Find out everything about sailing in Italy: itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! The land’s natural beauties enchant every visitor. Therefore, it’s time to figure out the best sailing times in Italy. There are useful tips on how to plan a one-week route. Take our advice in order to gain a fantastic, memorable experience.Sailing in Italy

The main points are the following:

Weather: Best time for sailing

The best sailing period is between March and November. In summer the temperature of the South-Italian waters can even reach 26 degrees. Moreover, the open stretch of water is quite extended towards Sardinia and Sicily. This means that there are significant water moves even at gentle winds. The actual tidal range can be maximum half-meter everywhere, although winds and their strength can have a huge effect on the water level. For instance, sirocco can even push Adriatic waters towards the Venetian Gulf. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Italy.

Ports and islands in Italy: Ports at breath-taking places

As a matter of fact, Italy is one of the most popular sailing destinations. Therefore, embarking in Sicily or Sardinia could be an unforgettable experience.


Did you know that it is the biggest island in the Mediterranean? Yes; and you are planning an active holiday here? Then come in May, June, September or October. The temperature at this time reaches 24-26 degrees in the daytime. As a longer relaxing beach time is concerned, July and August are the perfect months. The daytime temperature is about 30 whereas the sea temperature can go up to 26 degrees. Want to avoid the very hot season? Sicily is still waiting for you from May to October. Of course, the sea temperature is still pleasant at this time. The cooler period is between October and April; the winter is short and mild. Read more about sailing in Sicily, or yacht charter in Sicily. Sailing in Italy

Capo d’Orlando Marina

The port’s total extension is about 183, 000 square metres including quays and indoor places. There are 553 berths for yachts with a length of 7, 50 – 40 meters. Moreover, this modern and multifunctional complex provides full service. After arrival, the purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere for the members of the crew by different services in the local Wi-Fi bar, restaurants or boutiques.

Port of Marsala

Marsala is an Italian town located in the province of Trapani in the westernmost part of Sicily. It is a popular stopping-off point for yachts heading to Tunisia. The depth range of the port is 3-3, 5 meters. There are water and electricity supply. The port is occasionally subject to the phenomenon of the marrobio. Basically, it is a tidal wave that can raise and lower the water level by as much as a metre in the space of 10-15 minutes. The phenomenon is most frequently experienced in the winter months during strong westerly winds.


As the Mediterranean’s second-largest island it awaits tourists with countless attractions. It has a real Mediterranean climate; long hot summer and cool, rainy winter. The highest level of precipitation is in November and December, though the most pleasant seasons are summer and autumn. This excellent climate makes it an ideal place for travelling or hiking. When it comes to swimming, choose a week between the end of May and the end of September. In July, for example, the average temperature is 24 degrees, and the temperature of the sea reaches 25 degrees. Read more about sailing in Sardinia, or boat rental in Sardinia

Port of Cagliari

Cagliari is not just the capital city of Sardinia, but one of the most impressive ports towns of the Mediterranean. It is easily accessible from its international airport. Due to its geographical location, it has become one of the largest and most well-equipped Italian ports. For luxurious yachts, it is an idyllic port, indeed. Numerous services are at your disposals such as water supply, electricity, deck cleaning, food supply, or medical assistance. Regular ferries leave towards Civitavecchia, Palermo, and Naples. Information about sailing in Carloforte, or Carloforte yacht charters
ports and islands in Italy

Port of Carloforte

Carloforte is Sardinia’s most beautiful town that enchants tourists at any time of the year. The marina of Marine Sifredi has 250 berths for sailing yachts and boats up to the length of 60 meters.

Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura

The port can be found on the famous Costa Smeralda in the Santa Teresa Gallura holiday resort. They have 700 moorings for yachts with a maximum length of 45 metres. The depth of the water is 5 metres. It is a protected port with several great services offered, and there is also a bar and a restaurant here. sailing in EstartitRead more about sailing in Costa Smeralda, or boat rental in Costa Smeralda


Owing to its superb Mediterranean climate, Puglia is a perfect sailing holiday destination all year round. Temperatures exceed 20°C in April already and you can also count on sunny weather. Summer is long, hot and dry with temperatures often exceeding 35°C. They only drop below 20°C at the end of October. Most of the precipitation falls throughout the winter months, however, they’re mild, temperatures mostly vary between 10-12°C.

