Sailing in Montenegro: Discover this beautiful jewel box of the Adriatic region. Montenegro sailing holidays

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The almost 300 km long coastline of the small country at the Adriatic Sea will amaze everyone who is a lover of sailing with a number of tiny romantic bays that are suitable for sailing. The Montenegrin coastline has sandy beaches about 70 km long, where you can relax free of the tourist masses or the noise of cities, sometimes as if you were part of a movie.

Sailing in Montenegro

This story summarizes the following:

Three types of climate and weather

Mediterranean climate

The Mediterranean zone is a narrow strip on the Adriatic coastline from Herceg-Novi to the Bojana River. In summer the average temperature is between 25.4 °C and 27.6°C. The summers are short and dry and the winters are short and mild. The hours of sunshine are around 2500. Ulcinj has to most extreme data with 2700 hours of sunshine per year. The temperature of the sea is 26-27°C. In July there are 11 sunny hours per day. The temperature of the sea is pleasant from May until the middle of August.

Continental climate

In the central part of Montenegro, the temperature in July is 26.4°C, in Podgorica, it is 25.4°C (Danilovgrad). The absolute maximum temperature is 40°C. Hot air flows to Podgorica from the valley of the Bojana River, the Lake Skadar and Morača River which makes it the hottest city of the former Yugoslavia. The average temperature in January is around 5 °C and the minimum temperature is -10°C. Sudden weather changes are also expected. The middle areas are characterised by extreme temperatures.

Mountain climate

A mountain range starts at the Piva River. The average height of the mountains is 1700 metres, and the peaks reach up to 2000 metres. The mountains have a subalpine climate with cold and snowy winters and mild summers. The weather can change suddenly. In winter the temperature can drop to -20°C or -30°C.
While it rarely snows in the Skadar region, in Durmitor even 5 metres of snow can fall. Due to low evaporation snow can remain until May and in some places the whole year.

When should you leave?

The sailing season lasts in the whole Mediterranean region including Montenegro from April to October. The weather is quite pleasant in the spring and the environment is suitable for sailing, but the temperature of the sea is still rather cold. The summer main season is between July and September when both temperatures and seawater are warm enough and you can make use of the opportunities that the most beautiful beaches offer you.
In the spring and autumn, you can count on Yugo, a permanent medium-strength southeastern wind, while in the summer the permanent Adriatic north-western wind mistral will make sure that your wings are tight. The latter one has the strength of 5-6 Bft and since it’s very reliable, it will provide you with enough wind after the morning standstill from noon until the night hours.

Sailing in Montenegro:The largest ports in Montenegro

Port of Kotor

Port of Kotor is also known as Luka Kotor or Cattaro Marina by Italiens. It is situated in the coastal town of the same name, on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro.
It offers its guests modern facilities in the heart of a medieval site with well-preserved fortifications and fascinating historical attractions.
Kotor is well protected from the east by fortification walls up to 20 meters in height, from the west by the sea, from the North by the river Škurda and from the south by the underwater spring Gurdić.

Sailing in Montenegro

Port of Bar

The Port of Bar is Montenegro’s main seaport. It is located in Bar. The city is, therefore, an important commercial hub. The port can be divided into several parts: the harbour for regular yachtping services, the private harbour, the commercial port and the naval port. The harbour serves also as a country and customs border.

Port of Montenegro

Berthing at Porto Montenegro offers marina guests and crew a full homeport solution in one of the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds.
The marina’s 450 berths are complemented by an extensive range of services and amenities.

Sail in Montenegro! Montenegro sailing holidays

Montenegro sailing: One week Herceg Novi sailing itinary

If you choose a pace of getting ahead that is slower than the one-week itinerary then it is worth visiting the towns discussed below, so that you have one of them for each day to visit the most exciting towns of Montenegro.Sailing in Montenegro

1st day Herceg Novi

It lies about four nautical miles north of the Bay of Kotor. The town was established in the 14th century and has a rich historical past. The mountain peak hosts a castle that has been restored in perfect condition, which gives us a chance for a great walk. The old town of Herceg Novi is full of typical small squares and pleasant narrow streets, where each tourist is amazed by the perfect mixture of tropical and Mediterranean atmosphere.

2nd-3rd day – Kotor bay

Just a little further from Herceg Nov, your next stop should be Kotor bay, which is considered to be one of the ten most beautiful bays of the world and it is also under the protection of UNESCO.
Kotor castle watches the whole landscape at 1,000 meters-high peak as if it were a guard and offers a wonderful panorama to the whole of Kotor bay. It may give you an excellent opportunity for a long walk, from where you’ll leave with unforgettable experiences.
Kotor is worth spending even two days because the old town has so many sights for visitors. There are many churches and museums including the Tenegi Museum to explore.
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4th day – Perast

Perast is a sleepy town located at the end of Kotor bay. However, there is a smaller island in the neighbourhood of Perast Gospa od Skrpjela, and the church Gospa od Skrpjela on it, which means “the Lady of Cliffs”. This is a really small island that is easy to sail around. The island is only a few nautical miles away from the old town of Kotor. Legend has it that this tiny and mystical island was established in a very interesting way. Every time, when old commercial yachts left the old town of Kotor, the seamen took a cliff with themselves. And when they got to see the castle wall on their return, they threw the rock into the water thus making a foundation for the church that is now standing on the island.

