Via Dei Cantieri, Fezzano di Portovenere SP, Italy
44.07963300, 9.82838600

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Marina del Fezzano is located in a highly strategic area. It is situated in the gulf of La Spezia, set in a beautiful natural scenario outlined by the Palmaria and the promontory of Portovenere. This natural harbour is positioned between Tuscany and Liguria, two Tyrrhenian regions that offer sea landscapes of rare beauty. Pleasure-boat owners who decide to land at Marina are spoiled for choice. The Tuscan archipelago, the Cinque Terre, Corsica and Portofino are very close. Thanks to the proverbially mild climate of the Ligurian coast, the harbour allows its guests to discover and enjoy the sea all year round, not only during the warmer season. Yet the geographical location is not the harbour’s only advantage. Its guests can count on high-quality services, based on an experience lasting decades which gave birth to the modern structure. Immediately after the War, Cantieri Navali del Fezzano – which later changed its name to Societa Marina del Fezzano – started to work in the maritime industrial sector and to carry out naval repair and maintenance. 1994 was the turning point. The context in which the shipyard was operating had by now shown great awareness of environmental and tourism-related issues. The answer to these new demands was the transformation of the pre-existing business. This is how Marina del Fezzano was created, building upon its past history. The Marina Yacht Club was created in 2005 and was designed to provide an exclusive environment of relaxed tranquillity to our guests, giving them the opportunity to meet new people and socialize. The Yacht Club’s spacious rooms are furnished in an elegant nautical style. The interior furniture shows a great attention to detail. The bar, satellite TV and a well-furnished library are among the most appealing facilities for our guests. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.