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    What does bareboat charter mean?

    This means the rental of sailing and motor boats, where no staff is provided who could be responsible for the yacht’s management. Thus, there must be a captain with a sailing license on board who can navigate the boat and the captain must make sure they have other staff members too.
    Bareboat charter is one of the most popular ways to discover the coasts. During boat rental there is no professional staff on board, therefore you sail on your own responsibility. This kind of travel is one of the best ways for you to travel with your family or friends on sea. This type of boat rental is becoming more and more popular around the world.
    In bareboat charter you don’t only have to play an active role in navigation, but also in route planning that you can put together based on your own preferences. Of course it is worth visiting the popular destinations of the region, but you can accept other pieces of advice from the basis manager or from the yacht commander too. If you have enough experience to set out for the sea alone, don’t hesitate to go. An adventure that is a real challenge can make you richer.

    How does bareboat charter work?

    If you decide to rent a boat this way, you’ll ultimately need an international sailing certificate. The VHF-report is also necessary for security reasons, as it is issued for radio use and operation. You can choose from a wide selection of ships, let them be sailing or power boats or yachts.
    But an experienced captain is not always enough for safe sailing. If no other member of the people on board has a sailing certificate, the rental agency will normally provide you with crew. In most cases you can moor in smaller ports, but this is mostly determined by the mooring chances of a given city.

    The advantages of bareboat charter

    You can have a big family or an independent adventure seeker, the main thing is that you love sunshine, sea and sailing. But here it is absolutely essential that you can navigate and direct the boat alone with full control. Real freedom will expect you on board of a sailing boat or a yacht. No matter if you are looking for busy parties at the beach or just wonderful conversations, while you are watching family members from the board, you can find a perfect balance of individual adventures and social sailing.
    Bareboat rental is ideal for anyone who wants to sail in the company of others and yet to steer the ship. One of the great advantages of renting a boat is that you can manage your time on your own. Stop for a quick lunch and swim in the wonderful beaches. This is one of the most enjoyable holidays for those who want to get something unusual as a holiday. This vacation is a real team building program, as cooperation as a team dominates during your journey. This is surely a huge experience also for children, you can become small sea explorers, pirates or seamen during the trip.

    Bareboat types

    There are various kinds of yachts, motor boats and sailing boats that you can rent for bareboat sailing. Each yacht is in an excellent condition, they are well-equipped and in harmony with the safety regulations of the local area or region. Basically there are three yacht categories that belong here. Sailing boats and catamarans are generally the most popular.

    Monohull sailing boat

    A Monohull sailing boat can be 30-50 feet long including the cabins no. 1-5. This ship is perfect for those who love performance and look for the real feeling and experience of sailing. 


    Catamarans offer great comfort and privacy. Their speed and stability is highly appreciated. Catamarans are recommended for young couples and for family holidays.

    Power Boat

    If you love speed, then a power boat is the perfect choice. But you have to note that this is also the most expensive boat type within this category. The power boats are usually not longer than 40 metres.

    By duration

    The average bareboat vacation takes about a week. But the real decision depends only on you. If you want to spend more time on the crystal clear sea, you can make a reservation for a longer period. You can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life for up to three weeks and enjoy your sailing holiday.

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