The winds blowing from Africa bring hot temperatures and create huge waves on the Salento coast, facing the Ionian Sea. The word ‘Salento’ means: ‘sun, sea and wind’; it’s therefore not hard to guess that winds are constantly present in Puglia, even if only of moderate strength. Puglia is a flat area, surrounded by the sea on each side and far away from the mountain ranges, therefore, the winds simply blow through this region. Read more about sailing in Puglia, or boat hire in Puglia.


Gallipoli town consists of two parts: the new and the old town. Its port is located where the two parts meet. Every morning dozens of fishermen set sail to supply visitors with fresh fish. The port has 200 berths, lined with colourful trawlers, yachts and boats.port in Puglia


If you fancy a great sailing experience with some fascinating ports, choose Otranto. The port is located 1.5 km from the city centre and accommodates dozens of boats, yachts and freighter yachts. The port is also home to the fleet of vessels of the Italian Coast Guard and the Customs Agency.
Stazione Marittima, the Maritime Station is also by the port. It provides various services for mooring boats and their owners. The water depth of the berths is 6.4-6.7 m and they’re capable of accommodating boats up to 150 m lengths.

Amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast boasts favourable wind conditions and microclimate. It means that it’s not surprising at all to have the rain pouring down in one second followed by bright sunlight in the next. The average temperature in the summer varies between 26 and 29 °C. The best sailing period to explore the Amalfi Coast is between April and June. This time it is warm and you can plunge into the sea too. Read more about sailing in Amalfi coast, or Amalfi coast yacht charter

Port of Agropoli

The port is located in the vicinity of Naples and Salerno and has great links. It accommodates mostly private boats and yachts. The port is dotted with some fine bars and restaurants and great hotels. Near the port, along with the docks, there’s a huge parking area which is easily accessible for boaters.

Port of Salerno

Situated in the Gulf bearing the identical name, Salerno is a city as well as the capital of the Salerno province in the Campania region. Port of Salerno is one of the busiest ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It covers a shockingly huge area with a total territory of 1.7 million square metres. The entrance of the port is 280 m wide and the sea depth is 13 m.port in Amalfi Coast


Liguria’s coastline is sheltered by the Apennines. Light breezes are present in the area from spring to autumn. In the touristy summer months, light winds are dominant, whereas the northerly winds blow in the nights and early mornings from the coast. The other two prevailing winds are Libeccio–a westerly or southwesterly breeze and the Tramontana, a stronger, sometimes tempestuous wind. Read more about sailing in Liguria, or boat rental in Liguria

San Remo

The city has two ports, one new and one old.


One of the largest and most elegant marinas in the Mediterranean is Portosole. It is a newly built, fully equipped. The water is 2.5-7 meters deep; vessels with a length of up to 90 meters are welcome. There is 24-hour service, first aid, piped water, electricity, fuel, and technical assistance. Right by the harbour, there is a hotel, a restaurant, and shopping facilities.

Porto Vecchio San Remo

Porto Vecchio is the old port, much smaller than Portoso. Here the water is 1-4.5 meters deep and it offers berths for 50 yachts. There are mainly fishing boats here. In front of the Santa Tecla fortress, life begins on the pier early in the day. The fishermen offer fresh catch and those who are open-eyed snap up the goods soon. Yacht charter in San Remo.ports in San Remo

Port of Genova

The Port of Genoa consists of several parts, including container and passenger terminals, whereas the Old Port (Porto Antico) is a beloved mooring place for yachts and sailing boats. Porto Antico is able to accommodate 280 boats, up to the 60m length. The coast is lined with entertainment facilities to ensure the joy and relaxation of visitors. Comprehensive administration services, yacht yards, 24/7 security service, and restaurants await visitors.

Lake Garda

Italy’s largest lake is located between the Alps and the Po Valley, at the border of 3 provinces, Trentino-Alto Adige, Lombardy and Veneto. It has a length of 55 km and width of 18 km. The Mediterranean climate attracts both passive and active tourists, especially in summer. By the way, the average temperature is about 25 degrees. As far as water sports are concerned, you can choose from sailing, surfing, hiking, trekking or mountain climbing. Read more about sailing in Garda, or boat hire in Lake Garda

Marina di Navene

Over 200 berths await motorboats at Marina di Navene. Two cranes are responsible for launching and hauling out and rigging boats. Regarding free-time activities, there are restaurants, bars, a small exercise room and a private beach in the neighbourhood. ports lake garda

Marina of Moniga Porto

Moniga Porto is one of the most modern and well-equipped marinas of Lake Garda. It was built-in 2005 according to the highest architectural standards and by using environment-friendly methods. The depth of the quay is 3, 20 meter. There are 280 berths at your disposal for even longer yachts up to 18 meters. Freshwater supply, electricity, Wi-Fi and TV are provided. Not to mention the open and covered parking areas.

