Are you planning a sailing trip in Greece? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! The crystal clear water, the islands sparkling like gems and the beautiful coastal towns all make Greece an attractive destination among tourists. From this article, you can learn when sailing in Greece is the most ideal, and we also provide you with useful tips on how to plan 7 days sailing trip leaving from the different regions. If you listen to our advice, you will have an unforgettable experience!
Sailing in Greece

Our article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Weather of Greece

The climate of Greece is incredibly diverse. There is a Mediterranean climate on the coastal regions and on the islands, while it is continental in the closed basins. Some mountainous areas even have an alpine climate. The average annual temperature is around 25° Celsius. The southern regions, especially Crete and the Cyclades are the warmest. The temperature of the sea may even reach 40° Celsius during the warmest weeks. Most of the precipitation falls in the western region of the country. One of the greatest representatives of this “green Mediterranean climate” is the popular island Corfu. The climate is much drier on the east. Thanks to the refreshing wind called Meltemi, the hot weather is easier to bear in the summer. The Sirocco, which is a particularly southern wind, is only present in the spring and autumn periods.

How should we plan our trip? Due to the wind direction, it is recommended to sail from the north towards the south in the summer, and from the south to the north in the spring period. The sailing season lasts for 9 months; it begins in March and ends in November. If you would like to swim in the sea, the temperature of the water between April to November is 20–25° Celsius. Find more Information about the weather in Greece, sailing in Greece September

Ports and islands in Greece

Skippers mostly know the 6 main regions of Greece – we are now going to present the most important ports in these regions.
Sailing in Greece

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are located in the western part of Greece, in the continuation of the Adriatic. Thanks to the fairly small distances and the moderate winds, this is a perfect destination from May to October.

Gouvia Marina (Corfu)

The port of Corfu, which has been operating since 1996, can be found in a picturesque environment. It is open all year and can accommodate 1235 boats with a length of up to 80 metres. The depth of water at the port, which has two entrances, is 5.5 metres. They provide drinking water, electricity, 24-hour security service and fuel, and they also have a reception desk.
rent a yacht in Corfu

Port Zakynthos (Zakynthos)

The port of Zakynthos offers app. 70 berths for boats up to 60 metres long. The depth of the water is 6 metres. They provide basic amenities such as water, and electricity and there is a fuelling station nearby. In the winter, sailing might be more challenging due to the southern winds. Zakynthos rent a boat

Vathi Marina (Ithaka)

The main port of the island Vathi Marina Ithaka is located in the northeastern part of Kioni Bay. They have an app. 300 berths and the depth of water here is 8 metres. Southern winds might make docking more difficult. There are many restaurants and bars near the port.

Lefkada Town Port

This is the main port of the island and is located in the northern part of the island on the east side of Lefkada Town. It accommodates both commercial and passenger boats. Ferries and boats connect Lefkada Town with the nearby islands and the mainland.yacht charter Lefkada

The peninsula of Peloponnese and the Corinth Canal

The peninsula of Peloponnese is the southernmost part of the mainland of Greece. It practically became an island with the establishment of the 6-kilometre-long waterway, the Corinth Canal in 1893.
Port of Greece

Kalamata Marina (Kalamata)

The idyllic port can be found in the city with the same name. They have 250 berths for yachts as long as 25 metres. The depth of the water is 3 metres. They offer good-quality services at the port; if you get hungry, you can find many bars and restaurants nearby. yacht charter Kalamata

Corinth Harbour (Corinth)

The port of Corinth offers berths for boats up to 20 metres long. The depth of the water is 4.5 metres. In order to make the docking process easier, the attentive staff provide help. If you would like to eat something delicious, you must try the unique culinary experience offered at the Londou Fish Tavern.

Athens and the islands of the Saronic Gulf

The amazing Athens is the capital of Greece. We can start our trip here, as the islands of the Saronic Gulf are especially ideal for sailing.
Coast of Greece

Athens Marina (Athens)

The Athens Marina is one of the best ports in Athens; it can be found only 9 kilometres from the centre of the capital. They accept 130 yachts with a length of 50–130 metres. They also have 25 berths for smaller yachts of 30–35 metres long. The depth of the water is 8 metres. The port is very safe. They have a 24-hour security service as well as controlled entrance and exit points. sailing in Athens, yacht charter Athens

Olympic Marina (Lavrion, Attica)

