or 270 days before departure. Of course, the sooner you book, the bigger the discount you get. This means at least 5%, up to 20% price advantage as a reward, if you are an early bird. Sometimes early bird discounts are still available 45 days before departure. For exact details ask our experts who are happy to help you.
    You should also book early if as a purposeful person you have decided on the route well ahead of time – because then you only have to choose the type of the ship. If you do not want to miss out on your favourite yacht brand, your destination, or if you have some special custom preferences (cabin size, equipment, etc.) you should not postpone the booking. Bookings that were made in time are offering more opportunities, more freedom at affordable prices! These are the benefits that would be a pity to miss.

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