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What to do in the Italian Riviera: An unforgettable experience on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe!

The Italian Riviera is a marvellous province in Italy located tightly between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. When you spot the towns built on the hills and the romantic green shores from the sea, an amazing feeling will overcome you. As if you were an adventurer from the past who is about to enter […]

What to do in Genoa: an unforgettable experience in the Ligurian capital!

Genoa is Italy’s largest port city, the capital of Liguria, the centre of the Italian Riviera, a real lively Italian city with a population of 700,000. The city was a vibrant centre of trade in the Roman times already and its port traffic has been buzzing ever since.

What to do in San Remo: The City of Flowers is waiting for you!

Sunshine, palm trees, sandy beach, refreshing cocktails, and maximum relaxation? If you are longing for them, we know what the best is for you! San Remo, the City of Flowers lies in the district of Imperia, 20 kilometres from the French border. The Riviera di Ponente, the “coast of the dormant day” is actually the continuation of the French Riviera.

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