The Olympic Marina provides a modern docking opportunity in Lavrion, located in the southeastern part of Attica. They have 680 berths for ships with a maximum length of 40 metres. The depth of the water is 4.5 metres. They have water, electricity, Wi-Fi, laundry and a crane on the spot; there is 24-hour surveillance at the entrances. yacht charter Lavrion, Lavrion sailing

The Sporades and the Chalkidiki peninsula in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea

The Sporades is the collective name of the islands scattered around the northern basin of the Aegean Sea, while the Chalkidiki peninsula is located in the northwestern part of the sea.
Port of Greece

Skiathos Marina (Skiathos)

The famous port can be found in the city with the same name, on the shores of the Aegean Sea. It can accept 350 boats with a length of up to 65 metres. The depth of the water is 10 metres. They offer laundry, health services as well as a fuelling station, and we can also take care of the maintenance of our boat. Skiathos sailing, yacht charter Skiathos

Sani Marina (Chalkidiki)

The amazing, well-equipped port is located on the Kassandra peninsula in Chalkidiki. It can be found in a perfectly protected environment; it can accommodate 215 boats with a length of up to 33 metres. The port has a fuelling station, laundry services, 24-hour security and first-aid services as well. yacht charter Chalkidiki

The Cyclades

The Cyclades archipelago refers to the islands located around Delos, in the central region of the Aegean Sea.
Coast of Greece

Mykonos New Port (Mykonos)

The port is located north of the historic town of Mykonos. They offer an app. 30 berths for visitors; these are for boats up to 50 metres long. The depth of the water is 6 metres. Besides the basic amenities, they have a fuelling station, a bar and a restaurant as well. Mykonos sailing, rent a boat Mykonos

Paroikia Marina, Paros

The most popular marina is in Paros. It can accommodate yachts up to 60 metres. They also offer refuelling, boat service and electricity. The city’s sights, the best hotels and apartments, as well as great taverns and bars, await visitors near the marina. The depth of the marina is 3.5 metres. boat rental Paros, Paros sailing

Vlychada Port

Opened in 2008, Vlychada is Santorini’s most sheltered port. It can accommodate boats up to 25 metres in length. The depth of the seabed is 4 metres. There are drinking water, electricity and a refuelling station. In addition, there are bars and restaurants along the coast. Santorini sailing, yacht rental Santorini


Agios Nikolaos Marina (Crete)

The charming port can be found in the town of Agios Nikolaos, on the northern coast of Crete. It is located in a wonderful environment, surrounded by the island’s unique architecture. There are 255 berths here for boats with a length of up to 70 meters. The depth of the water is 8 metres. We can refuel our boat, and can also choose from the shops, restaurants and bars directly next to the port. boat hire in Crete

The Dodecanese

The Dodecanese archipelago is located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It consists of 12 larger apps. 50 smaller islands.
Coast of Greece

Rhodes Marina (Rodos)

Rhodes Marina can be found on the largest island of the Dodecanese – Rhodes. Thanks to its favourable location and modern equipment, it is among the most popular destinations among sailors. It offers 382 berths for boats up to 120 metres long. The depth of the water is 6.5 metres. Services include 24-hour security, Wi-Fi, laundry and maintenance. Rhodes sailing, yacht charter Rhodes

Kos Marina (Kos)

The modern Kos Marina can be found in a naturally protected gulf. There are 250 berths here for ships with a length of up to 80 metres. The depth of the water is 5 metres. They have running water, electricity, showers and a laundry service. We can also take care of the maintenance of our boat, and they have a 24-hour security service as well. As for catering facilities, there are cafés, bars and restaurants. sailing in Kos, yacht charter Kos

40 %sun-odyssey-42i-2008-4Volos
12.9 m / 42 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths
45 %lagoon-39-2014-1Kos
11.7 m / 38 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths

Sail in Greece! Sailing holidays in Greece:

Yacht week in Greece: 7 days Ionian sailing tour

Starting our trip in the incredibly attractive capital, Corfu, we are going to sail to further holiday resorts and tiny towns on the island.
Yacht week in Greece

Day 1. Corfu (Corfu Town yacht harbour) – Kontokali (D-Marin Gouvia)

9, 37 km (5, 82 mi)

From Kontokali, there is a beautiful view of Gouvia Bay and the small Lazaretto island located directly next to the beach. Interestingly, the largest port of Corfu designed for yachts and smaller boats is located here. The taverns offer fresh fish dishes and local specialties.

