Sailing in Salerno

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If you are heading to Salerno, its natural beauties will definitely capture your heart. The Amalfi Coastline, Italy’s cosy beach, lies near the city. Sailing in Salerno? Here you can find out what the best time is for a cruise and how to plan a one-week sailing itinerary.Sailing in Salerno

The main points are the following:

Weather in Salerno: Excellent conditions

Due to its calm water and perfect wind conditions, Salerno is an ideal region for sailing. The best sailing period to explore the Amalfi Coast is between April and June. This time it is warm and you can plunge into the sea too. Or if you are planning it later, choose July or August. Rent a private yacht and explore the undiscovered beaches and tiny coves. By the way, the average temperature is between 26-29 degrees.

Ports and islands in Italy: Ports where the exploration of the sea commence

Port of Salerno

Salerno is one of the busiest ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has an enormous size, about 1.7 million square meters. The port’s entrance is 280 wide, and the water here is 13 m deep.

Marina di Navene

Marina di Navene is, in fact, one of the newest and modern marinas of the Amalfi Coast. It’s well-protected with excellent staff and full service. Of course, there are great restaurants and bars at your disposal. The marina’s basin is 340,000 square meters; its depth is 8 m. It can accept 1000 ships and yachts at the same time. The latter’s size could be even 123 m.ports and islands in Salerno

Sailing in Salerno: a one-week sailing itinerary

After leaving Salerno and visiting all gorgeous towns of the Amalfi Coast you arrive back to your original destination.

Day 1: Salerno

Salerno, a city and the capital of the province in the Campania region, lies on the Gulf of the same name. It has into two parts: the modern port and the typical Medieval Old Town. If you are a nature-lover, it is an excellent choice. There are fabulous parks, gardens and hiking routes. Are you crazy about water sports? You can try diving, canoeing, surfing or even sailing. Above all, the city is also famous for its beautiful architecture. Regarding nightlife, the port offers tremendous facilities.

Day 2: Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare with many settlements of the Amalfi Coast became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The Vietri Beach stretches along the Eastern end of the coastline at the feet of the Monte Liberatore. Due to its proximity, people often believe that it is suburban of Salerno. First of all, it is known for its wonderful ceramic. If swimming is your priority, visit its popular sandy beach. And do not miss to check once the buzzing nightlife at the city’s port.

Day 3: Cetara

It lies near Vietri sul Mare, 15 km from Amalfi. This small fishing village possesses a busy historic port. It is also one of Italy’s most important fishing centres Its anchovy and tuna made it quite famous. Its countless first-class restaurants of the cosy fishing village offer unique dishes to try. Last, but not least, spend the night at the port of Cetara.

Day 4: Maiori

The next destination is Maiori, the longest beach of the Amalfi Coast. If you dream about a pleasant recreation time, this 1 km long sandy beach is an ideal solution. There is crystal-clear water; thus, it is a great choice for families with small kids. Excellent restaurants and bars await you with mouth-watering dishes and drinks. Regarding sports, rent a paddle-boat or a jet-ski. During your stay, also take a walk in the main street of Maiori. Its name is Corso Regina, which is only a few-minute walk from the shore. And do not miss to check once the buzzing nightlife at the city’s port.bays and slands in Salerno

Day 5: Minori

It is situated 3.5 km from Amalfi on the East. Basically, it is one of the oldest towns of the Amalfi Coast where you can visit the ruins of the 1th-century-old Roman villas. Considering culinary experience, it is well-known for its ricci pasta and paper factories. Do not forget to taste the Italian lemon liqueur, limoncello. Last, but not least, spend the night at the port of Minori.

Day 6: Amalfi

Thanks to its awe-inspiring coastline and pleasant warm climate it is one of the favourite places of tourists. After dropping your anchor, there are many beaches in and around the city waiting for you. You feel undisturbed in the crowd? Then choose its most well-known beach, the Marina Grande. After swimming there are hiking opportunities along the Valle dei Mulini. And do not miss to check once the buzzing nightlife at the city’s port.

Day 7: Conca dei Marini and Salerno

Conca dei Marini has situated 5 km from Amalfi. Its marina lies in a small bay. The most outstanding tourist attraction of the village is Grotta dello Smeraldo, or also called Emerald Cave. It was named after its characteristics green light inside the cave. In order to reach the Grotta on foot, there is a staircase and an elevator, although access by boat is also possible. Let’s get back to Salerno, your original point.ports and islands in Salerno

If you plan a sailing in Salerno, the city and its vicinity are always worth visiting. Disembark at one of the settlements of the Amalfi Coastline and get engrossed in its natural beauties.

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