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What to do in Korcula island: One of the greenest islands of the Adriatic

If you prefer peace and relaxation to popular holiday resorts, we recommend visiting Korčula. It is one of the loveliest islands of Croatia with medieval houses, narrow alleys, and beautiful natural sites. What to do in Korčula? Due to the wide range of programmes, you will gain unforgettable memories. This article gives you an overview […]

What to do in Stomorska

If you are longing for a nature-friendly holiday, Stomorska is an excellent choice. One of its main attractions is its proximity to Split; therefore, you can easily sail to the Brač or Drvenik islands from here. What to do in Stomorska? Well, check out the below diverse programme opportunities offered for tourists. Our article gives […]

What to do in Milna.One of the most idyllic towns on Brač Island.

The picturesque town of Milna is located on the western coast of Brač Island in Central Dalmatia. It is surrounded by beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches, and you can admire the Venetian architecture in the port. What to do in Milna? We are going to show you the programmes you can choose from in town […]

What to do in Sumartin
The youngest town on the island of Brač

Lush, Mediterranean flora and cosy little streets characterise this popular resort town. It has gorgeous bays, and from the port, you can not only see Makarska but also Mount Biokovo. What to do in Sumartin? Choose from the following holiday activities! This article gives you an overview of the following topics: Things to do in […]

What to do in Brač

The island of Brač is rich in natural beauties. It is an ideal destination for families. There are beautiful beaches to swim, great hiking trails and breathtaking buildings. What to do in Brač? Choose from the best holiday activities the island has to offer! This article gives you an overview of the following topics: Things […]

What to do in Bol: Swim at one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches!

Bol, surrounded by oil trees and vineyards, is the largest establishment on the southern coast of Brač Island. It is most importantly famous for its beach Zlatni Rat, but it also has important monuments and a buzzing nightlife. What to do in Bol? We are going to show you the great opportunities if you visit […]

What to do in Novi Vinodolski
The wonderful Novi Vinodolski Riviera is waiting for you

The world-famous Novi Vinodolski is located on the eastern coast of Kvarner Bay. Crystal clear, natural beaches, cosy downtown streets, and excellent restaurants await you here. In this article, we will show you Novi Vinodolski, the centre of the Riviera. Let’s see what this wonderful town has in store for you! This article gives you […]

What to do in Hvar island
The sunniest island on the Adriatic Sea

The Middle Dalmatian Hvar is the fourth biggest island in Croatia. Beside its natural beauty, it has wonderful beaches, excellent gastronomy, and significant history as well. What to do in Hvar? If you are interested in the wide range of programmes waiting for you on the island, read on! This article gives you an overview […]

What to do in Vis island:
one of the most unique islands of Central-Dalmatia

If you prefer tranquil spots to busy destinations, Vis is the perfect island for you. This is one of the greenest islands of the Adriatic with huge woods, crystal-clear air, cosy beaches and idyllic coves. What to do in Vis? Owing to variable program opportunities, your holiday will be unforgettable. This article gives you an […]

What to do in Vis: Choose from the best holiday activities!

The town is in the north-eastern part of the island of Vis in Central Dalmatia. It has some wonderful beaches such as Prirovo or Grandovac, but Vis is also extremely rich in historical monuments. What to do in Vis? We will show you the excellent holiday activities this town and the region have to offer. […]

What to do in Komiža: The most beautiful natural attractions

Komiža, famous for its fishing traditions, is located on the western side of the island of Vis. You will find the most beautiful beach in Croatia here, called Stiniva, while at the nearby islands you can visit the breathtaking Blue and Green Caves. What to do in Komiža? Discover the best holiday activities this town […]

What to do in Porec
Cultural adventure on the western shores of Istria

The town of Porec is a buzzing cultural and touristic gem. The Mediterranean region has several world-class historic buildings and beautiful beaches to offer. Porec has become a unique holiday destination due to the mild Mediterranean climate, the soil and the lush flora. The town and its neighbourhood have preserved a lot of antique sights. […]

What to do in Šolta: The best holiday activities on the island

If you prefer a peaceful holiday, close to nature, Šolta is an excellent destination. Just 15 kilometres from Split, it is the perfect starting point to discover the Island of Brač or Drvenik Islands. What to do in Šolta? In this article, we will show you the best holiday activities this Central Dalmatian island has […]

What to do in Hvar: Discover the largest town on the island of Hvar!

The largest town on the island of Hvar is the town of the same name, with its seaside promenade surrounded by palm trees and city walls from the 7th century. The white stone houses give the village a medieval atmosphere. What to do in Hvar? We will show you the best holiday activities. This article […]

What to do in Stari Grad: Visit the oldest town on Hvar Island!

