Ribarska ul., 21311, Stobreč, Croatia
43.50089500, 16.53276100

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Stobreč is a town on a peninsula only seven kilometres from Split. Once the Greek colony Epetion, which is evident by the city walls. In the centre of town there are the remains of a large early Christian basilica named after the patron of the town – sv. Lovro [St. Lawrence]. By far the most famous features are the beaches of Stobreč, sandy in the centre to stony ones in the southwest and attract many visitors. Very nearby, there are secure moorings with accompanying infrastructure for all types of tourist boats. In addition to hotel and private accommodation for tourists a campsite is available, and sea lovers have excellent conditions for sailing, rowing, windsurfing or fishing. Evening entertainment is offered in the form of traditional folk festivities, which culminate in August, celebrating the feast of St Lawrence. The port offers a full range of services and fully trained and experienced labour force. Choose from our available boats (use the detailed search engine) and make a reservation.