• Types of sailboats

    Sailboat Charter
    Looking for a unique adventure at the sea? Rent a sailboat and have an unforgettable vacation! We’ll help you on how to choose between types of boats and how you should prepare for your sea adventure. Nowadays sea voyages are inevitable summer programs for more and more families. No wonder why so many people decide [...]
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    Gulet charter

    Gulet Charter
    Do you want to boat and discover the beauty of the sea that you have never seen before? Do you want quality a holiday but it is also important for you to sail in a more traditional way? Then your optimal model choice is gulet boats! A gulet charter provides a calm and unique experience [...]
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    About luxury yachts

    Luxury Yacht Charter
    Are you looking for a really special and world-class holiday, where you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of sailing or cleaning up? Are you so much in love with the sea that you’d prefer spending the whole day at the beach? Luxury yacht charter and private yacht charter can now make a perfect [...]
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    Motor boat types

    Motor Yacht Charter
    There are several types of motorboats and powerboats. There is a wide range of vessels available on the market; smaller ones and super boats, watercrafts built from different materials and driven by different propulsion systems. What is common in these boats is that they are motorized and do not have a sail that uses the [...]
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    Types of catamarans

    Would you like to spice up your vacation with a sea adventure? Do you want to enjoy the smooth sunshine on a boat, but are not sure which model would be ideal for you? The catamaran might be the perfect choice for the whole family or even for couples. Renting a boat on a holiday [...]
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