Day 2. Kontokali – Agios Stefanos

16, 10 km (10, 00 mi)

Agios can be found on the northeastern coast of Corfu. Be careful not to mistake it for Agios Stefanos Avliotes located in the northwestern part. The bay is ideal for docking as it is protected from the winds. The village’s first restaurant, the Galini Taverna has been operating since 1972. They have excellent food, friendly staff and fair prices.

Day 3. Agios Stefanos – Kassiopi

5, 59 km (3, 48 mi)

Kassiopi, which can be found on the northeastern coast of Corfu, is a traditional fishing village; it is also one of the most beautiful establishments on the island. If you visit the place, you should see the ruins of the castle towering above the port; it was originally built-in the Anjou era. Are you looking for a delicious meal? The taverns along the coast offer fresh fish dishes.
Sailing in Greece

Day 4. Kassiopi – Vido-island

20, 68 km (12, 85 mi)

Vido Island is located at the mouth of the port of Corfu. There is a mausoleum in the southeastern part, near the lighthouse. It was built by the Yugoslavian government in 1940 to commemorate the Serbian soldiers who died during World War I in Corfu. If you get hungry, you should visit the tavern called Menios.

Day 5. Vido-island – Molos (Corfu)

24, 17 km (15, 02 mi)

Our next stop is Molos where we should definitely see the Greek Orthodox church near the port – the Agios Ioannis Chapel. The tavern Petrakis is perfect for having a delicious dish.

Day 6. Molos – Petriti

5, 08 km (3, 16 mi)

Despite tourism, this idyllic village has successfully preserved its authentic, unique charm. It is a particularly attractive destination for those who would like to relax in a peaceful environment. It is surrounded by a lush green forest, offering the opportunity for a nice hike.

Day 7. Petriti – Benitses – Korfu (Corfu Town yacht harbour)

21, 95 km (13, 65 mi)

Benitses, the cosy fishing village used to be the most popular and buzzing establishment on Corfu; today, it is a paradise for those looking for relaxation. Thanks to its modest climate and natural beauty, it has been attracting tourists to this part of Corfu since the beginning of the century. Benitses has a wide variety of restaurants where you can try international and local specialties as well.

The city of Corfu has a combination of elegant Venetian and French architectural characteristics, while also offering a medieval atmosphere with its narrow streets. The enormous and green Esdplande Square is the city’s centre – an ideal spot for relaxation. The old city is surrounded by two forts; we should definitely see the fantastic view from both.

Greece sailing trip: Peloponnese sailing itineraries

Our starting point is Kythira, an island located near the southernmost corner of the Peloponnese peninsula.
Greece sailing trip

Day 1. Kapsali – Kaladi Beach

13, 71 km (8, 52 mi)

Kythira is among the warmest places in Greece with an annual average temperature of 19° Celsius. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet vacation, it is a particularly ideal spot for you. First, we are going to sail to Kaladi Beach, and after admiring the wonderful sunset, we are staying for the night.

Day 2. Kaladi Beach – Avlemonas

3, 74 km (2, 33 mi)

Avlemonas can be found in the eastern part of Kythira; it is considered the most beautiful village on the island by many. The town is a must-see destination thanks to its wonderful rocky beaches, its picturesque bays and its fortress. If you get hungry, you should try the restaurant Psomoladea.

Day 3. Avlemonas – Diakofti

10, 57 km (6, 57 mi)

Diakofti is the main port of Kythira. Interestingly, a Russian vessel crashed a few years ago directly next to the port. The boat, which was stuck on the coral reef, can still be seen today. As for catering facilities, we particularly recommend Café Minas and Manolis Gerek Cusine.

Day 4. Diakofti – Agia Pelagia

11, 62 km (7, 22 mi)

The village started to develop in 1980; it was the main port of Kythira for years. It is definitely worth visiting the stone windmill in the heart of town and have a nice dinner at the restaurant Kaleris. Even though Agia Pelagia is small, its protected port is ideal for docking.

Day 5. Agia Pelagia – Simos Beach (Elafonisos)

16, 71 km (10, 38 mi)

We are going to sail to the island of Elafonisos, located between Peloponnese and Kythira, and we are docking at Simos Beach. If you are looking for a gastronomic experience, you should go to the place called CERVI Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Day 6. Simos Beach – Platia Ammos (Kythira)

12, 22 km (7, 59 mi)

Returning to the island of Kythira, we stop at Platia Ammos located in the north. There is a wonderful view from here of the Peloponnese beach and the mountains. The town is fairly quiet even during the summer months. The Odysseia restaurant offers high-quality food such as fresh frutti di mare to their visitors, and the staff is also very friendly.