Stari Grad with its history of 2400 years is the oldest establishment not only on Hvar Island but also in the entire country of Croatia. It is located in a beautiful environment, surrounded by olive fields, vineyards and oakwood forests. What to do in Stari Grad? We are now going to introduce the great opportunities […]

What to do in Marina: Explore one of Trogir Riviera’s most popular towns!

Marina is located in Middle Dalmatia, and being close to Trogir makes it a particularly attractive destination. It has slowly deepening waters, many sights to see and a well-equipped port. What to do in Marina? Make the most of your vacation and choose from the following diverse programmes! This article gives you an overview of […]

What to do in Supetar: The best holiday activities in the biggest town of Brač Island

If you prefer a quiet vacation, close to nature, Supetar is a particularly attractive holiday destination. It has beaches with crystal clear water that are surrounded by pine forests, quality restaurants, and it is also rich in historical landmarks. What to do in Supetar? Choose from the best holiday activities! This article gives you an […]

What to do in Novalja: Party at the Croatian Ibiza

This modern coastal town is located on the island of Pag. Novalja has become famous as the Croatian Ibiza in recent years. Life is sparkling on its beautiful beaches from morning to night throughout the season. The city itself is a resort filled with restaurants, hotels and cosy bars. In addition to crazy parties, it’s […]

What to do in Split

If you would like to visit one of the most buzzing and most typically Mediterranean Croatian cities, Split is the place to go. The Middle-Dalmatian holiday resort has a wonderful coast, significant nightlife and monuments from the Roman period, which all make the place very attractive among visitors. What to do in Split? You can […]

What to do in Trogir
Visit one of the most beautiful historic towns in Dalmatia!

Trogir’s rich culture results from Greek, Roman and Venetian influences. It has an excellent location. You can easily reach other beautiful Dalmatian holiday resorts and islands from here. What to do in Trogir? We will show you the best holiday activities this picturesque town has to offer! This article gives you an overview of the […]

What to do in Podstrana: The best leisure activities

Podstrana is located in Central Dalmatia and its proximity to Split makes it a particularly attractive destination. Apart from its rich gastronomic offer, it is best known for its crystal-clear beaches. What to do in Podstrana? We’ll show you what exciting program opportunities await you when you come here. This article summarizes the following: Things […]

What to do in Podgora: The best holiday activities

Like many other towns on the Makarska Riviera, Podgora has crystal clean beaches with azure blue water and gorgeous surroundings. The Mount Biokovo near the sea has excellent hiking trails. The highest peak is the 1762 metres high Sveti Jure, or St. George’s Peak. What to do in Podgora? Make the most of your vacation […]

What to do in Makarska: Visit the gem of Makarska Riviera!

The town, located at the feet of the mountain of Biokovo, is the centre of Makarska Riviera. There are excellent beaches, hiking opportunities and a buzzing nightlife here. What to do in Makarska? Make your holiday unforgettable by choosing from the following great programmes! This article gives you an overview of the following topics: Things […]

What to do in Ploče: The most beautiful natural sights

Ploče is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, halfway between the famous Split and Dubrovnik. Its beauty is further enhanced by mountains, lakes, rivers and lush valleys in the neighbourhood. You can choose from great hiking routes and try watersports such as windsurfing or kite surfing. What to do in Ploče? We are […]

What to do in Baška Voda: Discover one of the most beautiful towns on the Makaska Riviera!

Baška Voda has become one of the most popular holiday destinations of Central Dalmatia in the last twenty years. The town has pebble beaches. There is a nature park nearby where you can discover the botanical garden. What to do in Baška Voda? Explore the great holiday activities the town and the surrounding areas have […]

What to do in Medulin: Go on an adventure in the southern corner of Istria!

Medulin is a perfect little town resort. It is a clean and modern town with a picturesque landscape. The Roman architecture and history permeate the entire Istrian peninsula. In the summer, visitors can choose from dozens of entertaining programmes and sights to discover. This article gives you an overview of the following topics: What to […]

What to do in Rabac: The perfect resort town

F The town’s main source of income is tourism. Owing to its natural beauties and marvellous beaches the number of tourists has grown over one thousand. Here you will receive a guideline on what to see in this region. This article summarizes the best activities in Rabac. The article contains the below points: What to […]

What to do in Rovinj: The little gem of Croatia

Rovinj is a giant tourist centre. During its history, they have destroyed, rebuilt and completed its main buildings several times. Today, this versatility makes the town very attractive. Go on a marvellous walk from the local port through the cosy streets to see the breathtaking view. This article gives you an overview of the following […]

What to do in Pula. A wonderful adventure in nature and culture.

Pula is the most populated town in the Istrian peninsula, attracting thousands of tourists year by year. The magic of the area is not limited only to the beautiful beaches. Depending on your mood, you can choose from different activities, for instance, all-day-long hikes. You can also take part in cultural and historic programmes, as […]

What to do in Dubrovnik: Get familiar with the pearl of the Adriatic!

