Sailing in the Bahamas.
Sailing trips in the Bahamas

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 They are really meant to be the islands of sailors with a pleasant temperature, extensive lands and adequate yachting infrastructure. It is worth devoting time for a longer visit. That’s why two one-week trips are recommended by us. Furthermore, useful tips, advice and information on how to spend your time the best while sailing in the Bahamas.Sailing in the Bahamas

The main points are the following:

The Bahamas sailing. Which is the best sailing time in the Bahamas

Honestly, the sailing season of the Bahamas is much longer than in the Caribbean Sea. There are appropriate conditions all year around. Although the most favourable period is between February and October. Mainly trade winds are dominant throughout the year. Whether beginner or professional the well-balanced climate makes sailing easier for both.
In summer the weather is nice, between June and October is chilly, similarly to the eastern part of the USA or the East-Caribbean islands. Unfortunately, the rainy and hurricane season arrives in July and does not leave until November. The average temperature is usually 25-27 C, even though summer is warmer with 1-2 degrees and higher humidity level.

Ports and Island in the Bahamas: Best coasts and ports- a compass to an enjoyable Bahamian sailing trip

The country with over 700 islands offers a sheer number of full-service ports. Their long list would not fit into our page hence just a few are introduced to show you an offer of an enjoyable vacation.ports and islands in the Bahamas

The most popular ports

Seven ports can be found in Marsh Harbour on the Great Abaco Island which provides space for more than 500 yachts even with the length of 60 meters. Furthermore, the most well-known port on Berry Island is the Great Harbour Yacht Club & Marina. On Eleuthera Island, the Harbour Island Marina is the best. Moreover, the picturesque Dunmore Town is worth visiting nearby. Actually, it used to be the capital city of the Bahamas. If interested in the famous pink sandy beaches, just cast anchor and hop off. Over 400 yachts can dock at the port of George Town on Great Exuma. However, Staniel Cay has no large marinas, the island is rich in tourist sights. The extraordinary swimming pigs are also quite funny to watch here. The Grand Bahama is a major hub for worldwide tranyachtment. Freeport and Port Lucaya towns having well-equipped and busy ports are in the neighbourhood.

Ports on the main island

Last but not least; New Providence, the main island, offers countless great docking opportunities. In contrast to luxurious services, the quality of ordinary services is the highest here in the whole Caribbean region. Wherever docking is done, only joyful moments can be expected.

Sail in the Bahamas! Sailing trips in the Bahamas:

Sailing in the Bahamas: Our offer: a one-week sailing trip by Abaco Islands

As a matter of fact, the Abaco island group is one of the world’s best yachting and sailing destinations. It is undoubtedly the most ideal place for relaxation with its calm turquoise sea, hospitable towns, two golf courts, fishing and diving facilities.

Day 1 Marsh Harbour – Little Harbour

We are leaving Marsh Harbour of the Abaco Beach Resort which is a large holiday resort with a huge harbour. In addition, it is the region’s largest harbour accepting bigger yachts. Sailing to Little Harbour is really a light trip, and at the end, we arrive at a marvellous white sandy beach.

Day 2 Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park / Elbow Cay

Move ahead to the North to Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park. This is, in fact, a 2100-acre nature reserve; one of the world’s most wonderful and unique marine habitats with special coral reefs, flora and fauna.
Besides, another great programme for this day is to get on shore at Elbow Cay that is 6,4 km from the Marsh Harbour. It is well-known for its 37 m tall red and white striped lighthouse called Hopetown Lighthouse which was built in 1863. On the top you can marvel at the stunning, magnificent sea.ports and islands in the Bahamas

Day 3 Exploring Hope Town and Elbow Cay

A full day is needed for a trip to explore this 13 km long tiny island. What else awaits you beyond the beautiful nature? Mouth-watering food, delicious beverages and recreational beaches.

Day 4 Man-O-War Cay / Guana Cay

Man-O-War Cay, a historic yacht-building island, which is located north of Elbow Cay is just a short ferry ride. Many generations of the famous yacht-builder Albury family used to live and work here. The next stop on your trip could be the Bakers Bay Resort & Marina on Guana Cay. As you would expect, it is a well-equipped marina with 158 berths for yachts. Let’s do some sports on the island either on the golf court or in the water with other divers and snorkellers.

Day 5 Green Turtle Cay

First, this island boasts of its popular beaches, accommodation and picturesque ports. Need of repair on your yacht? Don’t worry, there are experienced repairmen to fulfil your needs. Until the reparation goes on, try a delicious meal from lobster in a local restaurant.islands in the Bahamas

Day 6 Manjack Cay

Depending on the weather you can choose from two high-standard docking opportunities. Rat Cay on the south, for example, is a great place for nature and watersport lovers. Meanwhile, the northern valley is merely chosen by couples for watching a romantic sunset.

Day 7 Treasure Cay

Only a little time remains for the Treasure Cay on the last day of your trip. Take the chance and lay your mattress on the beach which is regarded as one of the world’s top 10 beaches. Before continuing your voyage take a walk and enjoy the fascinating view. Did you find it appealing? Or want to look for other adventures? Check out our second offer on a one-week sailing trip in the Bahamas.

Our offer: a one-week sailing round trip in Nassau

Day 1 Departure from Nassau

Leaving Paradise Island the first destination is the Exumas, an island group looking like a pearl necklace. We can find here several ports and sheltered beaches. An interesting fact: protected iguana species hide among the gorgeous cliffs.ports and islands in the Bahamas

Day 2 Bells Cay and its surrounding

It contains the tiny islands of the nature reserves of Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The main attraction for snorkellers is the Rocky Dundas caves on Little Bells Cay.

Day 3 Staniel Cay and Thunderball Grotto

Staniel Cay is the tourist centre of the Exumas. Friendly inhabitants, clear water and small calm beaches are the typical features of this island. You may have heard about it as a great place for deep-sea fishing. It is worldwide known as the scenery of the James Bond films. Do not miss Thunderball Grotto, the most outstanding place for snorkelling in the Bahamas.

Moreover, visiting the Staniel Cay New Year’s Cruising Regatta is also a must that is organized by the Staniel Cay Yacht Club annually on 31 December. There is a yacht competition with traditional local sloop sailing yachts. All in all, it can be an unforgettable experience for everybody.

Day 4 Great Guana Cay

In fact, the narrow island’s beach attracts visitors during their Abaco Island’s trip. This beach is the longest in the Bahamas, about 5,5 miles.

Day 5 Warderick Wells Cay

Again on the Exumas. A visit to the tourist centre of the nature reserve can make our day very special.Sailing in the Bahamas

Day 6 Shroud Cay

What is it? A small unpopulated island, an Eden with diverse flora and fauna. It is only accessible by yacht, and animal-watching tours are organized for on-foot tourists.

Day 7 The wonderful Atlantis

Finally, let’s have luxury and glitter. A huge entertainment facility with a big casino, excellent clubs and restaurants, amazing aquariums and a unique aquapark are waiting for you. As you would expect, the port is protected by security guards; and besides smaller boats, there are 63 berths for mega-yachts.

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