27.0 m / 89 ft3 Cabins /13 Berths
12.0 m / 39 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
15.0 m / 49 ft3 Cabins /6 Berths

Sail in Italy! Italy sailing tours

A one-week Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary

A circle tour departing from Naples
Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary

Day 1. Naples – Torre del Greco

11.09 km (6.89 mi)
Our first stop is Torre del Greco. The city has been reconstructed several times after the eruptions of Vesuvius, that is why the oldest buildings were built-in the 18th and 19th centuries. The most beautiful villas, churches of the settlement were also built-in these centuries.You should definitely visit the Villa delle Ginestre, the Basilica di Santa Croce and the church of St. Alfonso.

Day 2. Torre del Greco – Sorrento

17.47 km (10.86 mi)

Leaving Torre del Greco to steer your yacht towards Sorrento’s famous cosy beaches. Its black sandy, pebble-stoned, and rocky beaches really arrest your attention. During your stay do not forget about gastronomy. There are numerous mouth-watering specialities like pizza, pastiera cake, or limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur. Regarding nightlife, the port offers tremendous facilities.

Day 3. Sorrento – Praiano – Conca dei Marini

40.06 km (24.89 mi)

The next destination after Sorrento is the Amalfi Coast. Are you a nature lover? Complete its best hiking called Path of the Gods. On the top, you can enjoy an impressive view of the coastline or even in nice weather the island of Capri. As architecture is concerned, walk along its promenade, the Corso Repubblica Marinara. Beaches can be found not just in the city, but around it too. The most popular one is Spiaggia Fornillo.

Praiano is situated in the middle of the Amalfi Coast, between Positano and Amalfi. It’s famed for being a hospitable and stylish resort. The water quality is excellent here, for which it has been awarded the . The splendid pebbly beach of Marina di Praia is nestled between two cliffs by Torre a Mare, which is an ancient Saracen tower. If you are visiting Praiano, explore the atmospheric cafes and restaurants in the village where you can try excellent seafood dishes.‘Africana’ is one of the most famous nightclubs of the Amalfi Coast.
Conca dei Marini is located 5 km away from Amalfi town. Its port is located in a small bay. The unique sight of the town’s coastline is the Grotta dello Smeraldo, which means Emerald Cave. The name stems from the emerald colour the sunlight tints the inside of the cave and its water. The 60 m long cove is accessible by boat, by lift or by the staircase carved into the cliff. Amalfi Coast sailing

Day 4. Conca dei Marini – Salerno

12.58 km (7.82 mi)

Actually, it has one of Italy’s most wonderful promenades with a length of 5miles and palm trees on both sides. Furthermore, one of Italy’s largest parks is here, the Mercatello Park, in the eastern part of the city. It was inaugurated in 1998; its total size is 10 hectares. Finally, Hortus Sanitatis, one of Europe’s first botanical garden should be mentioned by the fringes of the castle hill.

Day 5. Salerno – Amalfi

15.42 km (9.58 mi)

Amalfi owing to its profuse natural surroundings and mild climate, it’s a beloved holiday destination. You can find gorgeous beaches in the town and its vicinity, the most famous of which is Marina Grande. If you have a bit more time on your hands, climb the hill towering above the town or use the walking trail that is winding along the Valle dei Mulini.

Day 6. Amalfi – Capri

32.27 km (20.05 mi)

The next destination is Capri awaiting us with pebble-stoned beach and crystal-clear water. Its main attraction is Grotta Azzurra, the Blue Grotto cave. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. The cave is relatively small, 60 m high, 25 m wide; therefore, just small boats can enter it. Capri provides expensive accommodation; so for cheaper ones book a room in Anacapri on the South.

Day 7. Capri – Ischia – Naples

63.58 km (39.51 mi)

Before going back to Naples, we take a short detour in Ischia. The island is as popular as Capri among tourists and it awaits you with a lot of sights, even enough for one week. You can choose from several botanic gardens, churches, thermal spas, museums, beautiful beaches, and dozens of other sights in nature if you visit this breathtaking island of Italy.

