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    The following information is considered to be the information provided by the port. Marina Navene, situted in the harbor north side of the Club Fraglia Vela Malcesine, offers more than 200 moorings for keelboats and motor boats. Every mooring has free access to running water and electricity; restrooms and showers are available in the Club house. Marina Navene has two cranes for launching and hauling out and rigging boats. Other services available: ecological clean area daily rent, quickwork and deadwork cleaning. Inside the Marina you can find a restaurant and bar (Ristorante via con il vento), a small gym, and a private beach. When Fraglia was born the war just finished and the desire to get back to normal life pushed a group of friend to found a Sailing Club: "L'anno millenovecentoquarantasette, addì tre del mese di ottobre. . . " these are the first words hand written on a paper by Paolo ANDREIS, Giuseppe ANDREOLI, Carlo BENAMATI, Dino B. BENAMATI, Cristoforo BENAMATI, Walter BENAMATI, Alvise BERTUZZI, Conte Franco CAMPOSTRINI, dott. Danilo CHEMASI, Aldo CHIARAMONTI, Vittorio DA RE, Mario GIACOMAZZI, Avv. Gino LAGO, dott. Livio MARANGONI, Martino MARTINI, Umberto PERETTI COLO', Aldo PIFFERI, Guerrino PIFFERI and Antonio ZORZI, which gave the birth to our Society in October 1947. Then, the first regatta was organized in August 1948 and in the following years the regatta scheduled was full of imporant regattas such as the “vele d’Argento” and lots of Dinghy 12, FJ, FD, Snipe and Star Italian Championship. In 1972 Flavio Scala and Mauro Testa attended the Olympic Games in Monaco in Star class. Starting from here lots of Fraglia saliors won many National and International Championships (Roberto Banamati, Mara Trimeloni Ylena Carcasole, Michele Marchesini, Andrea Cucchi…)Thanks to the Fraglia Vela members huge comittment the 80s and the 90s were years full of regattas. In 2003, the costructions of a new Clubhouse with a big harbour in Navene started, giving the chance to Fraglia to organize bigger regattas, such as H- Boat and Topper World Championships, Protagonist and H22 National Championship and the very famous and prestigious RC44 stage. The new clubhouse was finally completed in 2007 with offices, meeting rooms, changing rooms, parking places restaurant and the gym. Since we aim to offer to our hosts always better services in 2016 we decided to enlarge our harbour to reserve a dedicated dock for keelboats regattas, and we created the new South dock. In 2017 we celebrated our 70° foundation anniversary: 70 years unceasing dedicated to sailing promotions, regattas organization, looking foward to keeping on improving ourselves. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.

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