5th Porto Montenegro – Tivat

This is a holiday resort with palm trees at one of the entrances of Kotor bay Visit the luxury sailing and yacht port Porto Montenegro, which is very close and gets renewed nowadays too. It can host 250 sailing boats. You can find more than 130 luxury buildings and 20 luxury commercial units in Porto Montenegro (Tivat), but also several restaurants, yacht clubs, many bars and sports facilities.

6th day – Budva

The wonderful town of Budva and Budva Riviera are 25 nautical miles to the south from Kotor bay. The typical Montenegrin landscape shows a different face here because mountains are a little lower and it is longer sandy beaches that play a key role here. Budva is one of the most fashionable tourist destinations in Montenegro during the summer months. No wonder, like the beautiful old town of the peninsula and the azure blue seawater will enchant you all. After discovering the old town you can enjoy the summer heat on a sandy beach full of bars and restaurants, thus in real luxury.

7th day Sveti Stefan and returning to Herceg Novi

The tiny island of Sveti Stefan is very close to the holiday resort Budva (only four nautical miles) and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro for sure You can find a real luxury hotel here, which can be seen on many postcards as one of the major sights of Montenegro. Unfortunately, you can’t visit the whole area as a visitor, but the island can be sailed around completely and you get a stunning view from here. The public beach of the island is at the end of the pier, from where you get a fantastic view of the special red-roofed buildings and the crooked streets. It is an amazing experience to walk between the beaches with white sand and the first-class luxury hotels.
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Sailing in Montenegro: 7 days sailing trip from Budva

Day 1. Budva – Bigova 20.59 (12.80 mi), Day 2. Bigova – Tivat (Porto Montenegro) 29.40 km (18.27 mi), Day 3. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Herceg Novi (Harbor) 13.76 km (8.55 mi), Day 4. Herceg Novi (Harbor) – Cavtat (Harbour) 44.80 km (27.84 mi), Day 5. Cavtat (Harbour) – Dubrovnik (Orsan) 19.93 km (13.39 mi), Day 6. Dubrovnik (Orsan) – Sudurad 15.26 km (9.48 mi), Day 7. Sudurad – St Nicholas Island – Budva 95.03 km (59.05 mi).Sailing in Montenegro
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1 week long Montenegro yachting plan from Tivat

Day 1. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Herceg Novi (Harbor) 13,76 km (8,55 mi), Day 2. Herceg Novi (Harbor) – Cavtat (Harbor) 44,80 km (27,84 mi), Day 3. Cavtat (Harbor) – Dubrovnik (Orsan) 19,93 km (13,39 mi), Day 4. Dubrovnik (Orsan) – Sudurad 15,26 km (9,48 mi), Day 5. Sudurad – Mljet Island (Sobra) 28,29 km (17,58 mi), Day 6. Mljet Island (Sobra) – Zlatna Luka 91,44 km (56,82 mi),Day 7. Zlatna Luka – Rose – Tivat 19,05 km (11,84 mi).Montenegro yachting
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Montenegro sailing trip from Kotor

Day 1. Kotor – Tivat (Porto Montenegro) 15,29 km (9,50 mi), Day 2. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Herceg Novi (Harbor) 13,76 km (8,55 mi), Day 3. Herceg Novi (Harbor) – Cavtat (Harbor) 44,80 km (27,84 mi), Day 4. Cavtat (Harbor) – Dubrovnik (ACI Marina) 23,13 km (14,38 mi), Day 5. Dubrovnik (ACI Marina) – Sudurad 18,48 km (11,48 mi), Day 6. Sudurad – Mamula-island – Molunat 65,81 km (40,89 mi), Day 7. Molunat – Perast – Kotor 29,49 km (18,33 mi).Montenegro sailing trip

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Boat gas stations around Montenegro

  • KOTOR: , Depth: 8,5 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.426348, 18.767266,
  • TIVAT – Porto Montenegro: , Depth: 12 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.433897, 18.691430
  • HERCEG NOVI – Portonovi Marina: , Depth: 20 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.433903, 18.603754
  • BUDVA – Dukley Marina: Depth: 4 m, Working time: from May 1st through October 1st from 8-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.279906, 18.838321
  • BAR – AD Marina: , Depth: 5 m, Working time: 7-20, GPS Coordinates: 42.098617, 19.088010
  • DUBROVNIK, ACI Marina: , Depth: 4m, Working time: 8-20, GPS Coordinates: 42.670687, 18.127007
  • DUBROVNIK, Orsan: , Depth: 3,7 – 4,9 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.660463, 18.079714
  • SOBRA, MLJET: , Depth: 5m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.740951, 17.598208
  • LASTOVO: , Depth: 2,5 – 4,5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.745218, 16.824718
  • ACI Marina KORCULA: , Depth: 3,5m, GPS Coordinates: 42.956744, 17.138561
  • VELA LUKA: , Depth: 3-4 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.959407, 16.714213

Montenegro is a real paradise for sailors in a somewhat hidden part of the Adriatic Sea. You can reach all port towns along the coastline of Montenegro easily. Discover as many as you can and enjoy your unforgettable Montenegro holidays!

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