Day 7. Platia Ammos – Melidoni Beach – Kapsali

41, 25 km (25, 63 mi)

Melidoni Beach can be found on the southeastern part of Kythira. The beach with its crystal clear water and fantastic view will be ideal for you if you prefer peace and quiet. Enjoy the beauty of the unspoiled nature before returning to your starting point.

After we return our boat, it is worth exploring Kapsali if we still have some time. Saint George Church and the lighthouse are located at the port. You will find cosy cafés, taverns and bars here. We particularly recommend the restaurant Magos.

Greece yachting: 7 days Saronic gulf sailing plan

We are leaving from Aegina, a volcanic island located south of Athens, and this is where we will return after visiting the easily-accessible islands nearby.
Greece yacht itinerary

Day 1. Aegina – Skala (Agistri)

6, 83 km (4, 24 mi)

The small and easily-accessible exotic island is located in a beautiful natural environment. Visitors will see a lush flora and azure blue sea here. Take a pleasant walk on the wonderful footpath leading to the thick pine forest of Agistri. Skala has many bars, taverns, restaurants and some clubs for those looking for a party.

Day 2. Skala – Palaia Epidavros

20, 90 km (12, 99 mi)

Sights to see in Palaia Epidavros include the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, also known as “Laloun”. It was established to commemorate the Greek god Dyonisus; it is located on a hill next to the port. There are 800 berths here, and they organise different theatre and music events and festivals in the summer.

Day 3. Palaia Epidavros – Agios Nikolaos (Methana)

17, 11 km (10, 63 mi)

The volcanic Methana peninsula has a diverse flora and fauna. Visit the Agios Nikolaus Church, then have a nice meal and a refreshing drink on a terrace of one of the restaurants.

Day 4. Agios Nikolaos – Methana

12, 14 km (7, 54 mi)

Methana’s landscape consists of hills covered with pines, and there are wonderful bays nearby. There are more than 30 volcanoes on the island, but it is mostly famous for its spa, established in 1870. We can spend the night in Methana, which is the largest town.

Day 5. Methana – Poros (Poros)

11, 00 km (6, 83 mi)

The picturesque centre of the island of Poros is a protected establishment with cosy streets and monumental mansions. One of the most interesting natural sights is the Lemon Forest located opposite the port. We can walk among over 30, 000 aromatic lemon and orange trees which is an unforgettable experience. There is also a beautiful waterfall here. The Church of Agios Georgios is standing in the heart of town, near the old quarter of Kasteli. You can see valuable artwork made by the most famous Greek painters here.

Day 6. Poros – Klima Beach (Aegina)

26, 56 km (16, 51 mi)

Upon returning to the island of Aegina, we first dock at Klima Beach in the crystal-clear, turquoise water. You can admire the Church of Agia Triada nearby. The restaurant S/Y Pamos offers delicious meals and excellent wines.

Day 7. Klima Beach – Perdika – Aegina

10, 4 km (6, 46 mi)

Perdika can be found in a nice bay. The fishing village has rectangular houses and narrow streets – it’s very popular among visitors thanks to its simple charm. The traditional fish taverns, modern cafés and bars are located above the port on an elevated terrace. While eating, we can admire the beautiful view of the quiet bays and Mon Islands nearby.

After we have returned our boat, we can take a walk in the capital, Aegina, located on the western side; the town is famous for their pistachio. The Markello Tower was built-in the 17th century, and it belongs to the fortress protecting the port. They organise occasional exhibitions and cultural events on the ground floor. As for catering facilities, the place called Skotadis at the port is a great choice.

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Greek island sailing cruises: Sporades sailing itinerary

We begin our trip on the most famous island of the Sporades, Skiathos; then we will continue towards the other islands located on the east.
Greek island sailing cruises

Day 1. Skiathos (Vorio Neo Limani Marina) – Loutraki (Skopelos)

11, 19 km (6, 95 mi)

Before visiting Skopelos on Skopelos Island, we stop at the picturesque town of Loutraki on the western side. The charming place is an ideal destination as they are famous for their hospitality. There are cosy taverns, restaurants and cafés at its port.

Day 2. Loutraki – Agios Ioannis

13, 69 km (8, 50 mi)

Skopelos was the original filming location of the 2008 movie Mamma Mia. You can even find the church of Agios Ioannis Sto Kastri where the wedding scene was set. Interestingly, they only used the place for the outdoor scenes, as its interior is very small. The famous chapel can be reached on 105 steps. If you get hungry, you should go to Spilios Taverne.

