Puerto Deportivo Marina de Cala d’Or07660 Cala d’Or (Santanyí) Majorca
39.36919200, 3.22524900

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For a holiday combining days on the beach, fun evenings and visits to some interesting nearby places, many find Cala d’Or hard to beat. Check out the www. abc-mallorca. com guide to Cala d’Dor to find the best it has to offer. Cala d’Or is a popular holiday resort, south of Porto Colom on the east coast. In fact, Cala d’Or is actually a number of individual resorts which have become connected through development over the years and are usually marketed under the one name. As well as the original Cala d’Or, other beaches include Cala Gran, Cala Petita, Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmeralda and Cala Serena. There’s pretty much a beach for most tastes and it is possible to find quieter areas for those who like a more relaxing holiday. As a result of its growth, this is a self-contained purpose-built resort with endless bars and restaurants, varied nightlife, and a wealth of shopping opportunities – including some chic boutiques. At the heart of Cala d’Or is the smart marina and Cala d’Or Yacht Club. The quaysides here are lined with a bewildering choice of restaurants. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.