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What to do in El Masnou: choose the best activities!

El Masnou is one of the many stunning coastal towns of the Mediterranean. The town’s splendid beaches and unique historical monuments enhance El Masnou’s immense beauty even further. What to do in El Masnou? We will show you some of the fantastic activities available in and around the town. The article includes the followings: Things […]

What to do in Roses: Explore the best programmes!

The exotic beaches and diverse bays of the town are among the most popular places of those who love the sea. There are also many other recreational opportunities in town and in the neighbourhood. What to do in Roses? Make the most of your holiday and choose from the following diverse programmes!

What to do in Palamós: choose the best activities!

If you set your heart on Costa Brava’s famous little fishing town, Palamós, you will be able to choose from innumerable activities. You can try many water activities such as kayaking, sailing, jet skiing or water skiing. However, the mainland also has a lot to offer: there are some brilliant hiking trails and you can […]

What to do in Sitges: The most diverse programmes

Sitges in Costa Brava offers a really meaningful recreation. You can visit the Garraf National Park and the wonderful beaches, not to mention the fact that the place is rich in historic sights as well. What to do in Sitges? We are going to show you the list of programmes that you must try. This […]

What to do in L’Estartit? We are going to show you a list of the best programmes!

This beautiful town in Costa Brava and its neighbourhood offers an incredibly pleasant experience for visitors. You can enjoy the sun and the sea on perfect beaches, and it is also worth visiting the parks in the area. What to do in L’Estartit? Choose one of the following great recreational opportunities!

What to do in Blanes: The most beautiful gardens in Costa Brava

Beside its wonderful beach, this holiday resort offers many other unforgettable opportunities. You can find one of the most popular botanical gardens in the world here, and you can also admire gorgeous monuments. What to do in Blanes? We are going to show you what other programmes you can try in this idyllic resort and its neighbourhood.

What to do in Barcelona: Explore the most exciting city in Spain!

If you would like to visit a cosy and exciting place, the beautiful Catalan city is a perfect destination. People are very nice, and there is a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere as well as great cuisine here. What to do in Barcelona? You can now learn about all the diverse opportunities offered in the Spanish town.

What to do in Maó-Mahón: Visit one of the most fabulous towns of the Balearic Islands!

Mahón or Maó in Catalan is the public administration centre of Menorca. Menorca, a member of the Balearic Islands, belongs to Spain. It lies in the western region of the Mediterranean Sea. You can gain plenty of experience in this town thanks to its long history.

What to do in Ciutadella: Sail to Wonderland!

Ciutadella is located on the west coast of Menorca. Its population is barely 30,000. This settlement is the real gem of the Balearic Islands, preserving the historical memories of thousands of years. Hundred-years old dwelling houses are on the seashore, watching the arriving yachts. You will find wonderful, untouched beaches step by step and the shadow of ancient olive trees provides shelter f

What to do in Costa Brava: The most exciting holiday activities

Costa Brava, the ’wild beach’ is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. It is located in a beautiful natural environment, and its towns are very diverse. What to do in Costa Brava? We will show you what exciting, can’t-miss holiday activities are waiting for you here.

What to do in Spain: Fantastic programmes

Spain belongs to the most frequently visited areas in Europe. It is not only the case because of its suitable location, but also due to the several opportunities offered for a wonderful holiday. What to do in Spain? Besides the breathtaking beaches, you should also discover the beautiful historic and natural sights.

What to do in Menorca: One of Europe’s most stunning islands will definitely captivate you!

Menorca is the second-largest island of the Balearic Islands. However, it belongs to Spain; it comprises an entirely separate world. It lies in the western region of the Mediterranean Sea. Its largest city and centre is Mahon. The inhabitants mainly speak a dialect of the Catalan language.

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