Afstralias 124, Rodos 851 00, Greece
36.43287100, 28.23808500

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The Rhodes Marina is an elegant community near the medieval town of Rhodes, and one of the most attractive locations on the island all the year round. The modern facilities for the yachts, along with the recreational and promenade areas, offer getaway moments for the Rhodians and the visitors of the island. It is also a safe and functional base for as long as our clients choose to stay and it can be an excellent starting point for traveling all over the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea. The Marina also provides a shipyard and a dry dock. The ultra-modern control tower ensures constant monitoring and integrated management of the Marina, 24 hours a day. Rhodes offers everything a visitor could ask for and it is very easy to be accessed all year round. The International Airport that serves millions of visitors from all around the world is just thirty minutes away. The main commercial port, with regular and frequent ferry itineraries, is located right next to the Marina. The new Rhodes Marina currently features 382 boat berths, with a view to be increased to 563. The docking is done with the use of specific instruments and specialized staff, setting the guests free of hassle and dangers. We have built a Marina that can accommodate the high level demands of Mega Yacht owners, providing infrastructure and high quality services, such as an operating depth of 5 to 6. 50 meters, depending on the size of the moored yacht. It is, also, the only Marina in Greece that can accommodate up to 120 meters yachts. The Marina plot covers 118, 800m2 land. From this space only the 22, 745. 42 m2 will be covered with buildings, allowing the rest of the space free for walking, recreation and green spaces. All buildings are of a low height, do not obstruct the view and are designed in harmony with the environment. The architecture of the facilities is inspired by the medieval city of Rhodes. The parking facilities are spacious and guarded 24/7. Parking is not allowed at the docks. Electric cars upon request are used for the customer and boat personnel transportation to and from the boats. For security reasons, access to certain designated dock areas is permitted only to authorized card holders. The Rhodes Marina has an integrated electronic system. It is used for the central monitor, security and control of the facilities both in land and by the sea. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.