Day 3. Agios Ioannis – Skopelos

10, 19 km (6, 33 mi)

The capital of Skopelos Island is a town with the same name, often referred to as Chora by the locals. Its whitewashed houses provide an authentic Greek atmosphere. The Monastery of Evangelismos was built on a mountain opposite the port of Skopelos. We can see a small exhibition inside introducing us to the everyday items of the nuns who used to live here. We recommend that you visit Molos Restaurant & Taverna here, offering a perfect view of the sea and the picturesque port.
Sailing in Greece

Day 4. Skopelos – Patitiri (Alonnisos)

13, 93 km (8, 65 mi)

The elongated island of Alonnisos is located west of Skopelos. It became a national park along with the 25 islands surrounding it 25 years ago. The small town of Patitiri can be found in the southeastern corner of Alonnisos. It is surrounded by a thick pine forest, providing a relaxing atmosphere for tourists. If you visit the place, we recommend that you arrive early as they can only accommodate 20 boats. Latecomers may dock on the beach or in the surrounding bays nearby.

Day 5. Patitiri – Peristeri (Peristera)

9, 79 km (6, 08 mi)

Peristera runs parallel to Alonnisos. It is mostly covered with low-growing shrubs. There are two safe ports here: Vasiliko and Peristeri. We are going to spend the night in the latter.

Day 6. Peristeri – Agnontas (Skopelos)

27, 05 km (16, 81 mi)

The traditional fishing village can be found on the southern coast of Skopelos. Since it is located in an enclosed bay, it is a perfect spot for docking. Are you looking for a great gastronomic experience? Go to Korali Agnondas Skopelos | Seafood Tavern – Restaurant or Mouria Fish Tavern Agnontas

Day 7. Agnontas – Achladies Beach – Skiathos (Vorio Neo Limani Marina)

26, 24 km (16, 31 mi)

After visiting Agnontas, we are going to sail back to the island of Skiathos and stop at Achladies Beach. We must definitely go to the Rose Garden Restaurant Bar where we can try delicious meals in generous portions while admiring the beautiful environment.

After we return our ship, it is worth exploring Skiathos if we still have some time. The town’s beauty is further enhanced by the lush pine forest and the azure-blue sea. They often refer to the place as “Small Mikonos” or “Greek Riviera”. The capital of Skiathos – which has the same name – is located on the eastern side of the island. You can admire a beautiful view from the peninsula located between the old fishing port and the modern port; you can even see the remains of a Venetian fortress from there. There are many restaurants, taverns and entertainment opportunities in the centre.

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Yacht holidays in Greece: 7 days Cyclades sailing trip

We are going to leave from the largest island of the Cyclades: Naxos. First, we are visiting Paros nearby and then head towards east.
Sailing holidays in Greece

Day 1. Naxos – Paros (Piso Livadi)

13, 46 km (8, 36 mi)

Paros Island is famous for the marble; they have built several monuments from the material. With its white buildings, cobblestone streets and the old city, Paros is among the most beautiful Greek islands. If you are after the buzzing nightlife, you will find many bars and clubs here.

Day 2. Paros – Lolantonis Beach

7, 40 km (4, 60 mi)

The picturesque Lolantonis is located on the southwestern part of Paros. It is one of the few beaches that are truly hidden gems of the country. The small bay is protected from the strong northern wind that is present in the summer; the sea is usually calm with no waves. The restaurant of Cliff Lolantonis can be found directly on the beach.

Day 3. Lolantonis Beach – Agios Georgios (Iraklia)

28, 15 km (17, 49 mi

Iraklia is one of the so-called Small Cyclades with a territory of only 17.5 km2. Its main port is Agios Georgios on the north. The island has around 110 residents who are incredibly friendly. The Agios Ioannis, which is the largest cave on the Cyclades, is the pride of Iraklia. The cave has spacious chambers and breathtaking dripstones. It is now a proven fact that the site was used as a place of worship in ancient times.

Day 4. Agios Georgios – Mersini (Schoinousa)

4, 12 km (2, 56 mi)

Schoinousa – located south of Naxos – is a member of the Small Cyclades similarly to Iraklia. There are only three tiny villages on the island: Mersini, Messaria and Chora. The beautiful port of Scoinousa lies in Mersini. As the northeastern wind provides protection against the Meltemi wind, there are great docking opportunities for yachts and sailboats.