Again you have come back to Naples. Still, some adventures to do here like visiting awe-inspiring castles by the shore, booking convenient accommodation among villas and yacht marinas. And when you are full of pizza, try others like the Naples fried pasta, fried rice or different filled pasta. After Rome and Milano Naples, the birthplace of pizza is the third-largest city of Italy. You really must try the original pizza here, believe me. The most delicious one is served at the popular L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. What about a fine dessert afterward? Yum… Try Baba, a small yeast cake saturated in syrup made with hard liquor. Thereafter take a relaxing swim on one of its two sandy beaches by Via Posilippo.

7 days Sardinia sailing trip

Day 1. Cagliari – Pula 27.73 km (17.23 mi), Day 2. Pula – Nora – Chia 16.97 km (10.55 mi), Day 3. Chia – Sant’Antioco 65.29 km (40.57 mi), Day 4. Sant’Antioco – Portocuso 16.58 km (10.30 mi), Day 5. Portocuso- Carloforte 9.73 km (6.04 mi), Day 6. Carloforte – Porto Pino 41.05 km (25.51 mi), Day 7. Porto Pino – Perda Longa – Cagliari 79.40 km (49.34 mi)sardinia sailing trip

A week Costa Smeralda sailing plan (North – long)

Day 1. Carloforte – Portoscuso 9.62 km (5.98 mi), Day 2. Portoscuso – Marceddì 76.80 km (47.72 mi), Day 3. Marceddì – Oristano 20.84 km (12.95 mi), Day 4. Oristano – Porto Mandriola 29.25 km (18.18 mi), Day 5. Porto Mandriola – Alghero 61.70 km (38.34 mi) , Day 6. Alghero – S’Archittu 58.01 km (36.05 mi), Day 7. S’Archittu – Portixeddu – Carloforte 111.75 km (69.44 mi)costa smeralda sailing plan

Sailing in Italy: 7 days Puglia sailing plan

Day 1. Gallipoli – Santa Maria al Bagno 9, 53 km (5, 92 mi), Day 2. Santa Maria al Bagno – Sant’Isidoro 13, 17 km (8, 18 mi) Day 3. Sant’Isidoro – Porto Cesareo 5, 71 km (3, 55 mi) Day 4. Porto Cesareo – Torre Colimena 13, 34 km (8, 29 mi), Day 5. Torre Colimena – Lido di Silvana 34, 15 km (21, 22 mi), Day 6. Lido di Silvana – Lido Bruno 15, 29 km (9, 50 mi), Day 7. Lido Bruno – Parco naturale regionale Porto Selvaggio e Palude del Capitano – Gallipoli 83, 77 km (52, 05 mi)Sailing in italy

Liguria sailing itinerary from Genova

Day 1. Genova – Arenzano 21.39 km (13.29 mi), Day 2. Arenzano – Varazze 11.54 km (7.17 mi), Day 3. Varazze – Savona 9.61 km (5.97 mi), Day 4. Savona – Albenga 34.69 km (21.55 mi), Day 5. Albenga – Imperia 25.67 km (15.95 mi), Day 6. Imperia – Vado Ligure 60.45 km (37.56 mi), Day 7. Vado Ligure – Cogoleto – Genoa 46.87 km (29.12 mi)Liguria Sailing Itinerary

Garda sailing: 7 days sailing tour

Day 1. Moniga del Garda – Maderno 14.48 km (9.00 mi), Day 2. Maderno – Limone Sul Garda 25.85 km (16.06 mi), Day 3. Limone Sul Garda – Riva del Garda 9.32 km (5.79 mi), Day 4. Riva del Garda – Val di Sogno 17.68 km (10.98 mi), Day 5. Val di Sogno – Torri del Benaco 18.67 km (11.60 mi), Day 6. Torri del Benaco – Sirmione 14.07 km (8.75 mi), Day 7. Sirmione – Desenzano del Garda – Moniga del Garda 13.17 km (8.18 mi)Garda sailing tour

More Mediterranean sailboat cruises.

In sum, Italy is an excellent destination for sailing. Wherever you drop your anchor, unforgettable adventures are waiting for you. Read more sailing holidays in Italy, or boat rental in Italy


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