Annexe Bailli de Suffren, Quai Séverine, 83430 Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer
43.07940100, 5.92565800

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The Centre Nautique de Saint-Mandrier is an association founded in 1987. It is located in the magnificent bay of Toulon bordering the charming Provencal village of Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, nestled around its port. It is affiliated to the Fédération Française de VoileFFV quadri degrade and labelled École Française de Voile EFV Logo label of the FFVThe Centre Nautique de Saint-Mandrier offers nautical activities for children from 6 years old (or 4 years old for summer courses), teenagers and adults of all levels, from leisure to initiation and even competition. In case of impossibility of practice due to weather conditions, we propose activities for children and teenagers for educational purposes (as much on the nautical world as on ecology) during normal school hours. We also propose you rentals (catamarans, dinghies, paddles and kayaks) in unattended free sessions, as well as private lessons, see the page concerned. The Centre Nautique de Saint-Mandrier also has a habitable sailboat, Aisa, which it willingly rents by the day to experienced people who would like to offer themselves a sea trip. It is also available for private lessons. See this page for more information and photos, or simply at the bottom of this page. The club also benefits from a VRC section (radio-controlled sailing) awarded by many of our members, beginners and experts. Because learning to navigate also requires respect for the sea and the environment, the Centre Nautique de Saint-Mandrier is committed to making its trainees aware of the environmental problems associated with marine environments and thus to training responsible seamen, by also proposing activities that will allow them to better understand the sea, its fauna and flora and the environmental processes associated with it. You can also consult the Resources page for numerous articles on ecology, gestures to have to protect flora and fauna during and out of practice, educational games, etc. The Centre Nautique de Saint-Mandrier is composed of a team of qualified instructors, experienced and mobilized for the respect of the marine fauna and flora, Mathieu and Fabrice. They will be happy to introduce you or help you perfect your boating skills. Morgan will welcome you with a smile on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the club for any additional information. In addition to these sessions, the Centre Nautique de Saint-Mandrier offers periodic courses in spring and summer (see the Internships page for more information). We inform you that the club closes its doors during the Christmas and winter school holidays. Below are contact details for joining the Centre Nautique de Saint-Mandrier or registering for the courses/training courses/free- sailing as well as our rates and timetables, including rentals and private lessons. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.