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    Ionian bareboat charter, 4 easy steps to find out which yacht would be perfect for you:

    4 easy steps to find out which bareboat yacht would be perfect for you:

    1. Find out more about bareboat yacht charter in Ionian on the following tabs: About Ionian, Ionian weather, Ionian pictures.
    2. Check out our boats on the Ionian yacht charter bareboat rental map (on the bottom of the page) or select a city from the Ionian bareboat charter destinations tab.
    3. Click on the image of the most attractive city (Ionian bareboat charter destinations tab). Move within the cities on the destinations tab and choose your boat from the designated harbour.
    4. Select a time to check our available boats at our harbour (all data on our website is in real time). Choose the right bareboat yacht (s) and send a pre-reservation request (not binding).

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    Weather in Ionian

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Ionian. Likewise, “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Ionian
    Wind speed in Ionian

    The wind rose for Ionian shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Ionian shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Ionian yacht charter bareboat map

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