Postboks 3509171 Longyearbyen, Norway
78.22890000, 15.59947000

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The Port of Longyearbyen is the main logistic point for the cruise industry and for cargo to the different settlements on Spitsbergen. The port is located close to the city centre and Longyearbyen airport with regular flights to Tromso and Oslo. In a few years, Longyearbyen and the Port of Longyear has developed into a driving force for research in the high Arctic. A large number of research vessels and research projects are using the logistic services Longyearbyen can offer. Skilled local businesses can offer support and services to most challenges mariners face up here above 78 degrees north. Services:Ides 1 meter difference between MHW and MLWSupplies can be ordered in advance from local agentBunkers are available from the Gamlekai for medium sized ships. Depth on the Gamlekaia is 4, 8 meters on MLWS. Bunkers are available from the Turistkaia for smaller leisure crafts and explorer ships up to 60 meters. Max depth: 6m. Flow: Max 200l pr. minute. Containers to be ordered via agent or Port Authority. Port of Longyearbyen has limited berth capacity. In certain periods throughout the year demand exceeds available wharf capacity. The Port reserve the right to reduce lay time, move ships to anchor or alter berth position to give most ships the possibility to take care of their business. This requires that all ships make the most of their lay time at the wharfs. Anchoring Adventfjord/bay. Depths 30- 100 mThere are pontoons for tenders and sailing boats at the Bykaia and Turistkaia. Fresh water available from the Bykaia and Turistkaia. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.