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Do you want to sail in Montenegro? You can explore detailed information here about sailing destinations, coasts, islands in Montenegro. Embark on a refreshing and stimulating sailing adventure. Discover beautiful unique places for your vacation. The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, sailing itineraries and local points of view so you can plan your perfect trip. We want to inform and inspire you with trusted content.

Sailing in Bar: the best sailing route in Montenegro

Sail in Tivat
This tiny country hides all beauties of the Mediterranean landscape and its cities. The sapphire sea attracts beach-lovers, whereas the massive mountains the tourists keen on hiking. The elegant Palazzo hotels and ancient sights are visited by history lovers.
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Sailing in Montenegro: Discover this less fashionable, but very beautiful jewel box of the Adriatic region

Southeast Asia Yacht Charter
The almost 300 km long coastline of the small country at the Adriatic Sea will amaze everyone who is a lover of sailing with a number of tiny romantic bays that are suitable for sailing. The Montenegrin coastline has sandy beaches about 70 km long, where you can relax free of the...
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