Avenidas, s/n, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
42.24166700, -8.72416500

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Vigo is the main port for Spain’s Galicia region, with Portugal to its south and the Spanish mainland to the east. Vigo’s location between the mighty Atlantic and snow-topped mountains gives the region a cooler, damper climate than the rest of the country and has earned it the nickname of”The Green Spain.”This makes it a popular retreat for Spaniards keen to escape the searing summer heat, enjoy lush country scenery and tuck into some of the world’s freshest seafood. And for cruise visitors, in Vigo you can experience”real” Spanish culture, meet the locals and enjoy a city and countryside still largely unadulterated by mass tourism. Old Vigo rises in tiers to the 17th century hilltop citadel of El Castro, one of three that originally guarded the city. All were necessary to defend Galicia from successive hordes of invaders including Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, French and British, who regularly invaded between the 14th and 19th centuries. Sir Francis Drake famously took the city (for a while, at least) in 1589. The port is located in Vigo, it is Spains the biggest fishing port in the world and one of the busiest in transportation. It is also home of the world’s largest fishing company. The shipbuilding tradition begins in to the early Twentieth century, with the appearance of the first small steam fishing boats. One of these early models, known as theVigo type steamer” was very popular all around the coast of Spain and North Africa. Hundreds of this type were built. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.