This wonderful historical, Mediterranean city awaits its visitors with numerous sights. Upon visiting this city you can choose from exclusive entertainment facilities and programs. Above all, many stars regard it as his or her favourite holiday resort. The article lists the topic mentioned hereafter: What to do in Dubrovnik: Cultural programmes What else to do […]

What to do in Kastel Gomilica? What can you do when you sail on the Croatian Adriatic and get on land at Kastel Gomilica?

Roman ruins, spectacular beaches, old fishermen’s ports, medieval and renaissance architectural monuments and untouched islands. This is Central Dalmatia, where the experience of sailing combines with travels to the past. The coastal landscape is outstanding: the Dinaric Mountains between Dalmatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina with its 1500 metres height makes it adventurous.

What are the things you can do when you sail the Croatian Adriatic and dock at Biograd na Moru?

Biograd na Moru is a unique Dalmatian town. Narrow paved streets, small limestone houses built tightly next to each other, small squares and chunky churches. This unique congestion serves both as the town’s charm and as shade in the warm summer. It provides a light recreation for sailing enthusiasts.

What to do in Punat while you’re sailing on the Croatian Adriatic?

The Gulf of Kvarner is full of wonderful islands and spots. The cheerful, green island of Krk (the greenest island of Kvarner) is hiding its second largest town, Punat, in an idyllic gulf. The old town is famous for its narrow streets and old stone houses. Besides the memory of the good old days, the town is also popular for its port. Formerly they manufactured small boats here, now it’s among the most well-equipped marinas on in the Northern Adriatic region. Punat is a beloved destination primarily for sailors and tourists who love watersports and diving.

What to do in Sibenik during your Croatian Adriatic sailing

The majority of the Adriatic’s 1000 islands can be found in North Dalmatia. They stretch parallel to the mainland. However, some are unpopulated; the bigger ones are home to cosy Mediterranean towns. To explore them Sibenik is a great starting-off point. Its location makes it ideal for a regional single centre tour.

What to do in Mali Losinj

The Gulf of Kvarner is full of wonderful islands and towns. One of them is the Losinj island and its largest town, Mali Losinj. Every island is unique and special, but Losinj is among the most interesting ones. It’s the place with the most sunshine in Europe. The especially clean, balmy air of the island is very healthy and good for respiratory organs, and for those who have allergies. They considered it a health resort. You can smell the herbs all around. The Cikat Forest Park has several attractive walking trails. The island has a variety of promenades as well. One of the well-known is called the Way of Dolphins on which you can often see dolphins jumping out of the sea. It’s a picturesque view with well-equipped beaches, diving centres, a huge aqua park, and a 30 km long bikeway. Losinj has everything you could wish for.

What to do in Sukosan

The majority of the Adriatic’s 1000 islands can be found in North Dalmatia. However, some are unpopulated; the bigger ones are home to cosy Mediterranean towns like Sukosan. Tourists getting ashore here are all fascinated by its pleasant atmosphere. Due to its perfect location, it offers numerous trips and a picturesque beach with sunshine and crystal clear warm sea.

What to do in Dalmatia

Thanks to its huge stretch of coast and the hundreds of its fantastic beaches, Dalmatia – the southwestern part of Croatia–is the most significant tourist region and not only in boating circles. Dark blue tinted sea mingling with the often white stretches of sand of the coast, in addition to more than 1,000 of adjacent islands and islets: these are all there to provide you with an indelible experience.

What to do in Istria

Istria is located on the northern Croatian shores between the Kvarner Bay and Triest. The borderline shared by Croatia and Slovenia can be found on the peninsula. It is often called “Blue Istria” due to the fact that the whole region has crystal clear, blue waters. The charm of the Istrian peninsula is provided by the bays surrounded by rocks and cliffs, the pebbly beaches and the medieval ports located on the 430 kilometre-long shores.

What to do in Croatia? A stunning country brimming over with gorgeous natural wonders, proudly bearing the title: ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’

Why is it so popular? Blazing sunshine, numerous tiny islands and beaches with crystal clear, pristine waters. Nature reserves, romantic old towns, atmospheric markets, exquisite cuisine… all elements of the splendour of Croatia. Croatia is an easily accessible destination, it’s the most renowned spot amongst boatmen as well. Owing to the regular and reliable northerly and west-northerly winds, everything is given for a marvellous boat trip.

What to do in Kvarner-bay: programs and sights, for which it is a must to visit the islands of Kvarner region

The coastline of the Adriatic sea – from the western point of the Istrian peninsula to the southernmost point of Dalmatia – hides wonders of nature and beauties of human creation. The land of a thousand islands is a favourite destination of sea lovers. The 54 ports offer you the safest mooring and protection and they are only a few hours’ distances from each other, which is optimal. Towns that can be found in a beautiful Mediterranean environment and rich in historical and cultural values, as well as beach and sports facilities are easy to reach from the ports by walk.