Day 5. Mersini – Koufonisia (Koufonisia Marina)

13, 04 km (8, 10 mi)

Koufonisia is a hidden gem of the Cyclades. Upon arrival at the port, we can spot the sight of the blue-white houses immediately. The island has several caves, the sea is crystal-clear, the atmosphere is peaceful and they have delicious food.

Day 6. Koufonisia – Kalantos (Naxos)

12, 17 km (7, 56 mi)

Kalantos can be found in the southernmost part of the small coastal village, Naxos. Its port is located directly opposite the islands of Iraklia and Schinoussa. The town’s rich wetlands provide a habitat for several migratory birds. If you visit the place, you should definitely see the Church of Agii Theodori nearby.

Day 7. Kalantos – Aliko Beach – Naxos

31, 27 km (19, 43 mi)

The small bay lies on the southwestern coast of Naxos, 20 kilometres from the capital. It is surrounded by cedars, and there are some traditional restaurants nearby. You can anchor at the exotic and protected port for the night.
Sailing in Greece

After returning our ship, you can explore Naxos, surrounded by mountains and green valleys. You should visit its unique old town and see the Portara – the remains of Apollo’s temple. The latter is a beautiful sight, especially during sunset. If you are in town, you must try the local beverage kitron, which is a citron liqueur.

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Sailing in the Greek Isles: a week Dodecanese sailing holiday

Kos is the third-largest member of the Dodecanese archipelago. Starting from here, we can visit islands such as Pserimos, Kalymnos, Telendos and Nera.
Sailing tour in the Greek Isles

Day 1. Kos (Kos Marina) – Pserimos (Pserimos)

17, 70 km (11, 00 mi)

The tiny Greek island can be found between Kalymnos and Kos. If you are looking for peace and quiet, it is a particularly ideal destination for you. As there are several routes going through the island, it is perfect for hiking. Are you looking for a delicious meal? You should go to Tavorna Manola – they have an excellent service with friendly staff.

Day 2. Pserimos – Pothia (Kalymnos)

13, 29 km (8, 26 mi)

Pothia, which is located on the western coast, is the capital and the largest town in the mountainous Kalymnos Island. This is also the most important port on the island, and it welcomes its visitors with an idyllic sight of colourful two-story houses. The catering facilities in Pothia offer Greek specialties; the tavern Hammer’s, for instance, is located directly next to the port.

Day 3. Pothia – Vlichadia

5, 74 km (3, 56 mi)

The small town is located on the southern part of the beautiful Kalymnos Island, similarly to Vlichadia Pothia. There are cosy cafés and restaurants here, for instance, the Paradiso.

Day 4. Vlichadia – Myrties

11, 82 km (7, 34 mi)

The fruitful valleys of Kalymnos Island are covered with lemon and orange groves as well as vines and oil trees. Myrties will be ideal for those looking for a quieter, more relaxing holiday. If you get hungry, you should choose the cosy Anna’s Restaurant at the port.

Day 5. Myrties – Telendos (Telendos)

1, 30 km (4 248, 76 láb)

Telendos was originally part of Kalymnos, but the two were separated as a result of a large earthquake. We recommend that you explore the wonderful landscape during a hike, and visit the ruins of the Byzantine mansions as well. Popular restaurants on the island include the To Kapsouli, the Rita and the Odysseia Caffe.

Day 6. Telendos – Nera (Nera)

12, 62 km (7, 84 mi)

The uninhabited island of Nera can be found near Kalymnos, not far from the village of Vlichadia. It is fairly small, so you can explore it in a few hours. The Holy Cross Church standing here belongs to an abandoned monastery. There are also a lot of seagulls on the island. You can spend the night in the port of Nera.

Day 7. Nera – Mastichari (Kos) – Kos (Kos Marina)

37, 36 km (23, 22 mi)

The beautiful Mastichari is one of the largest ports on the island of Kos. There are many clubs in the centre of the buzzing holiday resort. Are you looking for a real gastronomic experience? You should go to any of the cosy outdoor restaurants in Mastichari.
Port of Greece

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After we return our boat, we can still take a walk in Kos if we have spare time. Regardless of whether you would like to see historic monuments or go to parties, the town is an ideal destination for you. There are dozens of restaurants, taverns and cafés along the road called Kondoritu.

If you would like to go sailing, visiting Greece with its diverse shores will be an unforgettable experience. Dock at the wonderful towns and islands, explore all the exciting sights and enjoy the great gastronomy! Rent a boat from us:
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